Edmonton Tourist Attraction, History and Culture in One Place

edmonton attractions
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Right in the northern side of the Saskatchewan River in Canada, the city of Edmonton recently become very popular tourism destination. Edmonton, a city in Canada, holds a lot of histories of Canada around its city’s region.

People usually visit Edmonton to see the heritages of history that are still left until today in tourist attractions in Edmonton. As the Edmonton city is a historic city, the Edmonton is also rich of art and culture.

Edmonton Tourist Attraction
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Edmonton Tourist Attraction

If you want to get to know most about Canadian culture and history, Edmonton city is a must visit destination. You will not only see things left from its history in Edmonton, but also see the living culture around its city’ region and on its people.

Once you arrive in the city of Edmonton, you might find it interesting. As Edmonton is a very historic city, it is very interesting because the old history is mixed well with the modernization.

There are a lot of modern attractions around the city that are also historic destinations. To visit the most of tourist attractions in Edmonton, you can go around the city with its cheap public transportation.

At the end of the day, those are the list of the tourist attractions around Edmonton to enable you to choose to visit some of them.

tourist attractions in Edmonton
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Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

In fact, Edmonton city is a multiculturalism city. In the first place, there are several cultures that are living in the city of Edmonton including the fancy Ukrainian culture.

Fairly to say, Ukrainian culture is a bit famous in this tourist attraction near Edmonton. Thus, there exists the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village in this city.

This place is very interesting to visit as you can learn a lot about Ukrainian culture and the history of how its immigrants came to settle in Alberta and Edmonton.

Around the open air museum, you will see some features of Ukrainian cultures such as Ukrainian Church, blacksmith history, market history and any other replica of historic buildings. Moreover, its form as an open air museum makes the place even more interesting. Indeed, this place is best tourist attractions in Edmonton.

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edmonton conservatory
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Muttart Conservatory

Along the modern tourist attraction in Edmonton, the Muttart Conservatory comes as the most popular one. The Muttart Conservatory is known of its wonderful four pyramids.

As a matter of the fact, the Muttart Conservatory is a place of very unique botanical garden that was reserved inside the pyramids.

The three pyramids showed the biomes in Canada. While the other one pyramid showcased a lot of outstanding creative features about botanic in Canada. Furthermore, you can also learn a lot about botanical science especially the ones that grow around Canada.

If you visit the Muttart Conservatory on certain occasion, there will be several events shows in those magnificent natural tourist attractions in Edmonton. In fact, there are several events are shows every years in this botanic conservatory. Visiting the Muttart Conservatory enables you to learn a lot about botanic.

art gallery in edmonton
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Art Gallery of Alberta

As you have been told that the city of Edmonton is rich of cultures and arts, the Art Gallery of Alberta is the place to explore all things left about arts in Edmonton.

In the first place, the Art Gallery of Alberta is actually the oldest cultural institution in Canada. This place is actually among the tourist attractions between Edmonton and Calgary.

Of course, it would be very interesting to visit this one of the most famous places in Edmonton. Statistically, the Art Gallery of Alberta contains around 6,000 up to 7,000 art collections from the beginning history of Edmonton city.

If you look for a place for a family vacation, then this place is the best destination for it. In particular, your kid could learn a lot about culture and art through several programs and events provided in this art gallery. Some of the programs included films, interactive talks, and some other educational activities.

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royal alberta museum edmonton
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Royal Alberta Museum

It is a very reasonable reason to visit Edmonton to explore its historic heritages. Then you should visit the Royal Alberta Museum as your main Edmonton tourist attractions in winter.

Visiting this museum enable you to spot and learn most of the history of Edmonton. Actually this museum is quite unique. Most importantly, it is because the Royal Alberta Museum does not only feature the Edmonton man historic collections, but also it exhibited the natural history in the region.

The natural history preserved in this museum is including some fossils from ice ages in Canada, and any other ancient animals living in its surrounding region.

Currently, the Royal Alberta Museum exhibited almost 10,000 collections. In the light of it, this number is among the biggest in the whole Canada. As winter tourist attractions in Edmonton, this place is top notch.

west edmonton mall galaxyland
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West Edmonton Mall

Away from historic tourist attractions in Edmonton Canada, the West Edmonton Mall is a fancy one to visit. You might wonder why the West Edmonton Mall is among the best tourist attraction in the region.

West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping centre in Canada and is actually among the biggest in the world.

It contains a lot about modern attraction and tourism such as a luxurious hotel. Hundreds of restaurants and shopping stores, and any other park attractions. The West Edmonton Mall will make you amazed and is ready to make you spend more money from your pocket.

Other than shops and restaurants, the West Edmonton Mall is an unique building architectures. The European style architecture mixed with any other international cultures are mixed well in this tourist attractions near Edmonton Alberta. If you visit the Edmonton Mall, never forget to visit the Galaxyland because it is the most popular.

Actually there are still many other Edmonton tourist attraction. But surely those five list are the best on our recommendation. Keep in that you need to put them on your bucket list once you on vacation to the Edmonton city.