Where to Eat near Consol Energy Centre

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Consol Energy Centre, a multi-function sport indoor arena located in Pennsylvania, is one of the biggest indoor areas around the region of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In fact, Consol Energy Centre was quite famous because it hosted the game of National Hockey League to a club named Pittsburgh Penguin.

Furthermore, it was also a home for the Arena Football League for a club of the Pittsburgh Power for 3 years during 2011 up to 2014. But in fact, Console Energy Centre has changed its name to PPG Paints Arena today.

The arena was named Consol Energy Centre in 2008 when the Consol Energy Company purchased its naming right. But it was changed to the PPG Paints Arena in the October of 2016 because they sell its naming right to a PPG Industry in Pittsburgh.

Where to Eat Near Console Energy Centre

Well, to long talking about the background of the Console Energy Centre, now we talk about the food around the Console Energy Centre. Of course, when we visit Console Energy Centre to watch some sport or particularly football game, we need to find place for eating.

There will be a lot of people who always visit the Console Energy Centre. Thus, there will be many restaurants getting full during the match days of football. But of course, you need to know where to eat near Console Energy Centre during football match days.

Thus, we have listed some of the best restaurants near Console Energy Centre.

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Eddie V’s

In downtown of Pittsburgh, you will see a restaurant named Eddie V’s. In fact, the Eddie V’s restaurant is one of the best and most luxurious restaurant for having a romantic dinner near Console Energy Centre. If you visit Pittsburgh to watch sport match in Console Energy Centre, you must eat your dinner in the Eddie V’s with your couple. It will be a very interesting experience for both of you.

Of course, feeling a romantic experience atmosphere in a dining time is a great feeling. Moreover, it added with some very good food and fresh drink. In fact, Eddie V’s restaurant provides those kinds of things to the coming costumer. Furthermore, their services for romantic dinner are very good in quality. And of course, Eddie V’s also has a very nice bar to spend your night with your couple.

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Mezzo Restaurant

Around the Console Energy Centre particularly in downtown of Pittsburgh, lot kinds of food are available. Even it’s not only local food, but many foods from all over the world, including Italian food. To eat Italian food near the Console Energy Centre, you can choose to visit the Mezzo Restaurant. In fact, Mezzo Restaurant offers very best quality of Italian food around the Pittsburgh downtown.

Furthermore, the Mezzo restaurant does not only offer great Italian food such as pizza, pasta and great cheese menu. But in fact, the Mezzo Restaurant also provides a very nice place for eating in its eating room. The classic architecture is quite amazing with an open window that view the great sight of the Pittsburgh city.

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The Terrace Room

Having a dinner or a breakfast in an American classical style restaurant is a very nice feeling. Near the Console Energy Centre arena, you could find an American Classical style restaurant called The Terrace Room. In fact, the Terrace Room is well known as providing great services for breakfast and dining.

The services on the Terrace Room are of very high quality. Experiencing a dining or breakfast experience with its food variant is a very great feeling.

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Morton’s the Steakhouse Restaurant

Visiting Pittsburgh city for watching football match in Console Energy Centre would spend the minimum of two days travelling if you are coming from other region or state. Of course, you need to try the amazing culinary experience near the Console Energy Centre. If you are a steak lover, then you must try the outstanding steak menus in the Morton’s the Steakhouse Restaurant.

The Morton’s Steakhouse Restaurant, a great restaurant that serve steak as its main menu, is a very nice restaurant in downtown of the Pittsburgh. In fact, they serve lot variants of steak on their menu. Moreover, the wine in the Morton’s the Steakhouse Restaurant is also known as the best wine in town.

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Nine on Nine

The next best place to eat near the Console Energy Centre is in the Nine on Nine Restaurant. Nine on Nine restaurant is a French styled restaurant located near the Console Energy Centre. Its known as a restaurant that serves some great menus such as fish on fish tacos and amazing wine selection.

Spending time eating in Nine on Nine would be a very great experience during your visit to watch football game in the Consol Energy Centre.

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The Carlton

For a luxurious experience of dining near the Console Energy Centre, try visiting the Carlton restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant mirrored its luxurious service. Great feeling of tasting its great local food accompanied with nice wine selection make it a very memorable experience in the Pittsburgh city.

In fact, the Carlton is also known for its great wine selection. They serve many high quality wines. Of course, those wine selections are already tested and certified by the local wine production.

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Bills Bar & Burger

If you stay in downtown of Pittsburgh, then you must try visiting the Bills Bar & Burger in the night. In fact, its great dining room and bar architecture make you eat with nice feeling in mind. They serves many kind of burgers that cooked in varies ways.

In fact, Bills Bar & Burger is the most well-known local restaurant in Pittsburgh.

In fact, finding where to eat near Console Energy Centre is not a hard thing to do. Well, there are dozens of restaurants that you can find whether near the Console Energy Centre or in downtown of Pittsburgh. But of course, those 7 restaurants are known as the best place for eating in the Pittsburgh city.