Historic, Downtown, and Family Tourist Attraction in Denver Colorado

Tourist Attraction in Denver
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As the Colorado started to become the major tourist attraction in United States, the Denver city played a main role in this case. This capital city of Colorado called the Denver city always attracts a lot of people not only from the whole American region, but also from all over the world.

As a matter of the fact, the Denver city contains a lot of history of United States on its landscape. In regard to history, there are numbers of tourist attractions about history in this fancy city. Mostly, the history in the Denver city tracked back to the Old West era.

Denver Tourist Attraction
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Denver Tourist Attraction

No wonder why people love to visit this city. Moreover, most of the historic tourist attraction in Denver and buildings in the Denver city are still on its original form.

It is actually never been hard to explore the Denver city. In the first place, the good system of public transportation in the Denver city makes it easier to explore the whole city area. Once you visit Denver, you will realise.

That this city actually has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. In order to know what to visit in the Denver city, you should know what best tourist attractions in the Denver area. Finally, those are the tourist attractions of Denver city that you need to explore.

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Downtown Aquarium

On your very first visit in the downtown of Denver, it should be a very good one. Hence, we recommend you to visit the Downtown Aquarium of Denver.

This downtown aquarium exhibits very big aquarium that hosted more than 500 species of sea life from the sea territory of Untied States of America. As a matter of the fact, the water contains in this great aquarium is even reach 1 million gallon of water.

In this downtown Aquarium of Denver, you will be able to learn a lot about its living organism through the interactive touch tank. This tourist attraction in Denver is actually the best highlight in this fancy aquarium.

Furthermore, the aquarium’s restaurant is also the thing you should not miss while visiting the Downtown Aquarium. Of course, eating while watching a lot of sea living organism surrounds you is the best feeling ever.

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Coors Field

Among the top tourist attractions in Denver Colorado, the Coors Field comes on top. Baseball is a sport that played the most in the city of Denver. As this sport is very popular in this city, there exists a very great baseball stadium called the Coors Field.

The Coors Field stadium is built to regard the best team in the city called the Colorado Rookies. Most of the game played in the Coors Field is actually the Major League Basketball. Watching a baseball game in this magnificent field enables you to get some wonderful atmosphere of baseball in the Denver city.

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Downtown of Denver

If you ask to what are free tourist attractions in Denver Co you should not miss, then I would recommend you to explore the Downtown of Denver.

Of course, the Downtown of Denver is the main tourist destination in Denver. In the Downtown of Denver, you will be able to spot some great local historic landmarks and surely the vibe of the old west culture.

Around the downtown, everything is available including some great old west restaurants, cafes and bars. For the best highlight in the downtown of Denver, head to the Street Mall and find out how unique the old bookshops are.

For a place to eat, the best place you should visit is the Denver’s LoDo. Moreover, the Rockmount is also a place you should visit to see the culture of old west.

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best Tourist Attraction in Denver
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Denver Art Museum

As the Denver is mostly about historic tourist attractions, the Denver Art Museum is the one you should visit the most. In fact, the Denver Art Museum is among the oldest tourist attractions in Denver Colorado area.

It was built back to around 100 years ago exactly in 1922. In the Denver Art Museum, you can see lots features about the Indian American culture and history. The greatness of the Denver Art Museum is proven by its 68,000 unique collections from all over the world.

The good thing about the Denver Art Museum is that it’s often held many programs and event throughout the year round. Therefore, this place is the best tourist attraction in Denver for family vacation. At the end of the day, the Denver Art Museum will make you learn a lot about the history of Indian American culture.

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Denver Mountain Parks and Red Rocks Amphitheater

Near the suburb of the Denver city, there lies the so called the Denver Mountain Parks and Red Rock Amphitheatre. This wonderful place has been standing in Denver since it was built in 1914.

The park is known for its wonderful view of mountains and red rocks landscape. Moreover, doing a camping, hiking and climbing is among the best things to do in this wonderful area.

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Tourist Attractions in Denver
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Water World

Visiting Denver for a family vacation is the best option you could choose. In particular, it is because Denver tourist attractions are fit for family vacation such as the Water World.

As a matter of the fact, the Water World in Denver is one of the biggest water worlds in the whole United States. Therefore, visiting this place should the first option for family vacation in Denver.

The Water World in Denver is known for its numbers of water attractions. The size of the water world is very big that it reaches 67 acres. Trying the attraction the Long Lazy River should not be missed while playing in this water world.

Surely, your kids are going to be happy playing in this amazing water world in Denver. Even this place is regarded as the best tourist attractions close to Denver for having fun.

In the end, you will admit that having fun around tourist attraction in Denver is very memorable. To be able to explore Denver is a good thing for any visitors. Moreover, the atmosphere of the old west culture around the whole city of Denver will make you miss this city a lot.