Historic and Nature Destination, The Tourist Attraction in Hyderabad

tourist attraction in Hyderabad
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The capital city of the Telanggana State in Southern India region called the Hyderabad is really amazing destination to visit. Travelling is not about enjoying a place you visit, but also take some wisdoms to learn from them.

Thus, the Hyberabad is a tourism destination that has that kind of characteristic. The Hyderabad city is one of the most historic cities in Inida.

hyderabad tourist attraction
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Tourist Attraction in Hyderabad

Thus, exploring the city of Hyderabad enables you to learn a lot about them while also enjoying their wonderful sights. Hyderabad is not only a city that contains historic tourism destination, but also tourist attraction in Hyderabad is all about nature.

As the city of Hyderabad contains a lot of history around them, most of the tourist attractions are historic sites. And of course, those historic sites contain it all about the wisdom from the past.

To accommodate you to explore tourist attraction in Hyderabad India, we have listed our recommendation for the best places to visit in the city’s region.

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Golconda Fort

Hundred years ago back to the 13th century, the Golconda Fort was built. At the time, the Yavada Dynasty was the one who built the fort for their kingdom’s defence.

But as the time goes by, the other dynasties are changeable controlled the fort such as the Kakatiya Dynasty, Bahmani Dynasty, and the Mughal Dynasty.

The Golconda Fort is very unique and beautiful on its architecture. Further, the Golconda Fort is also actually a very unique fort. In particular, all sounds inside the fort can be heard clearly in the area of Fateh Darwanza which is notably 1 kilo meter away from the Golconda Fort’s area. Indeed, the Golconda Fort is one of the best tourist attractions in Hyderabad.

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Hussain Sagar Lake

In the Hyderabad city, there lies a very wonderful artificial lake called the Hussain Sakar Lake. In fact, the Hussain Sakar Lake is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Asia.

As the lake is very beautiful on its sight, the lake is always getting full of visitors every day. Especially if you come to the evening, you will see the view of a lot of people enjoying the beautiful sunset from the Hussain Sakar Lake. Surely, this tourist attraction in Hyderabad is among the most popular in the city’s region.

The Hussain Sakar Lake is actually one of the oldest tourist attractions in Hyderabad City. The Hussain Sakar Lake’s establishment can be tracked back to hundred years ago exactly in 1562 AD.

Furthermore, the sacred statue of Buddha in the middle of the lake is also a worth one to see. For the best experience in the Hussain Sakar Lake, you can take the available boat tour to explore the lake directly in the water.

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Birla Mandir

Among the tourist attractions near Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India, the Birla Mandir is a worth visited one. Birla Mandir is actually a quite unique temple rather than any other temples in India.

You can see the uniqueness of the Birla Mandir that its building is made of marble on every part of it. Furthermore, if you go to the top of the temple, you can see the wonderful view of the Hyderabad city and of course, the lake.

Other than its uniqueness, the Birla Mandir also contains rich history of spirituality in the Southern region of India. Hence, to enable you to get the most of the wisdom from the Birla Mandir, then you can take a walking tour to explore this area.

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Ramoji Film City

Away from the city centre of the Hyderabad, the Ramoji Film City is always full of visitors every day. No wonder, it is because the Ramoji Film City is among the biggest film studio in the world. While the Ramoji Film City is quite big on its size, its architecture is also very unique that mirrored the culture of Southern region of India.

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If you have not visited Charminar while travelling to tourist attractions near Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, then you have actually not visited the city. The Charminar is actually the icon of tourism in Hyderabad.

The Charminar is actually a mosque that was built since hundred years ago back to the year of 1591. In fact, the Carminar is actually a mosque that is among the biggest mosques in India. Uniquely, the Charminar has 45 prayer spaces inside its wonderful building.

The Charminar was built by the Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah to help enhancing the Islam influences in this city.

As the building is very important from start of the beginning, today the Charminar Mosque are one of the most popular tourist attraction in Hyderabad. Moreover, its uniqueness of architecture that was reflects the Cazia style also make people curious to visit that place.

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Makkah Masjid

Exactly in 400 years ago, the founder of the Hyderabad city the Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah built this mosque. This mosque was very important as it was the beginning of the establishment of the Hyderabad city.

As a matter of the fact, after building the Makkah Masjid,  the Muhammad Quli Qutub started to build stones to plan the city’s establishment around the mosque.

Furthermore, the Makkah Masjid is really worth to visit as it contains a lot of history behind the most. The Makkah Masjid is actually also unique one because there is one room that is dedicated to save the hair of the prophet Muhammad. Moreover, the central arch is formed with the original soil brought from Makkah. This tourist attraction at Hyderabad is really good one.

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Salarjung Museum

Hyderabad city is a city full of history. The histories of Hyderabad are actually varies as it is include the development of the city as well as Islamic history that become the part of the city’s development.

To explore most of history of Hyderabad, the Salarjung Museum is a right place to do so. There are actually hundreds of collections in this wonderful museum. For best experience, explore this museum with a walking tour.

Finally, those 7 lists of tourist attractions in Hyderabad will make you realise that the city is actually really amazing on its tourism. Exploring Hyderabad does not only make you enjoy its beauty, but you also will learn a lot of wisdom from its history.