List of The Best Tourist Attraction in Perth, Australia

tourist attraction in Perth
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As a coastal city, Tourist attractions in Perth has been a 5 star tourism destination in Australia for the last couple of decades. The capital city of Western Australia called Perth offers very amazing and wonderful coastal lines on its west side of the city.

Along its coastal lines, stunning beaches, amazing nightlife and several sightseeing spots await you to enjoy its beauty of tourist attraction in Perth. On the other hand, Perth city is also amazing in term of the city’s architecture.

Whatever part of the city you explore in Perth, they always offer its own beauty of the city. If you walk around the city in the night, you will find out more how beautiful Perth is as a city.

Perth tourist attraction
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Explore the city of Perth

Perth is a quite large city in term of its geography. But in particular, most part of the Perth city is along its coastline. Therefore, wherever you are in Perth, it will always be easy to find beaches.

Even if you come to a higher place such as high building in Perth, you will be able to see the greatness of the coastline view of Perth. Exploring Perth city is quite easy even though it is a large city.

As a matter of the fact, Perth is among the friendliest cities for tourism in Australia. So, thanks to the Excellency of public transportation in Perth. You can explore Perth either with bus or taxi. Both choices are actually quite similar in term of cost.

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tourist attractions in Perth
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Best tourist attraction in Perth City

Perth City is not only a city that offers amazing coastline, but also a historic and cultural city at once. Fairly to be said that Perth has high variety of tourism places throughout the city. Hence, you should not worry about tourist attractions in Perthshire to visit. But you even might be a bit confused to choose what to visit as there are numerous of attractions in Perth. Well, unlike tourist attractions in Perth Scotland, the Perth Australia does not lose any interest.

swan river facts
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Swan River

Stretches around the city of Perth, the Swan River lies wonderfully. In fact, the Swan River is quite unique river than any other rivers in Southeast Asia.

In particular, you will find out that the Swan River is a very clean river with its very clear blue water. Once you see it, the river might a bit look like a sea as it is quite wide in size as well.

In the light of it, there are a lot of spots throughout the riverside that is very good to enjoy. Each part of the riverside actually offers its own beauty.

Other than enjoying the Swan River along its riverside, you can also explore the Swan River directly along its water. In particular, there are a lot of ferries available to explore the Swan River. Once you choose to take the ferry, the wonderful sight of the Perth city from distance await you to see.

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mullaloo beach perth
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Mullaloo Beach

Alongside the coastline of Perthm, the Mullaloo Beach is a worthy one to visit. The Mullaloo Beach offers a very wonderful sight of the western sea of Perth. If you come to Perth for family vacation, then this beach is a good choice to hit.

It is because the water of the beach is really calm so that the kid can play comfortably in the waterside of the beach. Moreover, the attractions of the beach are also big in numbers. Thus, the Mullalo Beach is very fun one to visit. This is actually quite similar to tourist attractions Scarborough Perth.

Perth tourist attractions
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Adventure World

If one think that tourist attraction in Perth is all about beaches, then the guy is making a mistake. As a matter of the fact, Perth also offers lots of amazing modern tourist attraction around its city’s land.

One of the best of them is the Adventure World. The Adventure World is a worthy one to visit if you want to kick some fun while travelling in Perth. In the first place, the Adventure World offers mostly water attractions within its area.

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perth zoo opening times
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Perth Zoo

Australia is a country that has high diversity of fauna and wildlife. Even there are several animals that only exist in the Australian land. Therefore, once you visit Australia, the zoo is something you have to visit including the Perth Zoo.

In the first place, the Perth Zoo is one of the biggest zoos and is among the zoos that showcased most numbers of wildlife in Australia. Some of the best animals to see in the Perth Zoo are the wallabies, koalas, and the wonderful kangaroos.

Exploring the Perth Zoo would require you more time to finish. Instead, if you only visit the Perth Zoo for a little bit of time, you would miss some of the amazing attractions showcased within the zoo. Hence, for best experience in this tourist attraction in Perth, come to the zoo in the morning since it is open then finish on the evening.

pinnacles desert perth
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Pinnacles Desert

Away from the downtown of Perth, the Pinnacles Desert is something you should visit in Perth. This top  tourist attractions in Perth WA is quite unique. In particular, there are lots of sharp stones stretches around the wonderful desert.

But the thing is not only about the unique view of the desert, but you can do some great activities in the desert. Some of the best things to do in the Pinnacles Desert would be playing sand-boarding and seeing wild koala alongside the desert.

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best tourist attractions in Perth
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Western Australian Museum

Perth is a city that holds many cultures and histories of Australia. As the city has long histories, its museum is something worth to visit. For best historic tourist attractions close to Perth, then the Western Australian Museum is the one you must choose.

The museum showcased numbers of historic and culture collections of Australia since the past era. Moreover, the museum provides several programs for visitors to get more detail information regarding the history of Perth and Australia in general.

Perth is a city that always offers its beauty to every coming visitor. Fairly to say, most of the Perth tourist attraction is offered its own wonder. Thus, no wonder why this city is the most favourite city to visit in Australia.