Gujarat Tourist Attraction,Culture,History,and Spiritual Place of India

Tourist Attraction in Gujarat
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Visiting India enables you to see various kind of tourism destination. India is a country that has very unique landscapes stretches from its mountainous up to its rivers and beaches.

But the famous thing about India tourist attraction is that its culture, history, and its spiritual or sacred Tourist Attraction in Gujarat. If you are interested about the spiritual tourism of India, then its South-western city called the Gujarat city should be your first destination.

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Tourist Attraction in Gujarat

Most importantly, it is because the city of Gujarat contains a lot of sacred sites that you can visit freely. Moreover, the bonus would be the wonderful land terrain of the Gujarat region.

Among the best tourist attraction in Gujarat are the Gir Forest National Park and the Rani Ki Vav in Patan. But as a matter of the fact, there are many other great tourist attractions that you can visit in this region.

Even some of them are hidden or are not very popular today. But surely once you read all of our recommendation of the best places to visit in Gujarat, you will soon amaze with this amazing region. Thus, those are the best Gujarat tourist attraction.

Rani Ki Vav Gujarat
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Rani Ki Vav Gujarat

Hundred years ago, an amazing building called the Rani Ki Vav was built. And until today, the sacred place or the so called the Rani Ki Vav is still standing bravely in the middle of the Gujarat region.

Since it was found in 1972, the place has been the most famous place for main tourist attractions in Gujarat. No wonder, it is because the Rani Ki Vav does not only holds the honour as among the oldest buildings in Gujarat, but also the unique and outstanding architectures and ornaments of the temple will make you amazed.

If you want to visit the Rani Ki Vav, then I recommend you to come during winter season. In particular, there will be a lot of events and exhibitions held in the Rani Ki Vav during winter season. The best highlight of Rani Ki Vav in the winter season is the Rani Ki Vav festival.

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Sun Temple in India
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Sun Temple in India

Away from city centre of Gujarat, the village of Modhera is very popular among the visitors as major tourist attractions in Gujarat. Indeed, the Sun Temple located in the Modhera village make the region becomes very popular recently.

Of course, the Sun Temple is really worth visited place while travelling in Gujarat. The Sun Temple is actually one of the most significant temples in India.

This temple has been standing in the Gujarat region since hundreds years ago since it was built in the 11th. The Solanki Dynasty built this sun temple to dedicate the building to the Surya the Sun God.

This temple is very unique on its architectures. Furthermore, the ornaments of this ancient temple is actually also interesting as you can learn to interpret them. Uniquely, each ornament in this temple has its own meaning that is very useful for learning the history in the Gujarat and Indian region.

Dwarkadhish Temple
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Dwarkadhish Temple or Dwarka Temple

As Gujarat is a region that contains a lot of ancient sites, of course the sacred ancient sites are its best tourist attractions including the Dwarkadhish Temple or also known as Dwarka Temple.

Dwarka temple is actually among most sacred char dham Hindu from the four of Hindu pilgrimage sites. In fact, even Dwarkadhish temple is also among the seven most ancient historic sites in India.

According to archaeologists, Dwarka is a city heritage of the Lord Krishna ancient kingdom. Stretches around this historic cities, there lies a lot of historic buildings from the kingdom’s heritages. Even some of the historic buildings are already inside the sea near the Dwarka city.

Around the historic city of Dwarka, the highlight of Dwarkadish Temple is a must visited and Jagad Mandir. This temple was built thousand years ago back to the 200 BC.

Moreover, the Dwarkadish Temple is also one of the most important temples in India. But other than that, there are still many things to explore around the ancient Dwarka site.

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Gir National Park in Gujarat
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Gir National Park in Gujarat

As we have highlighted some of the best ancient tourist attractions near Rajkot Gujarat, then you should know the city’s other tourism.  Away from ancient sites, the Gir National Park is a tourism destination that wills fresh your mind of.

The beauty of National Park will soon make you relax and forget all about problems on your daily life. But the best about the Gir National Park is not its wonderful terrain, but the animals it has.

As a matter of the fact, the Gir National Park is the only place in the world that exhibited the rare Asiatic Lion. The special thing about that is that today the numbers of the Asiatic Lion in the park is started to increase.

But of course, you will not only see the rare Asiatic Lion in this wonderful park. There are even actually thousands of animals reserved in this wonderful area.

If you interested to come, then December is the best time to come as the park is getting more wonderful at the time. But to spot some Asiatic lion, then March until May is the best time to visit the Gir National Park tourist attractions in Rajkot Gujarat

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Shatrunjaya Hill Temples

Next, we come back about ancient sites around the region of Gujarat. A wonderful Hill temple called the Shatrunjaya should be one of your tourist attraction places in gandhinagar Gujarat.

The wonderful Shatrunjaya area consist of around 900 hundreds temples around its area. Moreover, each temple in Shatrunjaya has its own uniqueness and story about its sacred.

The Shatrunjaya is considered as a sacred place. Thus, if you visit this temple you must let off all any leather items you bring. Also, you need to dress well to be able to explore the area. Indeed, this tourist attraction in India is very unique.

At the end of the day, you will learn a lot about Indian ancient history after exploring most of the tourist attractions in Gujarat. Gujarat has it all when it comes to sacred site in India. Moreover, its friendly people make it more comfortable to explore.