Talk About Where to Eat in Piahia? You’re Come to the Right Web

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Paihia, a coastal city located in the Bay of Islands in the North of New Zealand, is a main tourist destination in the region. Paihia offers very great summer destinations with its beautiful archipelago, islands, clear blue sea, water falls, greenness, and stunning beaches.

Furthermore, Paihia also offers a lot of luxurious tourist attractions and activities. But of course it does not mean that Paihia is a very expensive city for budget travellers. In fact, Paihia is also near to the historic cities of New Zealand, Russel and Kerikeri.

The beauty of the Paihia city must leave us on wonders. That’s why a lot of people are coming to spend vacation in this beautiful coastal city every summer. Other than natural beauty, Paihia offers many great local seafood variants around its city and beaches. Of course, Paihia would come on top when it comes to culinary vacation, but where to eat in paihia?

Where to Eat in Paihia

When you visit Paihia, of course you would want to know the best places for eating around the downtown of Paihia and its beaches. So to give you point of view, we have listed some of the best restaurants around the Paihia downtown and beaches.

35 degrees south restaurant, bar & aquarium paihia
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35 South Restaurant

When it comes to talk about a luxurious restaurant sided with stunning natural view, arise the name of the 35 South Restaurant. Around Paihia beaches, 35 South Restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants. In fact, 35 South Restaurant is the most visited restaurant along the beach of the Paihia.

35 South Restaurant, a luxury restaurant near Paihia coasts, offers a lot variety of great local Oceania food. The food is intended to make visitors enjoy the food that match with the area, beach side. Furthermore, the 35 South Restaurant is known as the restaurant that serves many wines in high qualities. Of course, its wine selection is also the main reason why a lot of people come to this restaurant.

The 35 South Restaurant does not only offer great food, but also great view. The stunning sea view will accompany your eating time. Furthermore, there are also some unique events on each day offered by the 35 South Restaurants. In fact, the 35 South Restaurant is also provide an outstanding dining room called the Paihia Aquarium Restaurant.

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best European food in Paihia
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The Gables Restaurant

Paihia, a beautiful coastal city, offers many delicious local foods. But in fact, Paihia is the heaven of culinary vacation. Thus, there are lot variants of food from all over the world available around Paihia city. In particular, it also has European food. For the best European food in Paihia, you should visit the Gables Restaurant.

The Gables Restaurant offers many variants of the European foods made of seafood. If you stay near downtown, it is very easy to come to this downtown.

provides Mexican food is the El Café in paihia
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El Café

Mexican food is always fascinating to eat. In fact, Mexican food is the best food around Latino world. In Paihia city, the best restaurant that provides Mexican food is the El Café. Even if El Café restaurant is located on New Zealand, but El Café provides many authentic Mexican food. Some of the best menus in El Café Restaurant are its tacos.

The feeling of Mexican atmosphere is the thing you will get it the most. Its architecture and authentic Mexican service will make you feel amazed when you are in the restaurant.

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Next, you should try Asian food when visiting Paihia. In fact, Greens Restaurant is the best choice for eating Asian food while you are in Paihia. A lot of Asian foods such as Indian and Thai food are available on the Greens Restaurant’s menu. Furthermore, Greens is known as the restaurant that serves very healthy food. If you are a vegetarian, then Greens is a must choice restaurant while travelling to Paihia city.

Even Greens is awarded as the healthiest restaurant that serves best food for vegetarian. Most of the food are healthy and of course, gluten free food.

Healthy fast food for breakfast in piahia
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Vinnies Takeaway

Although Paihia city contains a lot of luxurious vacation, Paihia city also offers very friendly environment for the budget travellers. One of the best restaurant for budget eating other than El Café restaurant is the Vinnies Takeaway. They offers some fast food menus that you could buy if you are in a trip for travelling around the Paihia, you can stop for a little while in this takeaway restaurant. In fact, Vinnies Takeaway provides some menus specialize for breakfast.

Even if Vinnies Takeaway provide fast foods but the foods are surely very healthy. Of course, most of the Vinnies Takeaway menus are considerably affordable.

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To eat local food in Paihia city
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Legends Restaurant

So far, we have not talked about local food much. In fact, the best thing you should try is experiencing the Paihia local food. Of course, it is a must thing to do because Paihia is known for its great tasty local food. To eat local food in Paihia city, the best restaurant to visit is the Legends Restaurant. In fact, the Legends Restaurant is also the local’s most favourite restaurant.

For the most, the Legends restaurant provide all kind of seafood menu. They provide seafood in many varieties of local cooking recipes. Of course, they also create a restaurant atmosphere that mirrors the local culture of the Paihia city.

alfresco's restaurant & bar paihia
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Alfresco’s Restaurant and Bar

Near the downtown of the Paihia City, you will find the Alfresco’s Restaurant and Bar. In fact, the Alfresco’s Restaurant and Bar is the best restaurant for dining in Paihia. Furthermore, the Alfresco’s Restaurant and Bar also offers great bar that serves many kind of best local beers of Paihia.

Alfresco’s Restaurant and Bar is also a vegetarian friendly restaurant.

To sum up, you can taste a lot kind of culinary vacation while you are in Paihia. If you are confuse of choosing where to eat in Paihia, try a pay as you wish food tour in the downtown of Paihia. During the food tour, you’ll be introduced of some of the best restaurants in Paihia city.