5 Best Zambales Beaches, Philippines Tourist Attractions of Beach

best beaches in zambales
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Zambales, a coastal region in the island of Luzon, quite close to Manila for a hidden tourism like zambales beaches, offers an outstanding vacation of its coastline for a year round. A vacation to Zambales is not even complete without exploring its best beaches in Zambales.

Best Beach in zambales Tourist Attractions

Well, during the vacation, lots of things you will find including its blue turquoise water, long stretches of white beach, historical heritages from Spanish colonial as well as many hidden beauties. Of course, it would be interesting to explore them.

At the end of the day, I dare to bet that you will never regret a decision to visit those beaches in Zambales. Thus, those are best beaches to visit in Zambales.

best beach in zambales
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Camara Island

Camara Island, a rocky island, has become major tourist destinations in the Philippines in recent years. In the first place, the island is full of small rocky hills notably creating wonderful rock formations that its view is very stunning to see from the beach.

Well, the beach is actually quite small. But once you get there, you won’t have any intention to leave very soon from Camara Island.

In fact, you can only visit Camara Island with boat trip from nearby Pundaquit Beach. It’s actually an uninhabited island therefore there is no vendor available in the island. So remember, bring your own food and water stock in order to visit the island.

Along the boat trip, be ready with your camera as there are lots of beautiful spots to take a photograph at. At the end of the day, a vacation to Philippines with a visit to Camara Island would be very memorable.

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beaches in Zambales
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Capones Island

This island is a close one to nearby port Pundaquit Beach. As a matter of the fact, Capoenes Island deserves to be in discussion of best beaches around Zambales because of its blue turquoise water and beautiful view of its mountainous surroundings.

The water is also very low tide so you can swim easily there within its warm water. As you can see the water very transparent, lots of fish are apparent fishing around you. With many beautiful corals as well, the beauty of Capones Island is complete.

Capones Island does not only offer beauty, on the other hand it also offers some historical highlights from Spanish Colonial era. A lighthouse, notably a place for watching marine movement in the past, today is a place for seeing beauty of surrounding region around Capones Island. Well, some locals told that this lighthouse is haunted. But surely visiting it would be a challenge and offers its spectacular experience itself.

beach in zambales
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South Beach

If you prefer a less crowded one, then visit in South Beach. In fact, this beach is quite closed even from Manila City. In the first place, South Beach offers a very peaceful ambience where you can think a lot about universe and what kind of person you want to be.

As its white beach is quite long, with less people as well, you can just easily find space for yourself to get alone. For a better experience, go kayaking to explore its surrounding waters and find out some beautiful views. Lastly, try visit old barrack and batteries around its beach area which notably used by Spanish colonial in the past.

Furthermore, South Beach is actually a great place for camping. Well, just bring your tent with you and build a camp there. Prior night to come, prepare some woods to make fire so that you won’t get cold. Also bring fishing equipment and catch some fishes at night. Thus, a dinner in this beach would be perfect with its fresh grilled fish.

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Sepoc Beach in Tingloy

Located in the only beach town in Zambales, Sepoc Beach has its own charm. The beach town, Tingloy, offers never end vacation in a year round to everyone visit the beach.

But although the beach is located in this beach town, it is a private beach so that you can expect it to be less crowded rather than any other popular beaches in town. To visit the beach, go island hoping from nearby Batangas Bay.

After a day enjoying the beach, go explore the town beach of Tingloy. It will be very lively at night. Bars, culinary restaurants, and night clubs are there to make nightlife in Tingloy as colourful as possible. Indeed, a vacation to this place will always be fun. With friendly locals as well, you will feel like you are at home. Indeed, this is among best beaches in Zambales.

zambales beaches
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Pundaquit Beach

Well, travelling to Zambales should be made a visit to the Pundaquit Beach. In the first place, this beach is probably the best beaches around Zambales as it is the most popular one in recent years.

With its long stretch of white sandy beach hidden behind green mountainous region, the view from the Pundaquit Beach is very stunning. To arrive to the beach, you need to walk for several minutes from a place you park the car. It won’t be that tired and of course, once you arrive at the beach for the first time, you will realise that you are like already in the world’s heaven.

As a matter of the fact, the Pundaquite Beach offers many options for things to do. Enjoying its view itself would be good while you lay down at the beach area watching beautiful view of horizon from there.

If you visit on summer, the water is usually calm so you can do some light activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding. If you visit on monsoon season, then it would be a great place for surfing. Even at sometimes of a year time, the wave could go as high as 20 metres.

As a conclusion, those beaches in Zambales are truly amazing with such beaches on numbers. Indeed, they will make you happy with every element of its tourism. Beauty, history, and wisdom are all things you will get around zambales beaches.