Tourist Attractions in Brisbane The Most Visited in Australia

tourist attractions in Brisbane
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A city in Australia called Brisbane city always makes everyone curious about its tourism side. This third largest city in Australia has a lot to offer in term of tourism. It has a long history that the heritages still left until today.

Moreover, the mixture of history and modern side of the Brisbane makes the city a very good destination to explore. Thus, no wonder why people often called this city as the Jewel in the Crown of Sunshine State.

Tourist Attractions in Brisbane

This so called green city comes up as the famous international tourism since the city hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1982. Those occasions make tourist attractions in Brisbane the most visited in Australia.

Brisbane is very large city. This large city particularly contains great numbers of tourist attractions. Thus, to explore the Brisbane you need a vacation plan in order to make your travelling time well-arranged.

And if you visit the Brisbane only for some limited of time, its best attractions are surely needs to visited. Finally, those are the best tourist attraction in Brisbane cbd.

tourist attraction in Brisbane city
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South Bank

Among the tourist attraction in Brisbane city, South Bank is the top. South Bank has been standing in Brisbane since 1988. This area was actually built to prepare for the World Expo in 1988.

Around the location of the South Bank, there lie several plazas, parklands, and promenades. All of the tourist attractions in this area is actually manmade including a beautiful lagoon near the South Bank. In fact, the lagoon in the South Bank is a nice place to swim and enjoy your day in the Brisbane city.

The South Bank actually has a very wide area. Even it needs the whole day to explore all of its part of the South Bank area. Therefore, coming to the South Bank since the morning or the time its opened is highly recommended.

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tourist attraction in Brisbane cbd
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Citycat Riding

Brisbane river has holds very important role on the development of the Brisbane economic since very long time ago. Even if today the Brisbane River does not hold that kind of role, it has turned out to be wonderful tourist attractions in Brisbane.

The Brisbane river offers a view of the whole city skyscrapers buildings. For the best experience, go around the Brisbane River with riding the Citycat. Around the tour with the Citycat, you will stop in several historic places around the Brisbane River.

tourist attractions Brisbane to Sydney
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Queen Street Mall

Some people might want to find tourist attractions Brisbane to Sydney, then the Queen Street Mall should be the stop. The Queen Street Mall is very unique in term of its architecture. In fact, there are no many such kind of mall existed around the world.

In the Queen Street Mall, you can shop a lot kind of stuffs from the traditional souvenir up to the international brands. The thing you should know is that the Queen Street Mall contains almost 700 retailers from all over the world.

Interestingly, the Queen Street Mall turns out to be different in Wednesday. In Wednesday, you can see a lot of flowers and local artisan products around the market.

Visiting the Queen Street Mall enables you to see the Brisbane from local’s perspective. This has been tourist attraction in Brisbane Australia since long time ago.

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tourist attractions Brisbane to Melbourne
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Moreton Island

Away from the crowd and city centre of Brisbane City, the exist a paradise called the Moreton Island. This island is very unique because almost the whole island is covered with sand.

In fact, the Moreton Island is actually the third largest sand island in the world. That occasion makes a lot of people wanting to visit Moreton Island for their vacation destination.

To get best experience in Moreton Island, you can enjoy its clear beaches. Beaches around the Moreton Island are mostly clean and offer most of the luxurious services. This is a good one to visit for tourist attractions Brisbane to Melbourne.

tourist attractions Brisbane to cairns
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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

If you are looking for tourist attractions Brisbane to cairns, then come to that place. Koala is an iconic Australian animal. And to see the Koala directly, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the best destination in the Brisbane city.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary for Koala in the world. Of course, you will not only see Koala around the sanctuary. But there are a lot other kind of animals such as snakes, wombats, wallabies, crocodiles, and the iconic Australian Kangaroo.

The sanctuary is actually quite wide place to explore. Hence, if you would like to explore the whole part of the sanctuary, then you are highly recommended to come since its open in the morning. The whole day trip around the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is really worth travelling time. Indeed, this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brisbane.

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popular tourist attractions in Brisbane
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Cultural Centre

Right in the heart of the Brisbane city and in the edge of the Brisbane River, Cultural Centre is often very crowded with a lot of people every day.

As Brisbane is one of the cities that has most of the Australian culture, the Cultural Centre is the centre place to learn most of the Brisbane culture. The collections in the Cultural Centre are including the whole Australian culture. The Cultural Centre is often regarded as top tourist attraction in Brisbane.

Around the Cultural Centre, there are several buildings to explore. Some of the best of them are the State Library of Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Theatre Company, and Gallery of Modern Art.

You might a bit confuse for the first time you come to the Cultural Centre area. For best experience, you should take a walking tour to help you exploring each building in the Cultural Centre area. Come to visit this one of the tourist attraction places in Brisbane.

top tourist attraction in Brisbane
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Customs House

As we have listed the 6 lists of the best tourist attractions in the Brisbane, the 7th on the list should be a great one. Among the Brisbane top tourist attractions are is the Customs House. The Customs House is actually one of the historic buildings in the Brisbane.

This building is not actually belongs to government, but it belongs to the University of Queensland. Near the Customs House, you can visit tourist attractions in Brisbane and gold coast.

Brisbane has a lot to offer once you explore the city. The beautiful view around the city and its tourist attractions in Brisbane will always make you keep Brisbane right in your heart. At the end of the day, everybody who have explored Brisbane must want to go back to the wonderful city again.