Best Zadar Beaches, Great Beach Tourist Attractions in Croatia

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Zadar, a city in Croatia, notably facing the Dalmatian Coast, offers various kinds of best Zadar beaches vacation alongside its coastline. For me, Zadar deserves to be the best city with beaches in Croatia.

Zadar Beaches, Tourist Attractions in Croatia

As you can visit the kind of beach you like to visit from a party spot beach all time up to the calmest beach suitable for family vacation. Since long ago until today, Zadar is always the best when it comes to beach vacation. Thus, those are our recommendations of best beaches to visit in Zadar.

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Zrce Beach

Partygoers would always head their direction to Zrce Beach particularly located in Pag Island. Especially in summer, the beach will be visited by many party animals and is notably the best place for having party in Croatia.

As a matter of the fact, party will be held every day in summer months. With its long stretch of beach and stunning view of its blue turquoise water, added with very developed tourism area full of bars and nightlife destinations, Zrce Beach deserves to be on top of best beaches in Zadar. When night comes, prepare yourself for a night you will never remember with friends you will never forget.

Apart from its beautiful party night, at daytime there are lots of water sports you can do in Zrce Beach. Go jet-skiing, bungee jumping, parasailing, paragliding, banana boat, swimming with sound of music and go party until you drop. Indeed, a vacation to Zrce Beach will always be an unforgettable moment for everyone visiting.

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Zaton Beach

Probably the most popular beach in Croatia, do not waste your time travelling to Zadar without a visit to Zaton Beach. In the first place, the beach offers lively ambience as well. But unlike Zrce Beach which notably a partying place, this beach is quite softer than Zcre Beach.

Lots of bars are available alongside its beach line while you can see lots of visitors having fun with water attractions. Smiles and laughs are always seen on their face. As this beach is among the most developed beaches, lots of vendors are available.

If you prefer a relaxing moment while travelling to Zaton, then bring yourself to lay down on a hammock flanked between palm trees while reading books and deep imagining inside their story.

Or visit nearby swimming pool within resorts so you can relax within its fresh and calm water just thinking about life and universe. At the end of the day, Zaton is the one that excites you during travelling to Zadar.

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Saharun Beach

An hour off the coast of Zadar with either catamaran ride or ferry, a visit to Saharun Beach would be great thing to do. If you prefer a faster trip, then go with fast boat trip that it could only take for around 30 minutes to arrive.

Well, before you arrive in Saharun Beach but already seen the beach from far sight, you can see that Saharun Beach is a very beautiful one to visit. While the beach is a quite long one that it reaches 800m long, you can easily have your own space even if the beach is full of visitors. Swimming is good because its water is not only in turquoise colour, but also a transparent one that you can even see its ground level.

The beach is a beautiful one of course. But a vacation to Saharun Beach particularly Dugi Otok Island is not complete without exploring the island. Thus, rent a motorbike or tricycle in order to explore the island. Surely, more interesting things you will find during the unexpected journey. Indeed, this is among best beaches in Zabar.

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The Queen’s Beach

A beautiful lagoon, with very calm and low tide clear blue water, offers a very peaceful vacation than any other lively beaches on the city.

As a matter of the fact, the Queen’s Beach is a very friendly environment for kids so you better visit this beach for family vacation. You do not have to worry even if kids go to water because it’s notably safe. Lots of kids attractions and toys are also offered at the beach so surely your kids are going to be happy.

Well, actually the Queen’s Beach is not to enjoy at the beach itself. Instead, you can also see its stunning view from high area particularly from Mount Velebit. Hike in an early morning for around 2 up to 3 hours. Then when you arrive at its top, you can see how beautiful the Queen’s Beach from the top is.

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Kolovare Zadar

A beach notably suitable for family recreation, Kolovare Zadar offers great tourism for kids as well. This beach is actually just located near downtown that you can take a bus and then arrive in 30 minutes at the beach area.

It’s a quite developed beach with many facilities and awesome cleanliness. Its water is calm and is good if you just want to find a place for relaxing and having a date with your own thought. If you do not visit with family, then come with your books. Lie down on a hammock and feel windy environment very comfortable.

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Prosika Pag

One more a beach suitable for kids and family vacation, especially children, hidden behind its small hill, offers very great tourism with very friendly environment. As its hard-packed sand, kids are going to be happy to be able to build their own sand castle.

For a better experience, try bringing your kids to go kayaking with you so they can feel a quite memorable experience. No worry, it’s because the water is very calm and less-dangerous. For adult, you won’t get bored waiting for kids playing at the beach. Join the volleyball and some other beach sports to have some fun. Or visit nearby coffee shops and bars.

As a conclusion, visiting Zabar is a must when travelling to Croatia. Especially if you are party animal, you will really love Zabar because of its many party destinations. But for family vacation, of course they have it as well with best destinations on the list of best Zabar beach as well.