Tourist Attractions in Penang, The Major Tourist Destinations of Malaysia

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Tourist attractions in Penang, a tourist attraction city in Northwest of Malaysia, has been the major destination in Malaysia recently. Well, Penang has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism.

As a state in Malaysia, Penang has quite large region that consists of several cities. Thanks to the various terrains of Penang, so that Penang is a very wonderful region.

The stunning beaches, island, archipelago, mountainous terrains, riverside, all are available to explore in Penang. Moreover, the beautiful city’s architecture of George City also makes Penang an interesting tourism destination in Malaysia. In addition, tourist attractions in Penang are also has quite big numbers.

But other than nature, Penang is also a state rich of history. Long ago, there were histories of several kingdoms in the regions of Malaysia. And after all those kingdoms, there comes a colonial era in Penang by the British.

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Penang Tourist Attractions

Hence, the historic occasion of Penang also makes it can’t miss city while travelling to Malaysia. Even there are lots of old and historic buildings still standing in Penang with its original structure and form.

If you travel to Malaysia, and then Penang should be on your destination list while exploring this tropical country. Once you arrive in Penang, your first stop will be the famous George City as the capital city of Penang State.

From George City, surely you have lots of choices to go around Penang instead of only exploring the George City top tourist attractions in Penang.

To help you explore famous tourist attractions in Penang, those are our best recommendation of what to visit in Penang. So, what are the tourist attraction in Penang?

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Kek Lok Si Temple

The Lek Kok Si Temple, the biggest temple in Southeast Asia, has been very popular tourist attractions in Penang Malaysia even since very long time ago. Of course, too many reasons to visit this temple there are.

First, the Kek Lok Si Temple is very wonderful in term of its architecture. If you come on the day, then you can get to see every detail of its architecture.

In fact, each part of the architecture in the Kek Lok Si Temple has its own meaning. But if you come on the night, you will also get to see the temple turns out to be very colourful.

In normal days, the temple would look very beautiful. So, imagine if you visit the Kek Lok Si Temple during Chinese New Year. Sure, there will lots of new designs around the temple. For example, the paper packets, flowers, and lanterns will fill every part of the Kek Lok Si Temple.

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Wat Chayamangkalaram

Almost two hundred years ago, this temple was built. And until today, the temple is still standing beautifully. The amazing thing abour the Wat Chayamangkalaram is that there is a big reclining sleeping Buddha near the temple’s building.

As a matter of the fact, the sleeping Buddha is actually gold plated. Therefore, visiting this temple is very interesting.

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Toy Museum

If previously we talked about history, then this time we will talk about a unique tourist attractions in Penang Georgetown. Toy Museum is an interesting one to visit while travelling in Penang.

In the first place, Toy Museum contains lots of vintage toys collections even since the past era. Even most of the toy collections in the Toy Museum are only limited produced. There are lots kinds of toys showcased within the museum.

Even the local traditional toys are also showcased. We would highly recommend you to visit this museum as there are only several cities in the world that have Toy Museum.

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Queen Street

Penang State is actually among the most historic regions in Malaysia and even Southeast Asia. One of the best of them is the Queen Street. Along the Queen Street, the strong cultures and architectures of Hinduism will amaze your eyes.

As a matter of the fact, the road in the Queen Street is kept original since its first built hundreds years ago. For best experience, walk through the road side of the Queen Street and take on detail of each architecture building around the street. Indeed, this is the best tourist attractions of Penang Malaysia for walking tour.

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Penang Botanical Garden
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Penang Botanical Garden

Near the downtown of Penang, the Penang Botanical Garden is a good place to rest and get some fresh air after a long day of exploring Penang.

This garden is not only a wonderful garden that contains flora diversity in Penang, but is also a historic garden. In the first place, the Penang Botanical Garden has been standing in Penang since the British built the garden in 1884.

Other than enjoying the beauty and history of the garden, there are still lots of things you can do around the Penang Botanical Garden. Recently, the garden has provided several programs to entertain and educate the visitor such as training, botanical conversation and education.

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The House of Yeap Chor Ee

Chinese holds an important role on the development of Penang as a region. Even Chinese has contributed a lot to economic development of Penang since thousand years ago.

So, it is clear that Chinese has traded in Penang since the ancient era. While they keep coming to Penang, Chinese brought lots kind of artworks for their trading activities. To appreciate the history, then the House of Yeap Chor Ee was built to showcase the collections of lots of Chinese artworks since the past era.

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Penang Hill

Penang is a region with various terrains. The condition like that makes Penang a very wonderful nature to see. To get to see most of the Penang’s terrain from a high, then Penang Hill is the one worthy to visit.

You only need to hike for around 1 hour to get to see a very wonderful view of Penang from the peak of Penang Hill. Keep in mind that sunrise is the best time to visit Penang Hill.

In the end, Penang is a region that will admire you while travelling. Moreover, tourist attractions in Penang are too many in numbers and of course would give you lots of new things to see and learn. At the end of the day, travelling to Penang will be one of the most memorable moments in your life.