Where to Eat Near Paddington Station, Busiest Transtation in London

where to eat near Paddington Station
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London Paddington Station, a railways station terminus located in the Paddington Area, is the busiest train station in London. London Paddington Station is a very important landmark for the economic development of London and UK as a whole. The Paddington Station holds a very big role in the economic wheel of London.

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the station in 1854 and since then it was used for the Great Western Railway. The Station is also a part of London’s history. Therefore, there are not only train passengers who come to the Paddington Station, but also a lot of tourists from all over the world who are interested to see the wonder of Paddington Station.

Where to Eat near Paddington Station

You might come to the Paddington Station either for taking the train or only to visit and see its amazing architecture and railway system. But of course, you would need to find a place to eat while you are in the way to the station or visiting the station. In fact, there are a lot of places to eat near the Paddington station whether small food stores or even nice restaurants.

In order to fulfil your need to find where to eat near Paddington Station, therefore we have listed some of the best places to eat near London Paddington Station. There are a lot of food varieties from local food up to international food around the London Paddington Station.

where to eat near Paddington Station, London
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Angelus Restaurant

Some people might only want to find places to eat, but you are not in London if you do not want to find a nice restaurant with some very good wine selection. To do so, then you need to visit the Angelus Restaurant when you are near the London Paddington Station.

The Angelus Restaurant provides you a lot of outstanding Southern France dishes that you will ever taste. But the unique thing is that even if Angelus Restaurant offers Southern France food, but its food sources are directly from British farmers. Therefore, eating in the Angelus Restaurant does not only make you enjoy its food, wine and dining room. But also, it makes you help the local farmers grow economically.

In fact, the Angelus Restaurant is very well known for its stunning wine selection. Its great wine selection is processed by a veteran sommelier named Thierry Tomasin.

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where to eat near Paddington Station London
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Desejo De Brazil

London, one of the most developed cities in the world, offers you international atmosphere which you can get anything from anywhere in the world including foods. In particular, there are a lot of foods from all over the countries that you can find near the London Paddington Station. In fact, this time you should try Brazilian food near the station. Its best restaurant for the Brazilian food is the Desejo De Brazil.

Furthermore, the Brazilian food in the Desejo De Brazil is quite in top quality. Mostly, the food offered in this restaurants are beef and chicken. This restaurant is really good if you love fat.

where to eat near Paddington Train Station
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The Harcourt

Next, you should find a great restaurant that mirrored the atmosphere of Scandinavian countries. Therefore, you should come to a restaurant named The Harcourt Restaurant.

The Harcourt restaurant’s interiors are very fascinating that it is showed up the mixture of Nordic and Scandinavian culture. Some of the best menus in the Harcourt restaurants are the frikadeller, house gravadlax, and its sage dumplings. Well, most of the menus in the Harcourt are also the mixture of Nordic and Scandinavian foods.

Eating in this beautiful restaurant is best at night. In fact, the Harcourt also offers romantic dining packages. Of course, having a romantic dining in an outstanding Scandinavian and Nordic atmosphere would be best feeling ever.

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where to eat near Paddington Train Station, London
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When you travel to London as backpacker, you must need a cheap place to eat to meet your travelling budget. To eat in a budget restaurant near the Paddington Station, then you need to come to the Briciole Restaurant. Even if Briciole is quite affordable in price, it does not mean that this Italian restaurant does not offers great foods and quality services.

In Briciole Restaurant, you would find some Italian foods such as Rigatoni, pecorini de pienza and nice pizza. Of course, eating in Briciole is good enough that you already felt that you are eating in Italy.

Eat near Paddington Train Station, London
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Lurra Restaurant

Travelling to a place does not enough if you do not try its local culinary. Of course, when you visit London you also need to try its local culinary. Near the Paddington Station, you should visit the Lurra Restaurant to try the local Paddington’s culinary. In fact, even the Lurra Restaurant is very famous among the local people.

Eating in Lurra Restaurant would really tell you how London’s food looks like. In fact, the Lurra Restaurant has a quite unique food which is the dry-aged 14 years old Galician Blond. Of course, when this food come inside your mouth, you will soon know why this restaurant becomes the local’s favourite restaurant.

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Eat near Paddington Train Station
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Next, you must also try Asian food near the Paddington Station. Asian food is well known as its very delicious foods. In particular, one of the best Asian foods is the Japanese food. In fact, the best Japanese restaurant near the Paddington Station is the Kurobuta Restaurant. Kurobuta Restaurant offers many kind of authentic Japanese food with its authentic taste. Of course, eating in Kurobuta would really make you feel that you are in Japan.

When you visit this restaurant, try its best menus is a must thing to do. Therefore, you should try its soft shell crab tempura, wagyu sashimi and izakaya foods.

In conclusion, there is no need to worry when it comes to find where to eat near Paddington Station. In fact, there are a lot of great restaurants that you can find anywhere near the Paddington Station. But of course, from great restaurants come the best from the best. Thus, those restaurants we have listed are the best restaurants near the Paddington Station.