Tourist Attraction in Jamaica, Enjoy Your Holiday With JAMAICA

tourist attraction in jamaica
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Caribbean is always been one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. Almost all the countries in Caribbean offers very high quality of tourism including Jamaica.

Jamaica, the so called the birthplace of Reggae, is not only a country that offers Reggae music, but also a country that has too many wonderful tourism destinations stretches around its land.

jamaica tourist attractions
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Jamaica Tourist Attractions

Even Jamaica is a destination which at least 2 million people come to visit its tourist attractions. There are too many tourist attractions in Jamaica that you need to visit for your next vacation in 2018.

If you visit Jamaica, you will have to choose to visit its stunning beaches, rivers, mountains, rainforests, mineral springs and any other wonderful tourism destinations.

And other than natural tourism, the history and culture are also there to offer to visitors. So, no need to wait a bit longer, visit Jamaica for an excellent vacation experience. Those are the best tourist attractions in Jamaica that you need to know.

jamaica tourist attraction
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Martha Brae River

Around the Jamaica, there lies a river called the Martha Brae River. The Martha Brae River is actually a very wonderful and peaceful river. Visit this river for relaxation vacation is the best choice anyone could have.

Further, you can do a nice activity in Martha Brae river rafting of bamboo through the river. Do not worry, it’s because the local will accompany you doing that bamboo rafts activity. The river is not dangerous. Instead, it is really beautiful. Indeed, this is tourist attraction in Jamaica Ocho Rios.

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tourist attractions in jamaica
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Port Antonio

Some people might ask what is the tourist attraction in Jamaica, and this would be the best answer. In the coastline of Jamaica, you can visit a might fort called the Port Antonio. Port Antonio is located on a high place in the coastline of Jamaica.

In fact, the port is located between a mountain and two harbours. Its location make the port very strategic and unique at once. In the Port Antonio, you will not only see its amazing port building, but also a wonderful view of the ocean from the port Antonio. You can see almost all of the coastline sight around the port from the port.

Near the Port Antonio, you can visit a very wonderful blue lagoon. The blue lagoon is actually a very popular spot for swimming, diving, and any other water activities. This is actually the environmental tourist attractions in Jamaica.

dolphin cove jamaica
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Dolphin Cove Jamaica

If you are looking for tourist attractions in Jamaica and their parishes, then come to this place. Seeing the dolphin closely would be a privilege for some. In Jamaica, you can see some dolphin playing freely near you in the Dolphin Cove.

The Dolphin Cove is very unique unlike any other dolphin watching places in Jamaica. In the Dolphin Cove, you can do directly such activities of swimming and interacting directly with the dolphins.

This must be amazing right? So, come to the Dolphin Cove while you travel to Jamaica. The Dolphin Cove is located right in the edge of the sea. That occasion make the Dolphin Cove a very wonderful place to visit.

If you are interested to visit the Dolphin Cove while you are in Jamaica, then there are three available Dolphin Coves around Jamaica. First, it is in Ocho Rios. The two others are in Lucea and the Half Moon Property in Montego Bay. Indeed, this is very interesting tourist attractions in Jamaica.

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doctor's cave beach jamaica
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Doctor’s Cave Beach Jamaica

Most of the tourist attractions in Jamaica are all about beaches. In the first place, the Doctor’s Cave Beach Jamaica is really worth to visit as it is one of the best beaches in Jamaica. This beach is actually a part of the Montego Bay.

If you come to the beach on the weekend then you are more likely to see the beach getting crowded. Thus, if you visit Jamaica then try to visit beaches on the weekday to avoid the crowd. But if you would like to visit a beach for party, then weekend is the best time to do so. This is actually tourist attractions in jamaica montego bay.

historical buildings in jamaica
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Rose Hall Great House

If you are looking for tourist sights in Kingston Jamaica, then come to Rose Hall. Rose Hall Great House is one of the most legendary houses in the Jamaica. The house is very unique in term of architecture as it was already built since hundred years ago.

The locals believe that the house is haunted. Thus, there are daily tours available to explore the house and proving the house haunted or not.

But surely there were several reports said that there were several times ghost were spotted around the Rose Hall Great House. For tourist attractions in saint Elizabeth Jamaica, this is the best place.

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river rafting in jamaica
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Rio Grande River

After tourist areas in Kingston Jamaica, then come to the river. This time we go back again to the river. The Rio Grande River is the best river destination in Jamaica. The best thing to do in the Rio Grande River is exploring the river with its bamboo rafts.

Join the 3 hours tour going through the river directly with local. Along the tour, you will see a lot of wonderful spot that is really good for photograph. But that does not end here. In particular, it is because the river is also rich of history of Jamaica.

dunns waterfalls jamaica
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Dunn’s River Falls

Come to the green forest of Jamaica, then you should visit the Dunn’s River Falls. The Dunn’s River Falls is actually the most famous tourist attraction in the Jamaica. To visit the waterfall, you need to hike a little bit.

Of course, it’s because a paradise need to be gained. Even if you have to walk a bit long, but surely you will get to see a lot of breath taking view along the hiking trail.

And once you arrive in the Dunn’s River Falls, you will soon realise that this waterfall is really wonderful. This is one of the kingston jamaica tourist attraction.

Other than enjoying the waterfall’s view, you can swim on the natural pool below the waterfall. And if you would like to spend more time on this waterfall, you can build a tent on its camping ground.

Also try fishing around the waterfall’s area to get some food for your camping time. Are you interested with the tourist attractions in Jamaica Kingston?

Jamaica is always a nice and memorable destination for the one who visit it. Not only the Jamaica tourist attraction will make you amazed, but also the nice locals will make you feel really comfortable while travelling around the Jamaica.