Top Rated Cool Tourist Attractions in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

pittsburgh tourist attractions
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Pittsburgh City, a city in the Pennsylvania, tourist attractions in Pittsburgh has been a very popular tourism destination in the United States since couple of years ago.

Uniquely, the Pittsburgh city is a location where there is three rivers meet at the junction that creates an Ohio. Therefore, there are lots of water sights that you can find around the city. That occasion make the Pittsburgh city a very wonderful city.

Further, the environment of Pittsburgh city is also quite peaceful. It’s not a wonder because there are western Appalachians wooded hills that surround the city. The greatness of tourist attractions in Pittsburgh is also one of the reasons to visit Pittsburgh for vacation.

pittsburgh tourist attraction
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Pittsburgh Tourist Atractions

Pittsburgh is not only a wonderful city but also a historic city. The junction of three rivers was very important for centre of economic activities in the past era of United States. In the first place, Pittsburgh became an important city because of its strategic location.

Until today, there are still lots of heritages buildings still left around Pittsburgh city. Of course, most of them are available to explore for the visitor. Thus, Pittsburgh is an interesting destination if you travel to Pennsylvania because of its variety of tourist things in Pittsburgh.

As Pittsburgh is an interesting city to visit, it is important to get to know what to visit while travelling to Pittsburgh. Not only to know, but to give you the highlight and allow you to arrange a travelling plan to visit Pittsburgh. Thus, those are the best Pittsburgh tourist attractions.

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carnegie museum of art and natural history
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Carnegie Museum of Art

As we know, Pittsburgh is a historic city. Around Pittsburgh city, there are lots of museums that contain the collections of historic heritages of Pittsburgh.

But among all of them, the Carnegie Museum of Art is actually the most internationally known tourist activities in Pittsburgh PA. The Carnegie Museum of Art showcased artworks collections not only from American continent, but also the European continent.

Statistically, those artworks are dated back to 2 centuries ago. Hence, visiting the Carnegie Museum of Art is very important to get to know historic highlight of Pittsburgh city.

strip district pittsburgh restaurants
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Strip District

Near the downtown of tourist attractions near Pittsburgh PA, there lays a tourism area called the Strip District. This area is really good for tourism as visitor can find everything about tourism in this area.

It is especially if you need to find some local and cultural things, the Strip District has it all. Moreover, if you want to find good local restaurant, then lots of them are available throughout the Strip District.

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carnegie science center parking
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Carnegie Science Centre

Other than history and beauty of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh city is also actually a centre for science development in Pennsylvania State. Lots of science discoveries are made in the city of Pittsburgh.

And of course, those science discoveries are showcased in the museum of Carnegie Science Centre. In fact, it is not only to respect and appreciate what have found in the past, but also to make us learn about creativity of science in the real world. Visiting this museum enables us that creativity on finding science discoveries are really useful for the world we live on.

Statistically, there are almost 250 science discoveries showcased within the Carnegie Science Centre. From those collections, you will not only able to see them, but also learn about them directly. So, thanks to the programs the museum provide for visitors. Moreover, a free walking tour is also available every day to help you explore this amazing Carnegie Science Centre.

pittsburgh national aviary
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The National Aviary

Head to Northern side of Pittsburgh city, there lay lots kinds of birds within an area such a zoo. The area is called the National Aviary.

As we know that lots of birds are already endangered in the wild because of climate change, this place is made to save those endangered bird species. As a matter of the fact, there are over 150 species of birds available within the National Aviary. Here, you will not only see them, but also can learn about each species of bird.

Once you arrive within the National Aviary, your eyes will be amazed after you see lots of birds flying around freely. Those colourful views will really make up your travelling day in tourist attractions in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

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Andy Warhol Museum pittsburgh
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Andy Warhol Museum

In the modern day, pop art is among the most popular arts in the world. In the light of it, Pittsburgh was actually a home of lots of famous pop arts pioneer in the United States. The Andy Warhol Museum showcased many kind of pop artworks and the story of its creators.

It is very interesting to explore the museum because you will see lots of things that you have not know about American Pop Art. But even if the museum showcased lots collections of several artists, the museum was dedicated to the life of a pop artist who lived in North Pittsburgh Named Andy Warhol. Indeed, this is the top tourist attractions in Pittsburgh for art.

market square pittsburgh restaurants
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Historic Market Square

In the first place, Historic Market Square probably the most interesting free tourist attractions in Pittsburgh. Historically speaking, this market is among the oldest markets in Pittsburgh even in Pennsylvania.

If you are interested about some cultural things of Pittsburgh, then this market should be your right destination. Local restaurants, bars, cafés, quirky stores and local boutiques are some of the best highlight you will see around the historic market.

Other than the stuffs it offered, the Historic Market Square also contains lots of histories as its name. In the past, the market was very important indicator to the economic development of Pittsburgh.

But to get to know most histories about this market, you can take a walking tour around the market. If you come to Pittsburgh on certain occasion, you are more likely to see a big event held within the market’s area.

Pittsburgh city has always been an interesting tourism destination in Pennsylvania. The beauty of the city and the outstanding Pittsburgh tourist attractions make the city very famous for tourism. Moreover, the friendly condition of the city also helps on attracting visitor to come. Therefore, go plan your summer trip very soon to Pittsburgh city.