Zanzibar Beaches, The Best Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

Zanzibar Beaches, The Best Tourist Attractions in Tanzania
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Zanzibar Island, an island in East off the coast of Tanzania main island, offers various amazing beauties to visit including best beach in Zanzibar. You might visit Zanzibar to see cultures. You might visit Zanzibar for spectacular culinary it offers.

Zanzibar Beaches, The Best Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

But you cannot deny visiting Zanzibar Island to see its amazing coastline full of stunning beaches with blue turquoise water and long stretch of white beach.

Indeed, a vacation to Zanzibar will bring you to see beaches. As in numbers there are too many beaches to visit in Zanzibar. Those are beaches you must visit for the best.

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Blend in with local people while enjoying the beauty of Bwejuu Beach. As a matter of the fact, Bwejuu was a fishing village and is still a fishing village until today. If you prefer a less crowded beach with pure natural beauty, then Bwejuu is your place.

Around its long stretch of white sandy beach, surrounded by towering palm trees, anyone could turn back to their childhood times as they will happily playing around this beautiful beach area. Just find a space and lay down there watching wide array view of blue turquoise water with horizon view.

Remember not to swim in Bwejuu Beach because its wave is quite strong for safety reason. Though, there are still a lot other things to do such as interacting with locals, eating fresh seafood and of course, just enjoy its natural beauty with you alone with your thought.

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Nungwi Beach

Right at the most far of the Northern Part of Zanzibar Island, there lays a very beautiful beach with pure nature called Nungwi Beach. Since the past, the beach area has been a fishing village until today.

Although the beach is located near village, it still offers pure nature without any dirty environment and is notably among the cleanest beaches in Tanzania. The white beach is quite long as even if the beach is visited by many visitors, you can still find a space easily without being disturbed by the crowd.

If you come to Nungwi in June to July, you are more likely to see turtles around the beach. But for better experience for turtles, visit the Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond only 10 minutes away from Nungwi Beach.

Further, nearby productions of local traditional dhows is worth visited. In fact, Nungwi does not only offer beauty where you can see it from open air environment. In particular, jump to its water to see beautiful coral reefs with various colourful fish swimming around.

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Head your direction to the Southern part of Zanzibar Island. Paje is actually a village. But right beside the village, there lays a beach with lots of kites flying above water. At its low tide, calm water, as the wave is protected by big formation of coral reefs within its water, one cans try to learn kite-surfing when travelling there.

Indeed, such experience is a must do when travelling to Zanzibar. You do not have to worry because it is basically safe for kite-surfing activity and there will be trainers ready to train you.

Other than kite-surfing, relaxing at the sand beach would be good as well as you can feel consistently blow of wind waving your hair. While running around its white beach, fly a small kite would be a very exciting thing.

Just buy kite around the beach and fly them to feel your childhood experience back. In the end, Paje will never fail to make anyone happy visiting its beach. Indeed, this is among best beach in Zanzibar.

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Loving to have a very luxurious summer trip at many beautifully decorated beach resorts should bring you to Pingwe Beach. Even if Pingwe Beach itself is a public beach, lots of seaside resorts are available around the beach area. Starting from a normal budget up to the most expensive resort is available around Pingwe Beach.

So, aside from enjoying the beach’s view on top of its sand beach, you can enjoy the beautiful view while swimming on one of the resort’s swimming pool. Well, Pingwe is actually also a place to see beautiful sunset. Therefore, having dinner at evening with couple when sun goes down would be a very romantic thing to do. Go honeymoon to Pingwe and you will never regret its decision.

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Kizimkazi Beach

A charming fishing village, with a white beach facing blue turquoise low tide water, while there are lots of small fishing boats parked around the beach would be a great place to relax your-self from crowd of city. Especially when you come in morning, a view of many fishers go to sea with their boats are right within your eyesight.

After hours, they will go back bringing lots of fresh fishes they just catch. Well, that would be a great chance to buy fresh fish with cheap prices from them. Other than that, enjoy snorkelling or even diving to see wonderful corals reef teeming with various colourful fish swimming below you.

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Probably the best beach for a luxurious trip, Kiwengwa offers the highlights of many luxurious hotels and resorts lined up alongside its coastal line. The enjoyment of combination between modern and pure nature is what Kiwengwa all about.

With its stunning view of wide arrange of sea water with very clear turquoise colour, low tide as well, your brain would suddenly relax and find it to be at their best thinking about life and universe. Indeed, a vacation to this beach is very spectacular experience with this beauty. Thus, never miss a chance to visit Kiwengwa while travelling to Zanzibar.

As a conclusion, Zanzibar is truly an island full of paradise. Fairly to say, they deserve to be called a little piece of heaven. Its beach character is varies wherein you can visit a beach for relaxing, water sports, marine life beauty and many other kinds of beach tourism. But whatever best beach in Zanzibar you visit in Zanzibar, it will always be an exciting vacation.