Where to Eat in Deadwood, SD

eat in Deadwood, South Dakota
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A small city in the highland of South Dakota, the Deadwood city, is a city full of history in the United States of America. The name of the Deadwood is taken from the dead trees that was found inside the gulch around the region.

Most of the history of the Deadwood city is the history of the gold rush in its region. In fact, there are a lot of landmarks and historic attractions that are signed of the heritages of that historic city.deadwoo

Places such as Mount Moriah, the Adams Museum and the Victorian Mansion are only some of its beautiful historic site that you can visit. Of course, there are a lot more things to do in the Deadwood, SD. And also, you need to know where to eat in Deadwood, SD.

where to eat in Deadwood, South Dakota
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Where to Eat in Deadwood, SD

The Deadwood city is actually very interesting tourist attractions. There are a lot of museums that you can visit to learn about the history of the city. Furthermore, you can also visit its historic old town near the Deadwood downtown to see the living heritages of the Deadwood. In fact, travelling to Deadwood makes you get many things to do such as great hotels and resorts and of course, culinary vacation.

When you visit Deadwood, SD, of course you would like to try its best local cuisine. And fortunately, the local cuisine of the Deadwood is very outstanding in taste. Furthermore, its restaurant’s variety along its downtown make it a best city for culinary in South Dakota. Therefore, we have listed some of the best restaurants in Deadwood, South Dakota. Of course, you should visit those restaurants while visiting Deadwood, SD.

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where to eat in Deadwood south dakota
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Mustang Sally’s

When you visit Deadwood, of course you want to try its best restaurant. To do so, then you must visit Mustang Sally’s Restaurant near its downtown. Mustang Sally’s Restaurant is a quite big restaurant that they offers outdoor and indoor dining room. But of course, each dining room has its own uniqueness to offer. But in fact, whether indoor or outdoor, Mustang Sally’s is the best place for romantic dining in Deadwood, SD.

Mustang Sally’s is known of its variety of foods on their menu. But as a matter of fact, its burger is most well-known best food in the Mustang Sally’s Restaurant. Furthermore, the Mustang Sally’s Restaurant also offers a nice sports bar. Thus, if you love watching sport, then this is the place in the Deadwood. Of course, watching sport with people while drinking beers in Mustang Sally’s Restaurant is one of the best experiences in the Deadwood city.

eat in Deadwood South Dakota
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Gem Steakhouse & Saloon

Deadwood is famous because of its historic town. The historic town with still old nuances make people have many flashbacks to the old United States when visiting its old town. But when visiting the Deadwood old town, make sure that you stop and eat in the Gem Steakhouse & Saloon. In fact, the Gem Steakhouse & Saloon is the best restaurant in Deadwood since long time ago up to today. Moreover, its history also make it more interesting to visit.

Furthermore, Gem Steakhouse & Saloon offers mostly local food menu. In this restaurant, you will eat in its dining room with old nuances. Of course, the Gem Steakhouse & Saloon also has very great wine selections. In fact, the Gem Steakhouse & Saloon is a complete old style luxurious restaurant.

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where to eat in Deadwood SD
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Creekside Restaurant

Other than history, you can also play several kinds of sports including golf while visiting the Deadwood. Its best golf field, the Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resorts, there is a restaurant named Creekside Restaurant. Many people come to this restaurant to fulfil their energy needs after playing some sports around the resorts. Eating while watching Whitewood Creek make your eating more memorable.

In fact, Creekside is quite a luxurious restaurant. Therefore, Creekside Restaurant is also the best place for romantic dining around the Deadwood city. Most importantly, you should try its best dishes such as sirloin steak, pina colada shrimp, and Jack Danniels bluebry pork while dining at this restaurant. In fact, this is where to eat in Deadwood, SD.

place to eat in Deadwood, SD
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The Roundhouse Restaurant

Historically speaking, the Deadwood city is full of history. In particular, it is including its restaurants that also has many histories to offer. The next most historic restaurant in the Deadwood is the Roundhouse Restaurant. In fact, the Roundhouse Restaurant’s building was built in 1901. The first role of the building was as railroad depot. But until 2008, it was changed to be an outstanding restaurant.

Furthermore, you will be served many local foods on the Roundhouse menu. It was also offering some unique local food of the Deadwood. In fact, you can also learn a lot about train history in the Deadwood around this restaurant.

As a matter of fact, the Roundhouse Restaurant is also a very excellent place for having a romantic dining. You will watch an amazing theatre show while having dinner with your lovely couple.

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place to eat in Deadwood, South Dakota
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Deadwood Grille

Next, when you are in downtown of the Deadwood city, then you must visit Deadwood Grille Restaurant. There are a lot of local foods made in Grilled recipes offered on the menu of the Deadwood Grille. In fact, the Deadwood Grille is one of the local’s favourite restaurants in Deadwood. It’s because the Deadwood Grille was once voted as the best restaurant by the Deadwood residents.

Furthermore, the Deadwood Grille is known as having the best restaurant service in town. Its speed and staff friendly are number one in the Deadwood. Moreover, its dining room is quite comfortable. And also, the wine selection on the Deadwood Grille is also best. In particular, the wines offered in the Deadwood Grille are mostly private label wines.

If you come to this great restaurant, make sure that you try its greatest foods such as honey chipotle ribeye and the cinnamon roll.

Know you know that Deadwood is a really amazing city when it comes to talk about food. Even some of its restaurants are voted as the best in the United States. Thus, one of the must things to do when you visit Deadwood is to visit its best restaurant. No need to confuse of choosing where to eat in Deadwood, SD.