Multicultural Tourist Attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur
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Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, always offers interesting tourism around its region. This capital city is quite unique than any other cities in Southeast Asia.

Most importantly, it is because Kuala Lumpur is actually a multicultural city where some ethnic live there in majority. The three ethnic that currently lives in Kuala Lumpur are the Malaysian, Chinese and Indian.

the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur city
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Tourist Attraction in Kuala Lumpur

This multicultural condition makes Kuala Lumpur has a lot of interesting tourist attractions to explore. It’s starting from its culture and food. But other than that, Kuala Lumpur also has many wonderful natural attractions and manmade tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur as well. Visiting Kuala Lumpur leaves you a lot of choices to explore.

As Kuala Lumpur is a quite big city, there are a lot of things to explore in the city. Of course, during your travelling, you would want to visit the best destinations on the city you visit. Thus, in order to accommodate you, we have listed some of the tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur city.

tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor best
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Batu Caves

Chinese culture and civilization played a big part of the development of Malaysia economically. The Batu Caves is a location where there lies an old Hindu temple in the area of an ancient limestone hill.

Of course, this historic site is one of the proofs of the Chinese influence in Malaysia since the past era. This place is very fascinating to see as it is very good on its architecture. It’s a wonder imagining how people in the past could make this amazing temple with their technology at the time.

Visiting such historic place would make us learn many things from the past. Indeed, this is tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor best.

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tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpu
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Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Exploring tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur is not enough without visiting this place. In the past, the British came to colonialize the Malaysian region. In the first place, Kuala Lumpur is like the capital of the British colonialism at the time.

Therefore, there are a lot of British historic buildings in Kuala Lumpur still exists until today including the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building is actually the secretariat building of the British on its time. Today, the building turns out to be a museum.

If you want to explore the British history in Malaysia, exploring the Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a must thing to do. In particular, you will learn a lot about Malaysian history as there are many original documents and artefacts showcased in the museum.

tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur
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Jalan Alor

Interesting to visit tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur, this should be your next destination. Exploring Kuala Lumpur in the night is a fascinating thing to do. It’s especially if you want to explore more the special food of Kuala Lumpur.

To do so, the best place to visit is the Jalan Alor. Most importantly, the Jalan Alor is a place that most people called it as the cultural heart of the city. The street stores and restaurants are the best around this area. Walk on this crowded area and find the best things about Malaysian culture in this fascinating area.

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central market kuala lumpur
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Central Market

Of course, you might want to buy souvenir in the time of travelling. Souvenir is very important as the proof that we have visited particular place. The so called Central Market, the centre of souvenir market in Kuala Lumpur, should be one of your destinations while exploring Kuala Lumpur.

Not only about the souvenir and its stores, this market is a historic market that has been existed since the 1928. At the time, this place was a traditional wet market. But today the government has made this market as the main tourist attraction in the Kuala Lumpur.

tourist attraction at Kuala Lumpur
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Petronas Tower

You have not visited Kuala Lumpur if you have not visited the Petronas Tower, as the locals said. This tower is actually the main icon of Kuala Lumpur.

This building is very amazing and including one of the highest buildings in Asia. Its high makes it a very popular place to take photograph in the Kuala Lumpur city. Indeed, Petronas Tower is one of the best tourist attraction at Kuala Lumpur.

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Menara KL Tower

Other than Petronas Tower, Menara KL Tower is also the icon of Malaysia that you should visit. This amazing building is very high that it even reach 421m high.

In fact, the Menara KL Tower is the world’s 5th tallest building. Thus, no wonder why people are curious to see this building when they come to Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur. For best experience, go to the top of this tower and come earlier to get free ticket to explore the bulding of Menara KL Tower.

list of tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur
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Nasi Kandar

Among the best list of tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Nasi Kandar is one of its best. As we have talked a lot about landmark tourist attractions, now we should talk about cultural tourist attractions.

Malaysia is an interesting country when talks about its special food. Even Malaysia is among the best country in term of food in Asia. In the first place, the Nasi Kandar is a food you should try to eat while visiting Kuala Lumpur.

It’s not hard to find Nasi Kandar around Kuala Lumpur. A lot of food stores offer Nasi Kandar as their main course starting from the cheap place up to the most luxurious restaurant.

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tourist attraction in Ampang Kuala Lumpur
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National Museum of Malaysia

For this should be the destination. To get to know the history of a country, then visiting its national museum is a must. In the national museum of Malaysia, you will be able to learn a lot about the Malaysian history in general even more deeply.

The National Museum of Malaysia does not only about history, but also about tradition and culture of Malaysia as a whole. Explore the exhibitions of National Museum of Malaysia to get the best perspective of Malaysian culture.

In the end, Kuala Lumpur is an interesting city to explore. About tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, it has too much to offer. Those list actually only the few of the things you can explore in Kuala Lumpur. But surely it’s the best places you can explore around the multicultural city.