Popular Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua that Worth to Visit

popular tourist attractions in Nicaragua
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Nicaragua is a tropical climate country located in Central America. In fact, it already became popular tourist attractions in Nicaragua Central America lately.

Usually travellers would choose Costa Rica as their destinations, but actually Nicaragua reserves a lot of secrets that travellers would enjoy.

Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua

Nicaragua contains a lot of outstanding tourist attractions in Nicaragua such as great forests, tropical beaches, Caribbean waters, and the popular Cord Island. Furthermore, there is also great volcano towering in the middle of tourist attractions in Nicaragua.

In fact, Nicaragua is known as the land of backpackers. For budget travellers, Nicaragua is a heaven in earth. You could get a very cheap, fun and even adventurous experiences in Nicaragua.

Furthermore, the locals are very welcome to visitors. You can interact a lot with the locals and even feel the amazing local cultures. So what are tourist attractions in Nicaragua?

tourist attractions in Nicaragua
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Corn Islands

Corn Islands are the major tourist attractions in Nicaragua Central America. Generally, the beaches are quite hot. Then there are a lot of water sports attractions along the beaches of Corn Islands.

The beaches activities are including fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, massage, and even you can just enjoy lying down below the hot sun.

Furthermore, Corn Islands are also as the home of hundreds of cute turtles in Central America. There are several beaches in Corn Islands which become the place of egg of turtles.

You can see the turtles freely along the beaches. But if you intend to see the turtles, always keep in mind that keeping them sustained should be your first priority. Save our turtles in the biggest tourist attractions in Nicaragua!

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what are tourist attractions in Nicaragua
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If you travel to Nicaragua to gain historical knowledge, then you must visit Granada. Granada was one of the top colonial cities in Nicaragua.

Granada is also the best tourist attractions in Nicaragua. Hence, it contains a lot of histories from the colonization era. There are some museums and old buildings in Granada that you can explore.

To explore more in detail, you should take a walking tour around the Granada. For your information, the walking tours in Granada provided several historical routes.

To go around the city and tourist attractions of Granada, you can choose to use public transportations. One of the best and cheapest public Granada you can choose is drawn horse carriage. However, walking by foot to visit tourist attractions in Granada is not hard to access.

major tourist attractions in Nicaragua
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Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding

If you are the one who love an adrenaline adventure, then you are highly recommended to try sand boarding in Cerro Negro Volcano Nicaragua.

Well, Cerro Negro is actually an active volcano, but it is safe for sand boarding sport for you. Most travellers say it is a really perfect spot for the sport. It’s also one of the best things to do in Nicaragua tourist attractions.

At first, you will have to hike for around one hour to reach the top of Cerro Negro. Then here the thrilling experiences begin for you to try.

For sand boarding activity, usually the tour would give you some protective gears. Finally, feel the thrill of sliding down with sand board from the top of Cerro Negro through the body of its mountain. You will never forget that experience in your life.

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biggest tourist attractions in Nicaragua
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San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur is a very warm beach with good sands and warm waters. The waves in San Juan Del Sur are also quite great. Thus, it’s a perfect place for surfing activity. This is the best tourist attractions in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua.

Along the beach, you could find a lot of board rental for surfing. Do not worry if you are a beginner, because there are also a lot of agencies which offer surfing courses. The mentor are very friendly and should you be able to surf shortly.

best tourist attractions in Nicaragua
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Apoyo Lagoon

Usually travellers visit Nicaragua to explore its outstanding beaches. But in fact Nicaragua also reserves a very beautiful lagoon called apoyo Lagoon.

Around the lagoon, you can just relax and spend your day fishing or reading. The nuance around the lagoon will make release your stress and improve you fatigue.

Furthermore, you can also do fishing in the apoyo Lagoon as there is a lot of fishing gear rentals around the lagoon. It’s the best tourist attractions in Bluefields Nicaragua.

things to do in Nicaragua tourist attractions
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Traditional food

When you visit a country which reserves rich cultures and histories, it must have a lot of traditional foods. Traditional foods in Nicaragua are mostly sweet.

Most foods in Nicaragua are rice, meat and some fried plantations. For budget travellers, traditional food is a must to try.

In particular, it’s because most traditional foods in Nicaragua are cheap but delicious. This is the answer for what is a major tourist attraction in Nicaragua open study.

Worth to visit:

tourist attractions in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
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Leon Viejo

As we know, Nicaragua was colonized by Spanish in the past. So, there are a lot of heritages left by the colonial at the time.

Leon Viejo is one of the biggest and oldest colonial city in Nicaragua you can explore. It reserves a lot of old buildings from the Spanish era.

To learn a lot about its history, you should take a walking tour to explore the whole Leon Viejo. It will give you a better sight on the Spanish colonialism era in Nicaragua. It’s the oldest tourist attractions in Nicaragua.

tourist attractions in Bluefields Nicaragua
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Miraflor National Park

Miraflor national park is a very great natural adventure you can visit in Nicaragua. It has very impressive landscape including great waterfall inside the Miraflor National park. Uniquely, the national park has three climates.

Inside the National Park, there are several communities who lives and keep the Miraflor as nature as possible. Fortunately, you can also stay there to feel the nature and culture in Miraflor. Furthermore, you will also learn a lot about biodiversity in Nicaragua.

To sum up, travelling to Nicaragua might be not popular in the world, but it offers you amazing adventures. You will feel the thrill of exploring Nicaragua from the lowest beaches up to the highest peak and it’s all outstanding.

Furthermore, Nicaragua is known as safe country so you should not worry about your stuff and your safety. Have a good trip in tourist attractions in Nicaragua!