Tourist Attractions in Udaipur City, India, The Venice of The East

Tourist Attractions in Udaipur
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Right in the middle of India, there laid a wonderful Tourist Attractions in Udaipur with great history. In the past, the city of Udaipur was actually the capital city of Mewar Kingdom.

But even if today the city has already a part of India country, but the remains architecture of its past are still exists and standing around the city of Udaipur.

Hence, Udaipur is a very wonderful city to explore. Udaipur city is good to explore on foot. In particular, you will get to know more detailed information regarding’s the city’s history at more detail. Visiting tourist attractions in Udaipur City in India enables you to learn some parts of histories about India.

On the other hand, the Udaipur City is a very wonderful city. Other than its culture and history, Udaipur city is also a beautiful and romantic city. The beauty of Udaipur city comes from whether the nature of the city or the design of the city’s building.

On the night, the city is also a lot more colourful. In term of its nature, Udaipur city is a city that has various terrains. It has lots of water parts such as lake and river.

In fact, such occasion makes the city an interesting one to visit. Therefore, you will also amaze your eyes if you visit Udaipur tourist attractions.

Udaipur Tourist Attractions
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Best Udaipur Tourist Attractions

The beauty of Udaipur City and its history attracts lots of people to come. The city’s tourism even has been popular all over the world recently. Hence, if you are interested to visit the city for vacation, those are the list of the best tourist attraction in Udaipur India.

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lake pichola boat ride
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Lake Pichola

Not so far from the city centre of Udaipur City, Lake Pichola comes up as an interesting place to visit. For the locals, Lake Pichola is like their iconic identity.

In the past, Lake Pichola also holds big role on the development and history of Udaipur City. The Lake Pichola is very clean and quite large. Therefore, taking a boat tour around the Lake Pichola is highly recommended. You will get to see lots of wonderful sights during the tour.

Other than its beauty, Lake Pichola also contains lots of histories. Right in the middle of the lake, there are two islands: Jagmandir and Jagniwas. If you are interested to know about history, then both islands are worthy to visit. Among tourist places to visit near udaipur, this is the best one.

jag mandir udaipur entry fee
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Jag Mandir

As I have told you at the beginning, Udaipur City is a city with many romantic spots. So, Jag Mandir is one of the most romantic spots in Udaipur. In the first place, Jag Mandir is located in one of the islands within the Lake Pichola.

In term of its architecture, Jag Mandir is a set of structures with the central building in the middle of them. This place is very wonderful and colourful especially at night. You should take a boat tour visiting this place with your couple to get romantic experience in tourist attraction in Udaipur Rajasthan.

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lake palace jaipur india
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Lake Palace

Still within the Lake Pichola, Lake Palace is tourist attractions in Udaipur you cannot miss. This palace has been standing in the middle of the Lake Pichola since hundred years ago. Amazingly, Lake Palace structure is still on its original structure since it was first built.

Historically speaking, the Lake Palace was built buy a king named Maharaja Jagat Singh II. The architecture of the Lake Palace is very beautiful. In particular, the architecture is including the form of fretwork screens, gilt moldings, and sculpted marbles.

city palace jaipur timing
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City Palace

As the best tourist attractions in and around Udaipur, the City Palace is often always full of visitors every day. The palace was actually the home for the Mewar kingdom’s royal family.

The interesting things about the City Palace are that its amazingness of the architecture. In term of size, the palace is quite big so that you need to spend hours to explore the whole part. Moreover, the palace is directly faced to a water side that makes it even more wonderful one.

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car museum udaipur
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Vintage Classic Cars Museum

Among the first developed cities in India, there is Udaipur City. Since the past era, Udaipur City has been filled with lots of cars even if other cities in India were still struggling to develop.

Today, lots of classic cars are collected in the Vintage Classic Cars Museum. In the first place, the cars showcased in the museum are tracked back up to 70 years ago from the 1938. It’s not hard to visit the cars museum as it is only located near the downtown of Udaipur.

Eklingji Temple Udaipur
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Eklingji Temple

The Eklingji Temple is an interesting tourist attraction in Udaipur to visit. The temple is actually among the oldest temples in India. Even the establishment of the Eklingij Temple tracked back up to the 734 A.D.

The temple is consisted of several parts of buildings. As a matter of the fact, the most interesting one to visit is its pyramid building. Visit the temple with a walking tour to get to know each story regarding the architecture of the temple.

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places to visit near udaipur
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Mansapurna Karni Ropeway

Located between two mountains in Udapir, the Mansapurna Karni Ropeway is very wonderful place. This tourist attraction at Udaipur is actually a cable car to see most of the wonderful nature around Udaipur city and both mountains.

Surely you will hold your breath hard once you take the cable car. In particular, the view from the cable car is very amazing.

Udaipur City is always a city full of stories and wonderful scenes. Moreover, tourist attractions in Udaipur also make the city an interesting one to explore. The beautiful terrain of Udaipur is also an interesting one as well. At the end of the day, places to visit near udaipur enables you to get to see lots of new things.