Tourist Attraction in Liverpool, The Jewel Of United Kingdom

liverpool tourist attractions
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In the whole of United Kingdom, tourist attraction in Liverpool is so famous even since hundreds of years ago in the country.

As the jewel of the United Kingdom, Liverpool offers lots of tourism destinations around its region. Liverpool is actually one of the most historic cities in United Kingdom.

There are number of choices of historic tourist attraction in Liverpool that you can visit. But other than history, Liverpool city also offers the modern and natural tourist attractions.

Thanks to numbers of great places in Liverpool that makes it the amazing city. Visiting Liverpool actually enables you to see lots of things about British around its city land.

tourist attractions in Liverpool
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Liverpool Tourist Attractions

Liverpool is a large city to explore for vacation. Moreover, the tourist attraction in Liverpool is spread along the big size of Liverpool city.

Thus, before you explore Liverpool on a vacation, you need to know what are the tourist attractions in Liverpool. In fact, exploring Liverpool without knowing the vacation itinerary will make your trip in Liverpool a bit harder.

Thus, you need to arrange a travelling plan before arriving in Liverpool. Other avoiding the confusion while travelling, a travelling plan will help reducing travelling cost in Liverpool.

Therefore, we have listed the list of the best tourist attractions in Liverpool England to accommodate you. Those are the amazing list!

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the beatles story pier head
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The Beatles Story

Noted, this is the most popular tourist attractions in Liverpool. Who’s anyone in the world does not know the Beatles? Of course, everybody knows who the Beatles’s is.

In the first place, the Beatles is one of the most influential group bands in the history of music. Seeing the highlight of the Beatles journey in Liverpool since the beginning of its era is an amazing thing to do in Liverpool.

Most importantly, it is because the Beatles jour is quite unique. It started as a small group and ended becoming the biggest group bands in the world at its time.

In Liverpool, the Beatles is like the icon of the tourist attractions in Liverpool nsw. To see the entire highlight of the Beatles since its first beginning. There are a lot of collections of the Beatles in the Beatles Story. The excellent collection is the CD, photos, and videos and lots other great collections.

albert docks liverpool
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Albert Dock

Away from the city centre to the coastal of Liverpool city, Albert Dock is a tourist attraction in Liverpool you cannot miss. Other than its great natural sight, the Albert Dock actually contains rich history of Liverpool on its area.

In fact, even the Albert Dock is among the list of the World Heritage Site. Moreover, there are numbers of other tourist attraction in Liverpool that you can find around the area of the Albert Dock. Well, most of them are historic ones.

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Merseyside Maritime Museum
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Merseyside Maritime Museum

In the history of United Kingdom, Liverpool holds the main role on the maritime development of the country. Hence, the Merseyside Maritime Museum contains the history of some important ports in the Liverpool city.

The museum is actually one of the biggest maritime museums in United Kingdom. Even the collections of the maritime history reach more than 5,000 in numbers.

In the first place, the museum does not only offer its great historic collections. But the museum is also good on its architecture. The architecture of the museum is actually really mirrored the culture of Merseyside in general.

To learn most of the things in the museum, the museum provides a free walking tour every day for the visitors. With walking tour, the guide will explain to the visitors more detailed things about the history of Liverpool. Indeed, this is one of the top tourist attractions in Liverpool.

liverpool tourist attraction
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Museum of Liverpool

As the one of the most historic cities in United Kingdom, the Museum of Liverpool indirectly become an important top tourist attractions in Liverpool to visit while travelling to Liverpool.

Even if the Museum of Liverpool is quite new on its establishment, but the museum offers amazing highlight of Liverpool history in general.

The Museum of Liverpool is not only about history, but also about the rich culture of Liverpool. Furthermore, the collections of the Museum of Liverpool are quite big in numbers.

You might think that all of the collections are all about history. But uniquely, the museum of Liverpool also showcased the local’s achievement history of Liverpool. In fact, the museum of Liverpool is the main tourist attractions at Liverpool.

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anfield stadium liverpool
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Anfield Stadium

Aside from its history, Liverpool city is also known for its football. Since the beginning of football era in the world, Liverpool already influenced the football with its local team called Liverpool.

The Anfield Stadium is actually the home place for Liverpool football team and part of the tourist attractions around Liverpool.

Further, the stadium hosted most of the Liverpool’s football matches whether in Premier League or the local’s cup. In fact, there were lots of big matches played in this stadium including several final match of the famous Champions League.

The Anfield Stadium is able to host for around 54,000 of audiences. Other than football match, the stadium also has the museum for the Liverpool football team.

The museum showcased the collections of Liverpool’s history and achievement. If you are in love with Liverpool football team, the stadium is a place you must visit while travelling to this city. There are some available walking tours to explore the stadium and its museum.

international slavery museum liverpool
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International Slavery Museum

What tourist attractions are there in Liverpool? Since its opening in 2007, the International Slavery Museum has been very famous in term of tourism. Statistically, the museum has hosted around 4 million visitors since the first time it was opened.

The museum is focused on showcasing the international slavery. Well, it does not mean that the museum wants us to merely remember the slavery history, but there are actually lots to learn from that bad history of our world. Of course, slavery has no place in our peace world thus it should be vanished.

Liverpool is a city that amazed you while you explore its region. Actually, there are various kinds of Liverpool tourist attraction. Even each of its tourist attraction offers its own kind of tourism. Thus, exploring the city of Liverpool even needs months to finished.