Modern, Historic, and Cultural Tourist Attraction in Darwin Australia

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Darwin, the northern city of Australia, has a lot of tourist attraction in Darwin that attract a lot of people from all over the world. As a matter of the fact, Darwin city is quite important along the Northern territory of Australia.

Most importantly, Darwin is the only city in Northern Territory that has seaport. The Darwin city is actually the door to go through Southeast Asia and any other surrounding regions. Therefore, Darwin city has very unique and open culture or multiculturalism and of course, a lot of interesting tourist attraction.

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Darwin Tourist Attraction

The multiculturalism of Darwin city affects a lot of areas other than tourist attractions. Include its culture, food, and its lifestyle. The city has never been bored on making visitors curious and getting a lot of fun exploring the Darwin’s area.

Moreover, tourist attractions in Darwin is not only about modern tourist attraction, but also historic and cultural. That is also an unique lure of Darwin tourist attraction.

As Darwin city has too many tourist attractions along its region, there exists its best from all. Tourist attractions in Darwin are varied. It is started from nature, modern and even history. Darwin city is actually quite large based on its geography.

Hence, visiting some of the best of them is recommended if you only have limited time while travelling to Darwin. Therefore, to accommodate your interest on Darwin, those are the any tourist attraction in Darwin that you should visit.

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Stokes Hill Wharf

The first on our list, there come the Stokes Hill Wharf as best tourist attractions in Darwin. The Stokes Hill Wharf location is actually very reachable that it is only several minutes away from the downtown of Darwin.

This place has some tourist attractions around its area. It has some good restaurants, shops, activities attractions and some entertainment venues. Along some of its attractions, the Australian Pearling Exhibition and Indo Pacific Marine is the most visited attractions.

You can do a lot of activities around the area of Stokes Hill Wharf. In the Indo Pacific Marine, you can some wonderful features of some tropical marine critters and large aquarium that contains living corals. Among tourist attractions in Darwin city, this place is the best.

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australian aviation heritage centre
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Australian Aviation Heritage Center

Around the Darwin city, there exist a lot of museums. But from all of its museums, the Australian Aviation Heritage Center is interesting to explore. This place actually has been the major popular tourist attractions in Darwin Australia.

This museum highlights the historic development of aviation in Australia. Even the Australian Aviation Heritage Center showcased the huge B52 Bomber that only shown in two places outside the United States of America.

For all, the museums exhibited 19 air crafts that becomes important in the Australian history. Among them are Sabre jets, royal Australian navy “the Wessex Helicopter” and several great helicopters. Visiting the Australian Aviation Heritage Center will never leave you in regret as there are a lot to learn in this amazing place.

mindil beach markets
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Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Evening time is a good time to explore the city of Darwin. In fact, most parts of the cites are even getting more wonderful in the evening time.

For such activity, the best place to go in the Darwin city in the evening is the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. This market is right beside the beautiful Mindil Beach. In this fancy market, you can see lots features of local foods and many other local cultural performances.

The Mindil Beach Sunset Market is actually a great place to explore the multiculturalism of the Darwin city. In the first place, this market shows how a lot of culture can live together in peace.

Among the culture you can see in this market are the Asian cultures, Portuguese, Indian, Greek, Thai, Sri Lankan, Chinese, South American and any other great cultures from all over the world.

Watching the cultural features and performances while the sun set down are the best moment ever in this beautiful city, Darwin. Indeed, this is among the top tourist attractions in Darwin Australia.

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The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
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Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Darwin city is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. As a matter of the fact, the Northern Territory is the territory that has the most culture and history of Australia.

In Darwin city, exploring the history and culture of Northern Australia should be the major thing you should do. Go to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and find out the very unique things showcased in the museum.

As the main tourist attractions in Darwin, The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is actually open every day. Hence, you can come to this place whether on weekday or even on the weekend.

To get the best experience in this amazing museum, you can take the available pay as you wish walking tour. The tour guide will gladly explain to you each collection and how the history of the Northern Territory of Australia until today.

crocodile park darwin
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Crocodylus Park

One of tourist attractions in and around Darwin is crocodile park. Darwin is actually the home of some great species of crocodiles. To see most of them, then you can come to the Crocodylus Park.

There you can see a lot of crocodiles live well in this beautiful park. But in fact, other animals are actually features as well in this Crocodyclus Park. Exploring this park enable you to learn a lot about the living animal in the Australian Northern Territory.

This wonderful park is only near the city center of Darwin. With the public transportation. You can reach this park only in 15 minutes from the downtown. Once you arrive, a long adventure awaits you inside the park. Do not miss to exploring this park with a boat cruise.

At the end of the day, the Darwin city will stay long on your memory. Its beauty and uniqueness of its multicultural will make you amazed. Most of tourist attractions in Darwin city are better rather than its surrounding regions.