Tourist Attraction in Honolulu, All Kind of Attraction in One Place

Tourist Attraction in Honolulu
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Hawaii is the real tropical paradise that United State has. This archipelago called Hawaii consists of several islands around its region. Around those wonderful archipelagos, Honolulu comes as one of its best one to visit.

In fact, Honolulu has been famous fur dozen of years as it was also hold the main role to the development of Hawaii as a tourism destination.

honolulu tourist attractions
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Honolulu Tourist Attraction

No wonder, it is because there are too many tourist attraction in Honolulu that become the visitors favourite destination. Honolulu is an island that has it all about tourism, it’s starting from the wonderful mountainous, stunning beaches, waterfalls up to its challenging hiking trails around its tropical forest.

Visiting Honolulu enables you to get many new things to see that you will never see anywhere else in the world. You might think that Honolulu is all about outstanding natural tourist attraction, but as a matter of the fact Honolulu is a place that also contains rich culture and history.

Hence, exploring Honolulu will always excite you as it always has new things to explore. It’s not a wonder to interest to visit this wonderful island. Around this so called paradise of the world, those are its best tourist attraction in Honolulu.

Honolulu Chinatown
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Honolulu Chinatown

Among the most well-known cultures in the world, Chinese culture comes on top. Even the Chinatown in Honolulu is also very famous one among the visitors.

Around the Honolulu Chinatown, visitors can explore a lot about authentic Chinese cultures and of course, lots of original Chinese foods. The Chinatown of Honolulu might be small, but surely it has all things about uniqueness that it offers.

Around the Chinatown of Honolulu, you will not only see its wonderful Chinese culture and food, but there are several restaurants that offer some Asian food such as Thai and Filipino food. The fresh market food in the Honolulu Chinatown is the one you cannot miss while exploring this market. Indeed, this is among the best tourist attractions in Honolulu hi.

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honolulu palace tour
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Makani Catamaran Sails

The sea around the Honolulu Island is very wonderful. It’s been years that the sea around Honolulu become the major tourist attraction in Honolulu Hawaii. Once you visit some beaches in Honolulu, you can see some agencies that offer the sailing trip to go around Honolulu.

Join them, because you will get the best experience you will ever get in this wonderful island. For the best experience, take a sailing trip in the evening so that you can enjoy sunset view from the middle of the sea.

iolani palace honolulu
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Iolani Palace

In the United States of America, Hawaii is a special state. In particular, Hawaii was ever allowed to have its own monarch system on its region. As the heritage of Monarch system in Hawaii, the Iolani Palace already become major tourist attractions near Honolulu airport. This place is very interesting to see as it has very unique classic architecture.

Iolani Palace is not only a beautiful one to visit, but also a historic one to explore. In this fancy palace, you sure can learn a lot about the history of monarch in Hawaii until today. There are actually still many original collections showcased in this palace. To get the best of them, take a walking tour to explore this big palace.

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ala moana beach park magic island
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Ala Moana Beach Park

Near the downtown of Honolulu, the Ala Moana Beach Park always looks crowded of visitors. No wonder, it is because this beach is very beautiful and has very smooth sand so that you can play around the beach joyfully. Moreover, the sunset view from the beach is among the most beautiful ones in Hawaii.

Not only the beauty of the beach, there are also shopping shop and a jogging trail available near the Ala Moana Beach Park. In fact, the shopping centre near the Ala Moana Beach Park was once the biggest mall in the United States before the Mall of America was built.

Manoa waterFalls
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Manoa Falls

There are actually a lot of waterfalls available around the beautiful landscapes of Honolulu. But among those great numbers of waterfalls in Honolulu, the Manoa falls is a good one to visit.

The view of the waterfall is very stunning that you must love to sit and enjoy the view of this waterfall. Moreover, the natural pool of this waterfall is also the great place to swim.

To visit the Manoa Falls, it requires a hiking journey. Exploring the hiking trail of the Maona Falls might be very challenging, but surely once you arrive you will realise that you already in paradise. This main tourist attractions in Honolulu might located deep in the forest, but the joyful its offered will always make you smile once you remember.

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waikiki beach honolulu
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Waikiki Beach

As there are a lot of stunning beaches in Honolulu coastal, the Waikiki Beach is the one you cannot miss. The Waikiki Beach is actually very popular in Honolulu, so that it is always full of people.

In the first place, the Waikiki Beach is a good place to swim as the water is so blue and clear. In addition, you can rent the swimming gear that available around the beach area.

Other than swimming, the Waikiki Beach is actually a great place for snorkelling and diving. The corals on the underwater of Waikiki Beach are still clean and original. Hence, its beauty is still available to see through snorkelling. If you compare to tourist attraction map Oahu, this beach comes on top.

honolulu attractions
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Battleship Missouri

Honolulu is not only about natural tourist attractions in Honolulu Waikiki, but also a historic one. In fact, the Battleship Missouri is the one you cannot miss about history in Honolulu.

The Battleship Missouri was actually very great and famous among military. As the ship already fought in two wars before, it sank on its third war against the Japanese empire.

Honolulu is so beautiful place that no words are able to describe the beauty of its tourist attraction in Honolulu. The beauty of its natures mix with modern development will never make you forget this wonderful island. Visiting this island is a dream of everyone, thus you should put this onto your bucket list very soon.