Tourist Attractions in Oahu

Tourist attrations in Oahu
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When travellers from all over the world come to Hawaii, the first city that becomes the checkpoint would be Oahu. Oahu is the capital city of Hawaii, and is the third largest city in Hawaii.

It’s known as gathering place because the majority of Hawaiian live in Oahu. In fact, it’s quite easy to access as there are a lot of flights from all over the world directly to Hawaii. Tourist attrations in Oahu are the best in Hawaii.

Tourist Attractions in Oahu

Oahu is a very nice tropical island. It contains a lot of natural beauty and great cultures as well. The people of Hawaii are actually friendly people.

In fact, Hawaii also contains history of its kingdom in the past and World War II as well. Furthermore, the traditional food in Hawaii is one of the best in the world.

In fact, Oahu tourist attractions are great from the sea, cultures, history, and to the top of its mountain. Those are popular tourist attractions in Oahu Hawaii you need to know.

popular tourist attractions in Oahu Hawaii
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Iolani Palace

Exploring kingdoms history of a place is always an interesting thing to do. It will make us back to the past and feel how the life was during the kingdom’s time.

Long time ago before United States was formed, there was a kingdom rule Hawaii. The ruler of the kingdom was King Kalakua and Queen Liliuokalani. Iolani Palace, was the palace of the ruler at the time.

In fact, Iolani Palace is the only royal palace in the United States. The building of the palace is very unique in its architecture. It contains a lot of history the kingdom left.

You can learn its history with the walking tour in the area and feel how the king at the time was really respected. You can go inside and go along the rooms to get to know daily activities of royal families in the past. In fact, it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Honolulu Oahu.

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best tourist attractions in Honolulu Oahu
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Pearl Harbour

One day in the past, a lot of military aircraft from Japan bombed this area. The several destroyed area and buildings still left in the Pearl Harbour and several parts of Oahu.

This area is a perfect place to visit to know one of the biggest histories of World War II. In fact, Pearl Harbour is the most popular tourist attractions in Oahu and Hawaii as a whole.

Around Pearl Harbour, you can visit two most historical tourist attractions. They are USS Arizona and USS Missouri memorial. You can take a walking tour to get the stories behind those two historical places.

major tourist attractions in Honolulu Hawaii
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Ala Moana Park

A public park besided beaches, and a lot of palms and also green grasses are always nice place to enjoy the day. The water of the beaches surrounded Ala Moana Park is actually very calm.

Thus, it is a very nice place for swimming in the sea water. There are some tourist attractions here such as kayaking and paddle boarding. Furthermore, you can also rent a boat in the park to go fishing in the middle of the sea. Ala Moana Park is major tourist attractions in Honolulu Hawaii.

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free tourist attractions in Oahu
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Hawaii is popularly known because of its nice tropical beaches. And one of the best beaches in Oahu, Hawaii is Waikiki beach. You can see a lot of tourists come to the beach to enjoy their travelling.

You can do sun bathing, surfing, and even sailing around the beaches. Furthermore, there are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops around the area to choose.

Waikiki is known as a very clean beach with the view of a great mountain on its left side. Staying here for a day could release your stress and refresh your mind. Waikiki is one of the best free tourist attractions in Oahu.

North Sore Oahu tourist attractions
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North Sore

North Sore Oahu tourist attractions are very peaceful environment that you can choose to get away from the crowd of the city.

It contains a lot of nice beaches with outstanding views. One of the most popular tourist attractions in North Sore is jumping from the rock to the sea water. This experience is quite adrenaline, but you must try this because it will be the most unforgettable moment in Oahu.

Furthermore, North Sore is known because it its best cuisine called Garlic Shrimp. Garlic Shrimp is a very nice food that you can only find in Oahu.

The fresh shrimp is added with some incredible ingredients with local recipe. North sore is top tourist attractions near Honolulu.

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top tourist attractions near Honolulu
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Lyon Arboretum and Manoa Fall

Seeing a garden of flowers with view of great mountains standing around the garden would be very refreshing. That’s the thing you can only find in tourist attractions in Oahu, called Lyon Arboretum and Manoa Falls.

It is a beautiful botanical garden, located in Oahu and besides several great mountains. In this garden you will see more than 5000 tropical plants originally from Hawaiii.

Furthermore, you can do several activities in the garden that will be a nice experience for your trip. First, you can do wandering the flowers around the garden.

Next you can learn a lot about the biological knowledge of flowers in Hawaii. You will also learn particular benefits of several flowers. Amazingly, particular flowers have such benefits such as herb and curing diseases.

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Bishop Museum and Planetarium

Bishop museum and Planetarium contains a lot of history of Hawaii in the past. The collections of Polynesian arts and artefacts are very complete in this museum.

In fact, a lot of traders from Japan, China, Filipino and Korea came to Hawaii in the past. And they actually left several histories and artefacts.

Most of the collections are reserved inside the Bishop Museum and Planetarium. In this museum, you can learn about its origin, philosophy and history of particular artefacts. The museum is tourist attractions near Honolulu airport.

To sum up, tourist attractions in Oahu are the best in Hawaii. It has a lot to offers such as natural beauty, biodiversity learning, mountains, beaches, and of course cultures and history.

When you travel to Oahu, you will not only enjoy the beauty of its landscape, but you also will learn a lot of about the story behind.