The Absolute Best Tourist Attractions in Tasmania to Visit

Tasmania tourist attraction
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Travelling to centre of the world such Europe must be exciting. But who knows what the edge of the worlds can bring to vacation? The region would even give you a lot more challenging experiences.

In the Southern coast of Australia, the tourist attractions in Tasmania is a worthy one to travel to. Tasmania has been very popular tourism destination even if it is located far away from the centre of the world.

It’s not a wonder why people love to visit this Australian’s island so much. In the first place, Tasmania is an island that offers amazing nature tourist attractions in Tasmania alongside its island’s region.

In term of tourism, Tasmania is the one up for it. On occasion of the various terrain of Tasmania, it creates many great nature spots around the whole Tasmanian region. Tasmania is known as an island that has vast and rugged areas. Well, this island is a bit unique on its nature.

But visiting Tasmanian Island does not only allow you to see its wonderful natures. Instead, there are lot other tourism in term of history as Tasmania is an island rich of history. Even the history in Tasmania back to thousand years ago before the European came to Tasmania.

Tasmania tourist attractions
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Exploring Tasmania tourist attractions

As Tasmania offers various kinds of terrains, exploring Tasmania will make you go through different kind of roads and environment. Unlike the main island Australia, Tasmania is not always full of people on the whole parts of Tasmania.

Even most parts of Tasmania are still formed as green forest. Hence, it is a bit challenging to explore Tasmania Island. To explore Tasmania Island, you can choose either with public transportation such as bus or train or with the rented vehicle. As a matter of the fact, self-driving travelling will make you a lot more flexible in time and offer you more challenging experience.

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Tourist Attraction in Tasmania
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What are the tourist attractions in Tasmania?

Visiting Tasmania is always an exciting experience. It is because you can do lots of things while travelling to that fancy island. Moreover, most of the tourist attractions in Ross Tasmania are wonderful. To help you get to know what places to visit in Tasmania are, those are the best places to visit in Tasmania.

port arthur historic site
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Port Arthur Historic Site

Tasmania is an island rich of history including bad history of colonialism. As the proof of the existence of violence colonialism in Tasmania, Port Arthur is an interesting on to visit. Port Arthur is actually located in the edge of the Tasmanian coastline.

In the first place, such occasion makes Port Arthur was very strong on its defence while also very wonderful in term of tourism.

Moreover, the great architecture of the port makes it a great sight to explore as well. Today, as the colonial era in Tasmania has vanished, Port Arthur turns out to be one of the heritages sites in UNESCO list. This is located in tourist attractions Deloraine Tasmania.

Once you visit Port Arthur, make sure that you will not only explore the area of the port and just see its architecture. In the light of it, Port Arthur offers lots of areas to explore as well.

Those tourism areas are including restaurants, visitor centres and of course, its museum. As an old building, Port Arthur is also known as very haunted building. Thus, if you are interested, you can join its ghost tour in the night.

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tasman peninsula accommodation
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Tasman Peninsula

For tourist attractions in Devonport Tasmania, this is the best. In the Northern Side of Tasmania Island, there lies a wonderful peninsula called the Tasman Peninsula.

The Tasman Peninsula is an attractive place for tourism because of its beauty of rock formations. This is actually the most challenging and famous tourist attractions in Tamar Valley Tasmania.

To see the wonder of Tasman Peninsula, you can go with a boat tour. Make sure that you travel to Tasmania during summer because the wave is more likely to be big in the rainy and winter season.

sarah island tasmania
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Sarah Island

Tasmania is an island rich of nature beauty. In the first place, the Sarah Island is a tourist attractions in Burnie Tasmania you should visit while travelling to Tasmania.

In term of its beauty, Sarah Island is a very wonderful small island. Uniquely, you can visit the island with a bridge that cross the sea near the Sarah Island.

Otherwise, you can also visit Sarah Island with boat tour. Both ways are recommended thought. But each way actually has its own beauty.

On the other hand, Sarah Island also contains bad history of colonialism within the island’s area. Historically speaking, Sarah Island was a place where the colonial put the bad offenders of its colonial.

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Gordon River Cruise
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Gordon River Cruise

Right in the middle of Tasmania Island, there lies a wonderful and peaceful river called the Gordon River Cruise. Unlike any other river in Southeast Asian countries, the Gordon river’s water is quite blue.

Therefore, the view of the Gordon River looks so beautiful. For best experience, you can explore Gordon River with a cruise tour. You will not only see the wonderful sight of Gordon River, but also some historic landmarks such as the Hells Gates.

Tourist Attractions in Tasmania
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David’s Cathedral

In the past, the European came to Tasmania with a religion as well. As the proof of it, the St. David’s Cathedral is still standing until today to support the enhancement of Christian influence in Tasmania.

In fact, the St. David’s Cathedral has been very famous tourist attractions in Richmond Tasmania even since it was first open for public. In the cathedral, you will not only learn about its history, but also enjoying great architecture of the building as well.

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Salamanca Market
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Salamanca Market

When you travel to a city, visiting its local market is very important to learn its culture and how the daily life of the local people.

In Tasmania, such tourist attractions in Dover Tasmania can found in the Salamanca Market. Salamanca Market is actually one of the oldest markets in Tasmania. Today, it is still a traditional market but also turns out to be a souvenir market for visitors.

Tasmania has always been a nice place for tourism. The amazingness of its tourist attractions in Tasmania also makes the island very famous tourist attractions in Launceston Tasmania.

For best experience, you should visit Tasmania during summer time. Otherwise, it would be very cool in Tasmania. Keep in mind that you should put this list of Tasmania tourist attractions in your bucket list very soon.