Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico, Wonderful Tourism Destination

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Right in the middle of Caribbean archipelago, tourist attractions in Puerto Rico rises up as a very wonderful tourism destination. Actually Puerto Rico has been very popular tourism since couple of decades ago.

But as the development of the territory enhanced, its tourism is always getting better time over time. Puerto Rico is a very wonderful island consists of various tourism destination.

In the first place, most of tourist attractions in Puerto Rico are all about nature. The greatness of natural tourism of Puerto Rico is also supported by the high variety of terrain alongside Puerto Rico Island. Stunning beaches, mountains, paradise of waterfalls, are all available throughout the adventure of Puerto Rico.

On the other hand, if Puerto Rico only offers nature tourism, then it would be just similar like any other tourism destinations. But in fact, Puerto Rico is an island rich of history tourist attractions in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.

As the former colonial island of United States and the unincorporated territory of United States, most of Puerto Rico history are all about such occasions. Around the region of Puerto Rico Island, you can find the historic heritages from its colonial era easily. Even there are some traces of colonial era in Puerto Rico that are still operated until today.

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How to explore tourist attractions in Puerto Rico

In term of its geography, Puerto Rico is a quite large island compared to any other islands in Caribbean archipelago. Well, fairly to say that not all region in Puerto Rico is lived with lots of people.

In fact, some parts of Puerto Rico are green forest or small villages. While there are several outstanding tourist attractions in Puerto Rico located far from the centre civilization in Puerto Rico, exploring them required detail information for visitors.

To visit Puerto Rico, you can choose either to visit the island with plane or with ferry. In the first place, ferry trip is more memorable to choose.

During the journey, lots of great sights await you. Once you arrive in Puerto Rico, staying in San Juan is highly recommended. From there, then you can start your journey throughout the whole Puerto Rico Island.

While Puerto Rico is known for the its crime of drugs, but it is very rare that visitors get attacked on a crime by the locals. Thus, visiting Puerto Rico is still safe for every coming visitor.

To get to explore the whole island of Puerto Rico, you can choose either to go with public transportation such as minibus or renting a vehicle. But for best experience, renting a vehicle is more recommended. In particular, it would be a lot more safety and of course, more flexible for travelling time.

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Best tourist attractions in Puerto Rico

As you already know how to explore Puerto Rico Island, it is time to know what to visit in Puerto Rico. You actually should not worry about tourism in Puerto Rico.

It is because Puerto Rico has lots of tourism places around its island and most of them are wonderful. Moreover, the high variety of tourism in Puerto Rico will also make your trip memorable. What are some famous tourist attractions in Puerto Rico?

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Camuy Caves

Right in the middle of mountainous terrain of Puerto Rico, the Camuy Caves has been very popular tourism destination. As a matter of the fact, the Camuy Caves is an ancient cave that its natural establishment tracked back up to one million years ago.

Further, the cave is located in the top of a hill. From its high, you will be able to see a breath-taking view of mountainous terrain of Puerto Rico Island.

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Condado Beach

Once you come to Puerto Rico Island, tourist attractions in Puerto Rico San Juan must be the first destination you visit and probably the place you will stay for the first time. During your time of staying in San Juan, you might want to find some good places to spend your vacation on.

If you are looking for a nice place to relax, then the Condado Beach is a worthy one to visit. In the first place, the beach is really wonderful with its white sandy beach and clear blue water. Moreover, the beach is a really peaceful place to relax.

castillo san felipe del morro san juan puerto rico
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Castillo San Felipe del Morro

For an amazing historic place in Puerto Rico, the Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a nice one to visit. The Castillo San Felipe del Morro is actually a quite unique fort.

In particular, the fort is located in the hill right in the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Hence, no wonder why this fort is very strong on its defence since the past. In addition, the fort also contains some unique parts such as tunnels, outposts and barracks. While visiting this fort, exploring its tunnel its highly recommended.

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Old San Juan

What are some tourist attractions in Puerto Rico? To get to see most history of Puerto Rico Island, exploring the Old San Juan is our best recommendation.

As a matter of the fact, the Old San Juan is among the oldest cities in Puerto Rico. The Old San Juan contains lots of historic heritages from the colonial era of Puerto Rico. Most of them are the Spanish Colonial Buildings.

Observatorio de Arecibo
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Observatorio de Arecibo

In the world, there are actually only several radar-radio telescopes that has very powerful energy. And in the first place, one of the most powerful radars in the world is the Observatorio de Arecibo in Puerto Rico.

This place has been the most famous tourist attraction in Puerto Rico even since its establishment. If you visit this tourist attraction in Puerto Rico, you will be able to know lots of knowledge from its information centre.

Puerto Rico is an island that will give you lots of fun and knowledge as well. Well, it is right that travelling is not only about discovering new things and places, but also getting the wisdom from them.

Moreover, most of the Puerto Rico tourist attractions are mostly wonderful. Therefore, you should be happy to be able to visit must see tourist attractions in Puerto Rico for vacation.