Visit Historic Tourist Attractions in El Salvador

tourist attractions in El Salvador
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El Salvador is the most cultural city in Central America. It contains a lot of histories from the Mayan tribes, colonialism era up to the civil war that happened around 2 decades ago.

Therefore, visiting the tourist attractions in El Salvador will enrich your knowledge about history. To support historical attractions, El Salvador provides a lot of museum and keep historical places on its original form.

Furthermore, El Salvador is also has great geographical landscape. Actually, it’s a tropical county contains a lot of warm beaches, national parks, mountains and evergreen forests.

Although El Salvador is a small country, but the greatness of its tourist attractions is undoubting.  Fortunately, El Salvador is a very friendly for backpackers.

In fact, the visa requirements to visit the country are quite easy to accomplish. Those are best tourist attractions in Salvador Central America.

best tourist attractions in Salvador Central America
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As we know, the Mayan tribe was also living in the territory of El Salvador. One of its great heritage ruins is the great Tazumal. In 1940s, the archaeologist discovered the site and it was fully restored in around 1950s.

But in fact, there are a lot of ruins that remains buried below the land. In fact, the archaeologist found out that Tazumal was built around 5000 years ago and then abandoned around 1000 years ago. It’s one of the most famous tourist places in El Salvador

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list of popular tourist places in el salvador
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San Salvador

When you travel to a country you have never been there before, it’s recommended to visit its capital city. The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador.

In fact, San Salvador is a very cultural city and is the second biggest country in Central America. Around the city, you will see a lot of building in Spanish architectures along the street. Actually, San Salvador is quite safe rather than any other city in Central America.

Other than cultures, the natural beauty of San Salvador is also tourist destinations you should visit. There are a lot of natural destinations which quite close from the city. Furthermore, San Salvador would the best base for your trip to El Salvador.

There are a lot of tourist destinations such as mountains, lakes and others which close from the city. Even the longest tourist attractions from San Salvador are only around 5hours from the city. It should be on your list of list of popular tourist places in el salvador.

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famous tourist places in El Salvador
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Suchitoto is one of the oldest towns in El Salvador. Moreover, it contains rich history about the Spanish colonialism era. Also, the city’s architectures are still originally impacted from the Spanish culture.

In Suchitoto, you just need to walk around the city to see a lot of Spanish heritages in El Salvador. Most of them are free tourist attractions to visit. The old fountains and several sculptures are also still originally from the Spanish.

Furthermore, there are a lot of museums tourist attractions available around the city. You should come to the museum to learn about the El Salvador history.

You will know how much colonialism impacted the country today. Finally, you will get a lot of knowledge that you can apply in your life. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in El Salvador.

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popular tourist attractions in El Salvador
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Playa El Tunco

It’s always nice to spend holiday on some tropical beaches. Doing surfing, paddle boarding, or even only doing small bathing and watch the waves are always good to enjoy. In El Salvador, there are a lot of natural tourist attractions other than cultural destinations.

In fact, Playa El Tunco is one of the best beaches in El Salvador. For surfing, Playa El Tunco is best to surf during early morning. Furthermore, watching sunset in Playa El Tunco is the best tourist attractions in El Salvador.

tourist attraction in El Salvador
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Joya De Ceren

A very long time ago before A.D, there were Mayan tribes who lived in Central America.  But it was not until the Volcano of Laguna de Caldera erupted.

According to archaeologist, the Mayan tribes were realizing that the volcano was going to erupted. So, they live the city in hurry to escape. It’s the safest tourist places in el salvador.

In 1976, one group of archaeologist discovered the hidden city of Joya De Ceren. Since then, it becomes tourist attractions in El Salvador. Here, you can learn a lot about the past heritages from the Mayan. Also, you will learn about their life in details in a very long time ago.

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tourist attractions in Santa Ana El Salvador
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Lake Coatepeque

Lake Coatepeque is the mixture of a lake and mountains. In fact, the lake was created thousand years ago because of several volcanoes eruption.

The continuous volcanoes eruption in the past left a beautiful lake to explore. Actually, Lake Coatepeque is the largest lake in El Salvador. The wide of the lake is around 10miles.

Furthermore, other than only relaxing along the lake, you also can do a lot of activities in the lake. Fishing, swimming, aquatic bicycling, jet diving and even diving are the best things to do in Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador.

Even you can drive a ferry around the lakes of Coatepeque. Doing those activities will make your trip very amazing to remember. It’s tourist attractions in Santa Ana El Salvador.

biggest tourist attractions in el salvador
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Montecristo National Park

Mountains are always good destinations for traveller who love doing adventure. If you love doing so, then you should visit Montecristo National Park.

The national park contains combination of mountains that you can see them standing in confidence. One of the highest peaks in Montecristo National Park is El Trifino peak. Thus, you should try hiking its peak to get the best adventure in El Salvador.

Other than mountains, you also can see a lot of animals around the park. It contains more than 500 hundreds species of animals from all over the world.

In Montecristo, you will see lots of animal that you rarely see. Some of them are spider monkeys, squirrels, green toucan birds and any other beautiful animals. It’s the biggest tourist attractions in el salvador.

To sum up, El Salvador reserves various tourist attractions you can travel to. From the beaches, histories, lakes, and even to the top of mountains El Salvador are still very good.

For backpackers, this country is also friendly and cheap to travel to. So, do not waste your time waiting to travel to El Salvador. Come to visit tourist attractions in El Salvador.