Tourist Attraction in Louisiana, The Amazing American Tourism

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Most of the American states in the Gulf of Mexico offer really amazing tourism places. Tourist attraction in Louisiana is one of the best.

Louisiana, a coastal state in the Gulf of Mexico, is an amazing state that contains lots of tourism vacation around its wonderful region. The Louisiana State offers amazing attraction along its coastal.

It’s starting from the stunning beach up to several beautiful waterfalls. But other than nature, Louisiana also has long history that you can still its heritages.

In the first place, there were lots of heritages buildings from the past that are still left until today. Thus, visiting Louisiana is very interesting because of tis variety of tourist attraction in Louisiana.

louisiana tourist attraction
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Going around Louisiana

As a matter of the fact, Louisiana is a large state to explore. Louisiana State is also varying including beaches, mountains, forest and several rivers.

Hence, you need to spend a bit more time on exploring the whole tourist attractions in Louisiana state. It’s actually not hard to go around tourism places in Louisiana. In particular, it’s because Louisiana has very good public transportation system.

You can explore Louisiana either with bus or taxi. But train is also quite recommended. Moreover, Louisiana is also a good place to start your journey around the states around Gulf of Mexico.

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tourist attractions in louisiana
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Best places to visit in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state in United States that has big variety of tourist attractions. There are lots of places to visit around the landscape of Louisiana.

You should not worry about lacking of places to visit. But even you might a bit getting confused because there are too many places that you need to choose. So, what are some major tourist attractions in Louisiana?

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New Orleans downtown

In Louisiana State, New Orleans is among its biggest cities and best places to visit in Louisiana. In the first place, New Orleans contains lots of history of United States from the past.

To see the best of them, the downtown of New Orleans is a worthy one to visit. Around the downtown of New Orleans, several historic buildings and landmarks await you to explore them. Moreover, there are lots of old buildings with old architectures that you can see in the downtown of New Orleans.

But other than historic attractions, there are still a lot of other New Orleans tourist attraction to see and explore. One most worthy of them is the local cuisine of New Orleans.

In fact, most of the restaurants located around the downtown of New Orleans offers the great local cuisine that you must try. At the end of the day, this tourist attractions in Marksville Louisiana is the one you should visit.

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Melrose Plantation

Before the civil war begin, the plantation started to rise and spread in United States including Louisiana. And during the civil war, there are certain plantations that become important places for the civil war.

In Louisiana State, one of its most historic plantations is the Melrose Plantation. In the past, this place was actually known as the Yucca Plantation. But as the time goes by, the plantation changed name to Melrose Plantation as the owner is changed.

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Old State Capitol

What are the main tourist attractions in Louisiana? The Old State Capitol, a gothic style building, is a must visit one when you travel to Louisiana State. The building of the Old State Capitol is very interesting because of its unique architecture.

The architecture is really impressive because it has very outstanding interior. Further, there are actually several museums existed within the building of the Old State Capitol. And of course, each building has its own amazing interior to see. Amazingly, each architecture in Old State Capitol has its own meaning and wisdom.

Once you arrive in front of the Old State Capitol, you will suddenly see the two amazing towers of the Old State Capitol. In the past, both towers hold important role on the defence of the building.

Most importantly, it is very important because the building was one of the most important buildings in United States at its time. This is a major tourist attraction in Louisiana.

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louisiana mardi gras traditions
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Mardi Gras Louisiana

Go back to an amazing city called the New Orleans, the Mardi Gras festival is a worthy one to visit. The Mardi Gras is actually an annual event that is held in certain time in New Orleans City.

If you have a plan to travel to Louisiana, the Mardi Gras event is an event you cannot miss. Thus, you need to come before the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. In the first place, the Mardi Gras celebration is held on that time in New Orleans.

The event of the Mardi Gras is very colourful. Thus, no wonder why this tourist attraction in Louisiana is a must visit one. One of the things existed in the event that you must see is its parade. The parade of the Mardi Gras will showcase lots of the local cultures either New Orleans or Louisiana as a whole.

uss kidd baton rouge louisiana
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USS Kidd and Veterans Memorial

The United States military including its naval was one of the strongest one in the world history especially in World War 2. In the light of it, there is a decommissioned destroyer that is still showcased as the heritage of World War II in Louisiana.

This ship contains lots of history behind its fought during the active era of the destroyer ship. Today, every visitor are allowed to explore the ship as the historic heritage of World War II and United States. What tourist attractions are in Louisiana? It should be this one.

Within the ship, there are several collections of World War II. Lots of histories are left within the ship body and surely you can still see them as collections. To get most of the history of the destroyer, choosing a walking tour is really recommended as there are lots choices of walking tour.

Louisiana is a state in U.S that will always amaze you. It’s because Louisiana tourist attraction has a lot to offer in term of its beauty. Therefore, you should not miss visiting Louisiana this year as your vacation destination.