Tourist Attraction in Nicaragua, The Real Eco Tourism Attraction

Tourist Attraction in Nicaragua
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Central American region always offers great tourism either nature or history. In fact, most of the countries in Central America offers the similar tourism with its surrounding states unless tourist attraction in Nicaragua.

In the first place, Nicaragua is a country that offers quite unique tourism especially on its great nature and history. Nicaragua is a tropical country.

Thus, most of the natural tourist attraction in Nicaragua is all about nature. Once you arrive in the country, you will be a lot happier because seeing its nice nature sights beneath the clear sky of the Nicaragua country.

But on the other hand, Nicaragua is a country that does not only offer nature tourism destination, but also the historic one. Well, thanks to the long history of the Spanish colonial era in the country so that today it has left lots of heritages that you can see until today.

Some of the most famous historic buildings in Nicaragua are the Managua Cathedral and the Leon. Actually there are still lot other historic places to explore in Nicaragua. But surely most of the historic tourist attraction in bluefields Nicaragua is interesting with its great architecture.

Tourist Attractions in Nicaragua
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What is the best time to visit tourist attraction in Nicaragua?

As Nicaragua is a tropical destination, there are only two seasons existed in Nicaragua. The two seasons in Nicaragua are the rainy season and the dry season.

Of course, just like the other tropical countries. The best time to visit Nicaragua is during the dry season. In Nicaragua, the dry season would usually come during November up to May.

Thus, those months become the most favourite time for tourist to come to best tourist attraction in Nicaragua. Especially in January and February, Nicaragua is more likely to get crowded because the sun rise so bright during both months.

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Nicaragua Tourist Attraction
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Best tourist attraction in Nicaragua

As Nicaragua is a unique country in term of tourism destination, there are a lot of choices of places to visit in Nicaragua. You might wonder about this country that so often called as paradise.

Well, you should not miss a chance of enjoying the paradise of Nicaragua at least once in your lifetime. So, what are tourist attractions in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua tourist attractions
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The Leon

Nicaragua has long history of Spanish Colonialism alongside its region. And today, there are still a lot of heritages building left that we can explore.

One of the most famous historic tourist attractions in Nicaragua is the Leon City. In the era of Spanish colonialism, the Leon was actually the old capital of Nicaragua. But today, there are lots of old buildings still standing beautifully around the city centre.

At the end of the day, exploring the city of Leon does not only make you see what’s left from history, but also to learn from the bad history of colonialism.

The great churches, museums, forts, and many other landmarks existed around Leon city. The area is really good to explore by walking. When you explore the city, make sure that you take more attention on each detail of each building. In the end, you will find something interesting during your exploration.

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Cerro Negro Mountain Nicaragua
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Cerro Negro Mountain

Away from the city centres around Nicaragua, it’s the Cerro Negro Volcano standing beautifully in the middle of the country. Recently, the volcano becomes biggest tourist attractions in Nicaragua.

In the first place, thanks to the volcano boarding activity in the Cerro Negro Mountain. If you love an adrenaline experience, then going to volcano boarding in the Cerro Negro Volcano Mountain is the one you must try.

In fact, the Cerro Negro Mountain is an active volcano mountain. Yes, you will do volcano boarding from the peak of the mountain. But you should not worry because the active status of the volcano will not give you any danger.

To do the volcano boarding, first you need to hike the mountain. Along the hike, you will see very beautiful sight of Nicaragua from its high. Once you reach the peak, then you will go slide down with the board. Of course, this will be your most memorable moment while travelling to Nicaragua.

Corn Islands Nicaragua
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Corn Islands

We haven’t talked about the stunning beaches tourism, now we talk about it. Goes to the Corn Islands, you will find lots of stunning places and beaches to spend your day with.

The Corn Islands is actually an archipelago that consists of several small islands. But to visit the archipelago, you must visit its main island called the corn island.

Around the Corn Islands, you will find many wonderful sight of the beaches and blue seas. Of course, many great activities await you in this archipelago.

The scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, boating, fishing are only several things that will make your travelling time wonderful in this islands.

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Apoyo Lagoon Nicaragua
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Apoyo Lagoon

What is a tourist attraction in Nicaragua? Far in the middle of the rain forest of Nicaragua, the Apoyo Lagoon is a worthy one to visit. This lagoon is very wonderful on its sight. Further, the rainforest surrounding the lagoon makes the lagoon more peaceful and beautiful.

Around the lagoon, it is very easy to find great spots to relax and spend your day lazily. In addition, you can add your time with fishing, swimming, hiking or only reading books while watching the beauty and calmness of the Apoyo Lagoon.

What is a major tourist attraction in Nicaragua open study
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What is a major tourist attraction in Nicaragua open study? As a matter of the fact, Granada is among the oldest cities in Nicaragua. Thus, there are a lot of historic heritages around the city. In particular, it is because the city was actually the first big settlement of the Spanish in the past.

Walking around the Granada city enables you to see lots of great building’s architecture. Today, the city turns out to be a very colourful city instead of its black history of colonialism. In addition, the Granada City is also a good point to start your journey travelling around Nicaragua.

At the end of the day, you will admit that Nicaragua is a country that amazes you so much. The greatness of Nicaragua tourist attraction will always come up on your mind. Thus, go soon plan your trip to Nicaragua at the beginning of 2018.