Where to eat in Laoag City

where to eat in Laoag City
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Laoag City, a coastal city in the Northeast of the Philippines, is a very peaceful city with a lot of tourist attractions. Laoag city offers tourist attractions from the stunning natural beauty up to the amazing historic sites.

Stunning beaches and historic landmarks such as Sinking Bell Tower and St. William’s Cathedral, and Museo Llocos Norte are only some of its great tourist attractions. Thus, visiting Laoag city for your next vacation will bring you a lot of fun. Of course, you also need to know where to eat in Laoag City.

where to eat in Laoag City Ilocos Norte
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Where to eat in Laoag City

In fact, a lot of visitors come to the Laoag city every year to enjoy its outstanding tourist attractions, particularly in summer. But on the other hand, the coming visitors does not only come to enjoy its tourist attractions, but also amazing local food the Laoag city offers.

As we know, the Philippines is known for its outstanding local food. The food such as Lechon, Pancit, Sinigang, Lumpia, Sisig, Kare kare, Adobo, and Balut are only some of its famous local food. And of course, most of those foods are available in the city of Laoag.

Therefore, there are a lot of restaurants around the Laoag city that serves those local foods of the Philippines. Even if there are a lot of restaurants around the city of Laoag, Philippines, finding a good restaurant to eat is a must. Hence, we have listed some of the best restaurants in Laoag city.

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where to eat in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
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Bergblick Restaurant

Berblick Restaurant, a German-Filipino restaurant, offers great mixture of the local Filipino food with German food ingredients. Of course, this mixture is a very interesting breakthrough in the Philippines food history.

There are a lot of unique menus that you can buy in the Bergblick Restaurant. The feeling of eating the mixture food of Filipino – Germany in a unique German architecture building is a very memorable one.

Furthermore, the Bergblick Restaurant also offers quite affordable food prices at its level. Thus, eating in the Bergblik Restaurant would be one of the best choice in the Laoag city.

where to eat in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
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Cuisine de Iloco

Eating authentic local food during your visit to the Laoag city of the Philippines is a must thing to do. In the Laoag city, the restaurant of Cuisine de Lloco is the best restaurant when it comes to the authentic local food of the Philippines. Many Filipino foods are available on this restaurant such as Kare kare, lumpia, and sinigang. Of course, their food taste is really amazing.

In fact, Cuisine de Lloco Restaurant is also a local’s favourite restaurant.

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where to eat in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte Philippines
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When you travel around the tourist attractions near the Laoag city, make sure that you stop in the Lidamero’s Restaurant. In fact, the Lidamero’s Restaurant is the one of the best local cuisine restaurant near the Laoag city.

It offers many kind of the Filipino food. And of course, the taste of its local food is very tasty and authentic. In fact, Lidamero’s is a quite small quite. But of course, its food taste quality is not as small as its restaurant’s building.

Furthermore, Lidamero’s is known as a good place for breakfast. The Lidamero’s Restaurant offers a lot of great local’s breakfast packages. And of course, the prices of their foods are very affordable. Try its best main course named Lecbon.

where to eat in Laoag City Ilocos Norte, Philippines
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Dawang’s Place

Laoag city has a lot of small food store around its street. And of course, even if their food store is quite small, but its taste does not lose with any other restaurant in the Laoag city. So, the next best place to eat in Laoag city is in the Dawang place. It is known as the best place for eating local food for locals.

The most famous menu of the Dawang’s place food store are the tinuno, dinardaran, and its mixture of chicaron with smoky paksiw. Eating in this restaurant would give you better insight on how local’s every day’s live.

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where to eat in Laoag City Ilocos Norte Philippines
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Herencia Garden Restaurant

Herencia Garden Restaurant, an authentic Filipino restaurant, is a very beautiful restaurant in downtown of Laoag city. They offer the feeling of eating in a beautiful room and of course, with amazing Filipino food. Furthermore, they offers several unique menus of Filipino foods mix with western ingredients. Some of its best menus are the Ilocano dishes, pinakbet pizza, and its delicious crispy dinuguan.

Furthermore, Herencia Garden Restaurant is known as having the fastest service restaurant in town. Thus, your money will be much worth eating in a restaurant that offers nice food, nice place and of course, nice services.

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Balay Da Blas

Balay Da Blas, a cultural Filipino restaurant, comes on top when it comes to talk about local Filipino food in Laoag city. The Balas Da Blas is known as restaurant that has many loyal customers. Well, no wonder that happened because once you try their food, then you would love to come back again someday.

The Balay Da Blas Restaurant offers great foods, great services and a strong Filipino culture shown in its restaurant interior. And in fact, even if it offers perfect products for coming customers, but its prices are still very affordable. Of course, the Balay Da Blas is the best restaurant for budget travellers in Laoag city.

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where to eat in Laoag City Ilocos Norte, Philippines
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Kahel De Luna Restaurant

If you love healthy food or even vegetarian food, then come to the Kahel De Luna Restaurant. Furthermore, the Kahel De Luna Restaurant is also known as one of the cheapest restaurant in Laoag city. It offers many kind of healthy food such as seafood, empanadas, and healthy pizza. And in fact, Kahel De Luna Restaurant offers many great menus that especially for visitors.

Moreover, Kahel De Luna Restaurant is a restaurant that offers outstanding service and even their staffs are very friendly to customers.

Where to eat in the Laoag city is the most common question for coming travellers in the Laoag city. Of course, culinary exploration would be your best experience when visiting Laoag city. Well, its beautiful natural attractions and historic sites are only bonus for food lovers.