Enjoy Culture of Africa and Europe in Tourist Attractions in Algeria

tourist destinations in Algeria
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Algeria is a bit unique country. Algeria is located in Africa which very near with the European continent. Coming to Algeria is quite easy as it has very close distance from Europe.

On such location, it makes Algeria has a unique culture rather than any other countries in Africa. Around the Algeria region, there are a lot of great tourist destinations in Algeria which the mixture of the culture of Africa and Europe. Exploring Algeria always leave you in amazed of its culture.

famous tourist attractions in Algeria
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Tourist Destinations in Algeria

Algeria is also a country that has unique landscapes. A journey through the Saharan region of the country is actually very famous among travellers.

This never ending sand actually has mysterious cities around them and that is one of the best tourist attractions to visit in Algeria. Moreover, Algeria is a tourism friendly country.

In particular, any tourists from all over the world are welcomed warmly by its people. It’s not a wonder why there are a lot of famous tourist attractions in Algeria.

Prior to your visit to Algeria, you must know what tourist destinations you will choose to explore. Having no plan to explore will only make your travelling time hard or waste of more time. Thus, you need to know what best tourist destinations in Algeria are to arrange a travelling plan. What are some tourist attractions in Algeria?

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What are tourist attractions in Algeria
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Tamanrasset or the so called Tam city is one of the major tourist attractions in Algeria. This southern city of Algeria actually has a lot to offer for visitors. You can expect to see a lot of shops, local restaurants, and malls.

This is a good checkpoint for you to explore the South of Algeria or even if you want to visit Nigeria. One of the main things to see in the Tam city is the Ahaggar National Park. In the first place, exploring the Tam city would make you see the real life of locals in Algeria. The Tam city contains a lot of great tourist sights in Algeria.

What are some tourist attractions in Algeria
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Algeria is a region that has very long history. Even the history in the Algerian region tracked back up to thousand years ago. But in the light of Algerian history, the famous history of Algeria comes from the medieval era. To see out most of the heritages from the medieval era, then Annaba should be your tourist attractions in Algeria destination.

Annaba is an area that contains a lot of ruins and ancient villages around the area. More deeply, there are several temples standing in the area which signed that there was a big civilization lived in the Algerian region. Exploring this ancient city will even make you more curious about its mystery.

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tourist sights in Algeria
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The Atakor plateau, a plateau located in the Ahaggar National Park, is a famous desert plateau to visit. To go to the plateau, one must hike through its desert because there is no transport system to reach the area of the Atakor Plateau.

The Atakor Plateau is a mystical place in Algeria that the locals referred it as the end of the world. The Atakor is quite popular tourist attractions in Algeria.

tourist attractions in Algeria
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Algeria is a country rich of history. To see a famous history from Middle Ages era, then come to Constantine city. Today, the city turns out to have very unique architectures that it is the mixture of the middle ages and modern architectures at once.

Most importantly, the city is a very fancy place when you walk around them on the night. The Constantine might not have the night atmosphere like in Europe. But surely the nightlife in Constantine will give you a lot new perspective that the world has too many different way on enjoying a good life.

As a matter of the fact, the Constantine is located on a high hill. This unique landscape of the city makes it has several good spots to enjoy the sunset view. Walking around this city at the evening and find a good spot for watching sunset if you are lucky enough. Constantine is among the most famous tourist cities in Algeria.

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popular tourist attractions in Algeria
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When you visit Algeria, you must want to find top tourist attraction in Algeria. In the edge of the Saharan desert, there exists the small Ghardaia town that standing uniquely. The Ghardaia town is actually a cultural town.

Almost all part of the Ghardaia city is all about the Algerian culture. Unlike most other cities in Algeria that its culture are already heavily influenced with other nation’s culture.

The Ghardaian people still keep their culture and tradition on their every day’s life. Indeed, the Ghardaia is one of the best tourist attractions in Algeria Africa.

To enjoy the best of the Ghardaia city, there are some tourist attractions available in the town’s area. But if you would like to see how the local live their life, then visit its local market.

In the local market, you will not only see how the locals interact each other, but also find some good things to shop to bring them back to your home.

famous tourist cities in Algeria
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As famous tourist attraction in Algeria, one must know this place. A beautiful old building called the Tlemcem always excites any visitors who come to see it. It’s middle ages architecture makes it one of the best historic sites in the country.

In the past, the Tlemcen was very important for the Roman Empire’s leg in the African region. Even if the building is not actives anymore today, but its history’s still existed for us to learn. The area of the Tlemcen is including the famous Eiffel Bridge and the Great Mosque.

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top tourist attraction in Algeria
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National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers

What are tourist attractions in Algeria? Then read this part carefully. If you come to visit Algeria to see out how the Algerian culture and art comes so greatly, then visit the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Around this fancy building, you will not only enjoy its unique architecture, but also the complete collections of the Algerian art. Even in fact, most of the arts in this national museum comes from the era of hundred years ago. You will never imagine that people from hundred years ago were able to create some good arts like shown in the collections.

Algeria is a good alternative to see out how the mixture of African and European culture. Even if the country is located in Africa, but the country is heavily influenced with the European culture. Thus, no wonder why its tourist attractions in Algeria are visited by most people in the world.