Best Place to Visit in Tourist Attractions in Perth, Scotland

tourist attractions in perth scotland
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Tourist Attractions in Perth, Scotland, a wonderful city tourism in Scandinavia, is an interesting place to visit for vacation. Around the city of Perth in Scotland, you will get to see lots of great old architectures. In the first place, it is because Perth was the capital of Scotland in the past.

Thus, some kings and queens were living in Perth in the past. Such occasion makes Perth a very wonderful city to see. Moreover, the rich history of Perth will also add your interesting journey in tourist attractions in Perth, Scotland.

With an amazing terrain within its border, Perth is also a very wonderful city in term of its nature. The location of the city side with the River Tay also makes the city has lots of great water spots.

Well, one might expect to see lots of old castles while they travel to Perth. But as a matter of the fact, Perth city is even more than just that. There are lots of wilder world to explore in tourist attraction near Perth.

perth scotland tourist attractions
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Perth Tourist Attractions

Perth is always succeeding on attracting people to come to see its great tourism. The peaceful environment of Perth has always been its characteristic since past. Moreover, the local folks are very warm and welcome to any visitors.

Hence, Perth is often regarded as a friendly city for tourism. Of course, the wants to visit Perth comes from curiosity of the city. Thus, to help you understand what you can visit in Perth, those are the best top tourist attractions in Perth that you can visit.

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river tay scotland
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River Tay

Stretches around the middle of the Perth City, River Tay comes up as a famous tourist attraction in Perth. To visit the River Tay, then you should explore it with a boat tour.

In fact, boat tour enables you to be able to see some great spots throughout the river line of the River Tay. It actually can take a day for a boat tour. But it is still according to your demand of how long you want to explore the water.

Other than exploring the River Tay, it is actually also a great spot for fishing. Did you know that most of the special foods of Perth are made of Atlantic salmon? Yes, the River Tay is the main source of the Atlantic salmon. Indeed, this is one of most fun tourist attractions in Perth.

balhousie castle perth
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Balhousie Castle

Well, you might expect to see lots of castles while travelling to Perth. If you do so, then the Balhousie Castle is a worthy one to visit in tourist attractions Perth northern suburbs.

The castle is very wonderful especially on its architecture. As a matter of the fact, all the structure and part of its architecture are still from the original ones from the past era. In addition, the castle also has a very large garden. Once you visit the castle, exploring its garden is a thing you cannot miss.

Other than its beauty, Balhousie Castle is also rich of history. One might think that the castle was the home for kings or royal families of the kingdom. But on the other hand, the castle was actually home for the elite military regiment during the wars including both World Wars.

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Elcho Castle
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Elcho Castle

Still on castle tourist attractions in Perth, the Elcho Castle is the one you cannot miss. In fact, the castle has been standing in Perth since around 400 years ago exactly in 1560.

Since the day it was first built, the castle has been a home for royal families of the kingdom. The castle is very large in term of its size. Further, with the tall building of the castle, the Elcho Castle contains lots of interesting room to explore.

Exploring the castle require you to spend hours within the castle. But of course, that would be a worthy experience in those tourist attractions in north Perth. Not only to see the beautiful parts of the castle’s architecture, but also to get to know the history regarding the Elcho Castle.

kinnoull hill perth
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Kinnoull Hill

Not only historic tourist attractions in Fremantle Perth, Perth also offers great nature tourism around its landscape. For lots of reasons, the Kinnoull Hill is really worth to visit even if you are only on a short trip in Perth.

From the top of the Kinnoull Hill, you will be able to see very outstanding view of the city’s terrain from the top. With the ingredients of green lands, rivers, and mountainous hills, the view from the hill is really amazing.

To get to the top of Kinnoull Hill, one has to hike through its hiking trail. In fact, it will be around 30 minutes of hiking. Well, that is quite short hike actually.

But even if you are tired and would likely to give up during the hike, keep in mind that once you see the view from its peak it will be so much amazing. This is actually among free tourist attractions in Perth.

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George Street

Among some of the oldest things in Perth, the George Street is the best one among all of them. Throughout the George Street, you will be able to see lots of old buildings around its roadside.

Further, the street is also filled with lots of souvenir and local shops. Hence, you can buy some things from the locals that you can only find them in Perth. As the oldest street in Perth, this place is one of the most famous tourist attractions near Perth Scotland.

George Street holds lots of histories since the past. Even almost each building around the George Street has its own history to tell. Thus, for best experience, take a walking tour to walk around the George Street. At the end of the day, you will get amazed once you know all the histories regarding George Street and Perth in general.

Perth has always been the jewel of Scotland. If you travel to Scotland on vacation, it is easy not to miss Perth as one of your tourism destinations. Not only the beauty of Perth that will amazed you, but almost all of Perth Scotland tourist attractions are amazing.