Tourist Attraction in Montreal, Some of Canada Tourist Attraction

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Montreal City, one of the oldest cities in Canada, has been the major tourist attraction in Canada country recently. The numbers of amazing tourism places and beauty of tourist attraction in Montreal attract lots of people from all over the world to come.

In the first place, Montreal is not only a city that you can explore the goodness of tourist attraction in Montreal, but also walking around the city will give you lots of great sight.

Furthermore, as the Montreal City is one of the most historic cities in Canada, Montreal also offers historic tourism and cultures as well. In term of culture, the local cuisine of Montreal is a worthy one to try.

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Montreal Tourist Attractions

Basically, Montreal City is a city that has various terrains. Stretches around the city, the Saint Lawrence River surround the city of Montreal beautifully. Therefore, some spots near the river are really beautiful to see in certain time especially on the evening.

Furthermore, the unique terrain of Montreal makes the city really interesting to explore. Finally, those are the places you must visit while you travel to Montreal. Remember, major tourist attractions in Montreal are varies, so you should arrange a travelling plan prior to your departure to the paradise.

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rue st paul quebec city
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Paul Street

Among the historical roads in Montreal City, the St. Paul Street is a worthy one to visit. The Street stretches beautifully near the downtown.

If you stay near the street, a day walking around the street will give you lots of great sights around the road side. Moreover, the local restaurants in the St. Paul Street are mostly offer good local cuisines.

In fact, the St. Paul Street is often called as the Old Montreal. In the first place, it is because the St. Paul Street has numerous of tourist attraction around its area.

Keep in mind to take a few stop on each old building you find around the St. Paul Street road. It is because you are more likely to find some great spots for photograph in the area. Well, the St. Paul Street is actually quite cheap one to explore because it is free tourist attractions in downtown Montreal.

basilica notre dame montreal
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The Basilica Notre Dame Montreal

In the past era, Montreal holds an important role on the spreading of Christian influence around the Canadian region. Thus, the Basilica Notre Dame was built to enhance the religious influence in the city at the time.

But other than its important factor in the past, the building is interesting because of its unique building’s architecture. Do not forget to visit its beautiful chapel in the back side of the building. Around the tourist attractions in Montreal map, this place is the most beautiful one.

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Biodome Montreal

Away from the city centre of Montreal, there is a wider wildlife to explore in the region of Montreal City. This place is super interesting to visit because of the diversity of the wildlife its showcased.

Furthermore, Canada is a region that quite holds unique ecosystem around its land. Thus, visiting the Biodome is a worth one while travelling around tourist attraction in Montreal Quebec.

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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Other than history, Montreal city is also holds the most creative art in the American continent. That achievement is proof by the existence of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts near the city downtown.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, a most famous tourism in Montreal, is a place that showcased a lot collections of arts in the history of Montreal as a city.

Moreover, the artworks of some famous artists such as Rodin, Chiluly, Gaultier and Warhol are showcased in the museum. Indeed, this is one of the best tourist attraction in Montreal Canada.

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citadelle of quebec
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La Citadelle

Aside from the most important city for the development of Canadian region in the past, the Montreal city is also a city that becomes the main heart of the defence of its surrounding region.

The La Citadelle, the largest fortification in America, was the most important building for the defence of Montreal City. In the first place, the La Citadelle is important to visit while travelling to Montreal not only because of its history, but also the uniqueness of the building’s architecture.

Within the La Citadell, you will be able to see a lot of old weapons from the past era. And of course, each building within the Citadel holds its own history and story.

Furthermore, the fort is quite unique because of its terrain that is really good for its defence. No wonder why the La Citadelle is still standing strongly even until today. As the main tourist attractions in Montreal, this place is the one you should visit.

mount royal montreal lookout
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Parc du Mont

Montreal is a city that contains lots of beautiful tourist attractions of Montreal. Moreover, the Montreal city is also a city that has very wonderful terrain.

Thus, the view of Montreal city would be even more amazing seeing from the height. The Parc du Mont, a region that has several mountains and plateaus, is a place to see the beautiful view of Montreal city as a whole.

But Parc du Mont is not actually about the sight spot of the Montreal. There are broader things you can explore around the Parc du Mont region. In particular, the wildlife diversity of the region is an interesting one to explore.

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olympic park montreal things to do
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Parc Olympique

For a modern tourist attraction in Montreal, the Parc Olympique is a worthy one to visit. The place is really amazing based on its building’s architecture.

The retractable roof of the building is also an interesting one to see. Although the Parc Olympique is quite controversial while the process of its establishment, the building is still an interesting place to see today.

For best experience, you even cannot spend only several hours to explore the Parc Olympique building. Most importantly, there are numbers of attractions you can try around the building’s area.

One most amazing experience offers in the attraction of the Parc Olympique is the riding of the funicular at the top of the building. This is among the best tourist attractions outside Montreal.

Montreal is a city that you will never forget once you leave the city. Montreal tourist attraction also makes you learn a lot about tourism not only seeing its beautiful part. Thus, no wonder why Montreal city becomes the main tourism destination in Canada since couple of years ago.