Where to Eat Bulalo in Tagaytay

where to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay, Philipinnes
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Philippines, a Southeast Asian country, is a home of some of the most delicious food in the world. Even if Philippines natural destinations are very stunning, but food is also the main reason why Philippines are visited by a lot of travellers.

When you are in the Philippines, then Tagaytay is a very must place to visit to try its best local food. So, finding where to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay is very important.

In particular, Tagaytay offers very beautiful local food. One of the best food you can find in Tagaytay is the Bulalo. Bulalo is very popular among the Filipino and travellers. Of course, you must try Bulalo when you visit Philippines during your travelling.

where to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay Philipinnes
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Bulalo is mainly made of beef dish. It is a light coloured soup. The soup is mixed with the beef shanks and the marrow bones. It is cooked until the fat and collagen cooked. In fact, Bulalo is originally from the Southern Luzon. But it does not mean that Tagaytay does not offer good quality of Bulalo. Actually, you can find Bullalo easily all over the Philippines.

In Tagaytay, a lot of restaurants and food stores offer Bulalo on their menu. But of course, only several restaurants offered best Bulalo food. Therefore, we have listed the best restaurant for eating Bulalo in Tagaytay.

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where to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay
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Bulalo Capital

On the main street of Tagaytay, the best food for eating Bulalo is in the Bulalo Capital. In fact, Bulalo is serve on various unique recipes in Bulalo Capital. And of course, the Bulalo menu is mixed with many other great local menus. All of the food resources are taken from the local sea. And of course, they offer very fresh food.

Furthermore, Bulalo Capital also offers very beautiful and comfortable place for eating. From the restaurant, you can actually see the beauty of Tagaytay in distance. Of course, eating while watching stunning natural view of the Philippines is very amazing experience you will ever have in the Philippines.

place to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay, Philipinnes
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Green Ats

The other good restaurant for eating Bulalo is the Gree Ats. If you are on a trip that cross Tagaytay, then you need to stop in the Green Ats for eating. It’s because Green Ats is located on the highway of the Bulalo. In fact, even if Green Ats looked like a luxurious restaurant, but its Bulalo menu is very affordable.

Green Ats also offers Bulalo in various kind of food. For instance, they offered tinalong Bulalo, sinampalukang Bulalo, and Bulalo with filing. In fact, those Bulalo are only existed in Tagaytay, not on any other places.

Green Ats does not only offer good Bulalo, but also stunning view from its high place. Right from the restaurant’s window, you will see very stunning view of lakes around Tagaytay.

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place to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay
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Barboza’s Kitchenette

In Tagaytay, one of the most visited place is the Mahogany market. And if you visit this market, then you must try eating in the Barboza’s Kitchenette. In fact, they offer many Philippines special food and of course, many kind of Bulalo.

The building of the food store might be very usual, but surely the Bulalo they offered is the best Bulalo around town of Tagaytay. The most interesting menu of the Barboza’s Kitchenette is the Bulalo serve in a very large bowl.

place to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay Philipinnes
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Diner’s Bulalohan

If you travel to Tagaytay and you feel hungry in the middle of the night, then Diner’s Bulalohan is the best place for eating. Diner’s bulalohan has one of the best taste of Bulalo in Tagaytay. And of course, Diner’s Bulalohan is located in a very safety place. Thus, no need to worry of visiting Diner’s Bulalohan in the middle of the night.

Diner’s Bulalohan serves some good variety of Bulalo. Some of its best Bulalo variants are kare-kare, Bulalo, and Bulalo liempo.

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Eat Bulalo in Tagaytay, Philipinnes
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Always the best Bulalo

In downtown of Tagaytay exactly in Fransisco Road, laid Always the Best Bulalo restaurant. Always the Best Bulalo is a very comfortable restaurant that serve very good Bulalo Philippines.

The price of the Bulalo on this restaurant might be quite high, but surely you will not regret eating Bulalo in Always the Best Bulalo Tagaytay. Their claim as the best Bulalo in Tagaytay is proven with its very tasty Bulalo. This is where to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay.

Eat Bulalo in Tagaytay Philipinnes
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The highway of Tagaytay offer very nice view from its high. And of course, many restaurants take benefits from this stunning place. It is also benefited from the visitors who cross the highway of Tagaytay. So, if you cross Tagaytay during your trip along the Philippines, let yourself stop in the Leslie’s restaurant. In fact, Leslie’s restaurant offer very good Bulalo in Tagaytay.

Leslie’s also offers very comfortable eating place. This restaurant is really good for a rest during long trip along the highway of the Tagaytay.

Leslie’s is also well known as a very romantic restaurant. For romantic dining with couple in Leslie’s, you need to make an early booking several weeks in advance to secure spot in special cottages of this restaurant.

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Eat Bulalo in Tagaytay
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Bowstring Asian Bistro

If you want to eat Bulalo mix with many other Asian menus, then you must visit Bowstring Asian Bistro. Bowstring Asian Bistro serves many Asian food including the special Bulalo. Of course, eating Bulalo in this restaurant is very unique experience as your Bulalo will be accompanied with many other great Asian food.

Bowstring Asian Bistro also offers a unique variant of Bulalo. The most popular variant of Bulalo in the Bowstring Asian Bistro is the mix of Bulalo and Pho, called Pholalo.

In conclusion, Tagaytay is the place where Bulalo is very easy to find. From the small food stores along the street up to the most luxurious restaurant, it’s always easy to find where to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay. But of course, only some that becomes the most popular eating place of Bulalo in Tagaytay. Those restaurants we have listed actually serve unique variant of Bulalo that you will not find anywhere else.