Tourist Attractions in Charlotte NC You Need to Know

Tourist Attractions in Charlotte NC
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Charlotte NC is the largest and most beautiful modern city in North Carolina. The name of Charlotte NC is taken from the name of the wife of King George II, Charlotte of Mecklenburg.

Basically, Charlotte NC is a modern ciy. But on the other hand it contains a lot of museums, especially modern museums.

Furthermore, Charlotte NC also has rich history to be told to you. To sum up, its very fun city which you can get everything you want in tourist attractions in Charlotte NC.

Tourist Attractions in Charlotte NC

In Charlotte NC, you will get both modern and old nuances. Hence, it’s a very good place to have fun. And of course, the writer also recommends you to visit the city with your kids.

Notably because Charlotte NC has NASCAR hall of fame as top tourist attractions in Charlotte NC. Those are the best tourist places in Charlotte NC.

top tourist attractions in Charlotte NC
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Visit Discovery Science to know the creative discoveries of science world

Do you think that before electricity was found, people imagine that they would have electricity? You can get the answer in Discovery Science.

It’s a very good place if you love science and want to know more about science discovery. Discovery Science contains a lot of documents, videos, files and everything related to science.

Furthermore, those documents are accessible for you. Once you come in, you would want to spend the whole day inside the Discovery Science.

On the other hand, Discovery Science is also a very good place for kids to get new inspirations and enrich their imaginations. Thereby, Discovery Science has a special area for kids.

And of course, there will be someone from Discovery Science that will guide your kids to know a lot about sciences. To sum up, Discovery science is the best tourist activities in Charlotte NC.

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Visit Lake Norman to see one of the largest man-made lake

Have you ever imagine that man could create a lake with wide up to 129square km? It is actually true in Charlotte NC. Thereby, Lake Norman is a man-made lake with 30km long.

And in fact, the beauty of Norman Lake is not lost compare to natural lake. You can enjoy the calmness of Normal Lake for the whole day.

Norman Lake provides lot of attractions for tourists. In Norman Lake, one of the best experience you can get is fishing. The fish in Norman Lake is usually big.

And of course, it’s not hard to get fish in Norman Lake. You can enjoy the day fishing in Norman Lake while enjoying the pure nature of the lake.

The other tourist attractions you can try are sailing, water sports, and hiking. Especially for hiking, the best time to hike is to see the sunrise from the east.

tourist attractions in downtown Charlotte NC
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Aviation Museum

When you were a kid, it must be exciting to see the plane flying above you. But now you are already an adult and you lose the excitement.

But, now you can get the excitement back. It’s particularly because Aviation Museum has a lot of unique planes that you can see. There are a lot of plane models that existed from all over the world.

Almost all planes from the founding of plane until now are showcased in Aviation Museum. Additionally, there are also several military planes that are available to see in the museum.

On the other hand, the Aviation Museum does not only contain planes, but also the documents and files regarding histories and all information related to plane.

Hence, you can learn a lot and get new experiences and perspective about plane. After you visit Aviation Museum, you will realize how important plane is to our world and society.

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NASCAR Hall of Fame

If you are a motor-racing fan, then you must visit NASCAR Hall of Fame. NASCAR hall of fame is the most popular tourist attractions in downtown Charlotte NC.

It contains a lot of cars, especially historical cars in NASCAR’s world. You must feel the excitement of seeing a lot of winning cars in the past era of NASCAR.

While you can see the NASCAR cars in NASCAR Hall of Fame, you also will learn a lot about NASCAR and cars. The NASCAR Hall of fame has a lot of documents and heritages of NASCAR that you can learn.

To get the best experience, you should take a walking tour through the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Do not worry, the walking tour is available every day. It’s one of the best free tourist attraction in Charlotte NC.

tourist attraction in Charlotte NC
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Hendrick Motorsports

If we talk about NASCAR in general previously, then now we talk about one of the best team in NASCAR called Hendrick Motorsports.

You will be among the luckiest people because you will be able to see a lot of cars originally from the team of Hendrick Motorsports. Furthermore, Hendrick Motorsports has a special museum of cars for the visitors.

Basically you will not only experience seeing the cars of Hendrick Motorsport, but also you will get more knowledge about its technical.

Most importantly, you can visit the Museum of Hendrick Motorsport freely if you come during regular operation hours. Amazing right?

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Charlotte Museum of History

“When you visit a place, it’s not complete if you do not know the story behind the place you visited”.

As I told you before, Charlotte NC has a lot of museums. And the top museum that you must visit is Charlotte Museum of History.

Charlotte Museum of History contains rich history of Charlotte NC since ages ago. The museum tour will bring you back to the nuances of 17th age, where Charlotte NC was first founded.

To sum up, Charlotte NC has a lot of museums, but it’s a modern museum. Generally the museums in Charlotte NC are unique, that you seldom to see in other cities in the world.

On the other hand, if you travel to Charlotte NC, you will also get much new knowledge about the world we live in. So the writer recommends you to bring your kids of you visit tourist attractions in Charlotte NC.