Tourist attraction in Rhode Island, Best Place for Vacation

tourist attractions in Rhode Island
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Tourist attraction in Rhode Island In the eastern of the United States, a coastal city called the Rhode Island has been very popular on its tourism recently. If you never visit the Rhode Island, you might think this is an island.

Well, you might wrong, but you are right on several occasions that Rhode Island has most of tourism that an island has. It’s starting from its stunning beaches, and any other water tourist attraction in Rhode Island.

Further, Rhode Island is actually does not only offer nature tourism, but also the historic one. The history of the city as a colonial city made it very interesting to explore.

Even there are still lots of heritages left from the colonial era that we can see today. Of course, the Rhode Island will introduce you lots of things about tourism of United States.

best rhode island beaches
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Rhode Island Tourist Attraction

Rhode Island has various terrains within its region. The river, the beach, the city of Rhode Island has its own beauty that it offers. Travelling around the Rhode Island city will never make your travelling become boring.

Even it offers you lots of fun and breath-taking experiences. In term of top tourist attractions in Rhode Island, this city actually has numbers of them. Thus, visiting the best of them is a wise choice while travelling to the city unless you have lots of time to spend. In order to help you to explore Rhode Island, those are the top tourist sites in Rhode Island in Rhode Island that you need to know.

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mccoy stadium events
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McCoy Stadium

Baseball is very popular in the Rhode Island. Hence, near the downtown of Rhode Island you will be able to see an outstanding local baseball stadium.

The McCoy Stadium actually hosted the minor league of baseball on its stadium. But even if it is only minor league, the locals are staggering to see the great baseball games it offers. Moreover, the stadium is quite large that it is able to host up to 100,000 people on its arena.

The McCoy Stadium started to be famous since it hosted the longest baseball game in history. In particular, the game lasted for the course of two days and reaches the 33 innings.

rhode island state beaches
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Beaches in the coastline of Rhode Island

As a matter of the fact, the Rhode Island city contains the amazing 400 miles of coastline. And most importantly, those 400 miles hosted over than 100 beaches around its coastal. Well, those beaches are actually mostly amazing that you can explore them all.

The beaches are actually various. You can choose the beach as you like to visit. Some of the best beaches around the coastline of Rhode Island are the Misquamicut Beach, the Easton’s Beach, and the Third Beach.

If you love surfing, those beaches are actually really good places to surf. It’s because the wave is challenging enough for surfing. This is the best tourist attractions in Rhode Island Newport.

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rhode island Casino
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In United States, the Rhode Island city is also the home of the best Casinos in the country. As a matter of the fact, the Newport and Lincoln are in Rhode Island contains several large casinos.

Enjoying the casino games and machines are very interesting to do in the Rhode Island. Even the casinos have been the popular tourist attraction in Rhode Island recently.

tourist attraction in Rhode Island
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The Fort Adams

As the city is a colonial city, its historic tourist attraction in Rhode Island is thing you must explore. The Fort Adams, the largest coastal fortification in United States, is the tourism place you need to visit while travelling to Rhode Island.

Visiting this fort enable you to see the highlight of the heritage of colonial era. Basically, there are a lot of things to explore around the fort.

In fact, the Fort Adams is actually a quite unique fort other than its large size. In the first place, the Fort Adams contains lots of home where soldiers lived in the past.  Furthermore, the Fort Adams also has the secret tunnel system inside the fort.

This tunnel system is actually amazing and quite confusing as well. To get most of the history in the Fort Adams, taking a walking tour is highly recommended.

Once you travel to the Fort Adams, do not forget to go to its top. It’s because you will be able to see the beautiful view of Rhode Island coastal from the fort’s top.

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johnson and wales tuition
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Johnson and Wales University

What are tourist attractions in rhode island? Other than nature, the Johnson and Wales University is an interesting one to explore. In the first place, the Johnson and Wales University is the biggest university in the Rhode Island city.

Among the best universities in the United States, the Johnson and Wales University is one of them. In numbers, the university hosted up to 17,000 students from all over the world.

To highlight, some of the best programs in this university are hospitality, business, culinary arts and education. Among its best, the culinary program is the most famous in the university.

As a visitor, you are allowed to explore the university. There are actually lots of things you can see and learn in this university. Not only its outstanding campus architecture, but is also the landmarks and some other educational things.

jamestown bridge Rhodes Island
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Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge

Almost one hundred year ago, the famous Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge was started to build. The story and some problems regarding made the bridge just finished in 1969.

But since then, the bridge became the icon of the Rhode Island in term of tourism. At the first time its opened, the bridge was actually among the largest and longest bridges in the United States.

Recently, the bridge becomes the historical tourist attractions in Rhode Island. Seeing the bridge from the surrounding coastal and restaurants are amazing things to do.

In the end, the tourist attraction in Indiana will bring your travelling time to fun. As travelling is not only about seeing wonderful place but also learning from them, Rhode Island offer the kind of tourism. Therefore, go make your trip plan to Rhode Island as soon as possible you finish reading this article.