Tourist Attractions in Cambodia, Place for Historical Vacation

tourist attractions in Cambodia
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Southeast Asia is the paradise of tropical destinations. All of the countries in Southeast Asia offer very good tropical paradise around its region. But of course, Southeast Asia is not only a place of natural attractions, but also it offers rich history just like the tourist attractions in Cambodia.

From the Angkor Wat up to wonderful landscapes, Cambodia has it all to offer. Uniquely, historical heritages in Cambodia are very nice to explore around its region as some of them are hidden in the middle of its wonderful jungle. If you like to do so, then test yourself to explore the hidden history lies behind the wonderful jungle of Cambodia.

Tourist Attraction in Cambodia

Cambodia is actually one of the best countries for backpackers in Southeast Asia. Fairly to say, Cambodia is very friendly for backpackers and budget travellers alike. The travelling cost to go around the Cambodia is actually quite cheap compared to any other countries in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, the easiness to find public transportation also should be your consideration to choose Cambodia as travelling destination. When you come to Cambodia, then those are tourist attractions in Cambodia Siem Reap.

the famous tourist attraction in Cambodia
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Angkor Wat

As the famous tourist attraction in Cambodia, Angkor Wat should be your first destination. Angkor Wat is among the world’s wonder in term of historic heritages. Once you arrive in the Angkor Wat, you will soon realised that Cambodia has too great civilization on its past.

This old temple has been built back to thousand years ago and it was not discovered until the French found it. I bet that you are amazed after seeing most of the unique architecture of the Angkor Wat.

For best experience, come to the Angkor Wat before the sunrise. Slowly, the golden sunrise will comes up and you will eventually realise that this is really wonderful.

But even if Angkor Wat offers an amazing tourism experience, this is actually only the beginning of the beauty of Cambodia. At the end of the day, Angkor Wat is the answer for what is the biggest tourist attraction in Cambodia.

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tourist attractions for Cambodia
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Siem Reap Night Market

Never doubt on the nightlife in the Cambodia, it even can offer very memorable nightlife like any other great countries. For the nightlife activity, you can explore the night market at the evening.

Around this night market, there will be a lot of pubs, faces, bars and restaurants to spend your night on. Moreover, the hotels around the area of night market are known as among the best hotels in the Cambodia. Going around the night market enables you to spot some great places to spend your night on. The night market is the best tourist attractions for Cambodia.

most tourist attraction in Cambodiamost tourist attraction in Cambodia
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Koh Tonsay

The most tourist attraction in Cambodia is about history, but this natural attraction is worth to visit. Away from the city and crowded, Koh Tonsay is a real paradise in Cambodia. As its place quite distance from the city, the island named Koh Tonsay is very peaceful island.

The small and wonderful bungalow, resorts, and some open-air restaurants are available in this wonderful island. This island is actually a perfect place for relaxation if you like the kind of relaxing vacation.

Stretch your hammock on the beach of this island and enjoy the sea view for the whole day is only one of many good things to do in the island. Not only its wonderful beaches, but exploring the beauty of the island with rented motorcycle is also recommended.

As a matter of the fact, you will really feel peace in this island as there is no internet and signal around the island. Among tourist attractions at Cambodia, this is one the top list.

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the tourist attractions in Cambodia
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Tonle Sap Lake

What are the tourist attractions in Cambodia we recommend to visit? It is the Tonle Sap Lake.  Tonle Sap Lake is a good destination to see the culture and how the every day’s life of the Cambodian.

You can explore the Tonle Sap Lake with boat to go around. Visiting the floating village and its temple would be memorable for you. As you arrive, you will soon see that there are a lot of shacks around this floating village.

No wonder why the life expectancy of Cambodia is quite low that it reach 58. But at the end of the day, there are a lot of things to learn in this place. Indeed, this is among the top tourist attraction in Cambodia.

biggest tourist attraction in Cambodia
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Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm is very well known as the tomb raider temple as the movie was taken in this place. This old temple is very gorgeous with its unique temple’s architecture. The Cambodia today might has too much differences with its past as most of the heritages in Cambodia show that there was great civilization in the Cambodia.

In the Ta Prohm, you can learn a lot about the Cambodian history. Surely, you should take a walking tour to get most of the knowledge of its history. Explore the temple and find the hidden history behind this mysteries temple. In the end, Ta Prohm is biggest tourist attraction in Cambodia.

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tourist attraction places in Cambodia
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Koh Ker

Other than Angkor Wat and the Ta Prohm, the Koh Ker historic site is a good place to visit for tourist attraction places in Cambodia. This place is even older than any other historic places in Cambodia.

As a matter of the fact, the establishment of this old temple can be tracked back up to the 928 to 933 AD. There is not a lot to learn about the history in Koh Ker as most of the things in Koh Ker are still mysterious.

This pyramid temple looks like any other pyramid in the world even it is look alike the Mayan pyramid in South America. Hence, the Koh Ker is among the most mysterious places in the world.

most of tourist attractions in Cambodia
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Koh Rong

Lastly, Koh Rong is among the best tourist attraction in Cambodia. The Koh Rong is actually located near the Gulf of Thailand. In the first place, the Koh Rong’s natural beauty make most of the coming travellers in Cambodia love to visit this area.

The Koh Rong is actually more likely to get crowded during high season. Beaches around the Koh Rong offer very stunning view that you can enjoy. Moreover, the sunset view in the Koh Rong will make you smile while remembering it in the future.

Cambodia has a lot of mystery around its historic sites. In the past, Cambodia has very great civilization. Therefore, it is really interesting to explore them today. Even if most of tourist attractions in Cambodia are historic, its natural attractions also does not bad compared with any other countries.