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tourist attraction in Hobart
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In the Southern Part of the world, there comes Australia with its great tourism and its wonderful landscape. On its Southern part, Australia has a golden place for tourism called the Hobart city.

In the past, this place was actually a very brutal place, but today this place turns out to be a very wonderful tourism destination in the hand of Australia.

Around the place, there are too many tourist attractions in Hobart that you can explore. As the Hobart city has existed since hundred years ago, the city contains rich history and culture. Uniquely, the culture of Hobart is still holds very well on its local people. As a mirror of that, there are a lot of museums and art collections available throughout the city of Hobart.

hobart tourist attraction
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Hobart Tourist Attraction

Hobart city is actually a coastal city, so that its harbour is also a good one to explore. Unlike most of the harbour city in Asia, the Hobart city has a very clean and wonderful harbour. But other than its wonderful coastal, it still has a lot to offer about its tourism. Exploring the city of Hobart enable you to earn a lot of fun. Finally, those are the best Hobart tourist attractions.

holiday apartments hobart
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The Battery Point

Hobart is a city that contains a lot of history. Not only the history of Australia, but also the Hobart city contains the history even before the existence of Australian country.

As one of the mist historic places in Hobart, the Battery Point is a great one to visit. The Battery Point is actually an open air museum. This museum contains several collections of historic heritages around the coastal of Hobart.

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hobart museum mona
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Mona Hobart Museum and Art Gallery

In the Hobart Museum Mona, you will be able to see a lot of collections of unique arts from the surrounding regions of Hobart city. Those collections are actually taken from the past.

Even if it showcased mostly old collections, but the designed architecture of the museum is very unique and modern. Interestingly, there is an interactive interpretation portable touch in the museum. Therefore, you can learn a lot about art in this great art gallery.

But other than art collections, the Hobart museum Mona still has some other attractions to offer. They are such restaurants, library, cinema and any other shop and attractions. It is quite easy to visit this museum as it is tourist attractions near Hobart airport.

mount wellington hobart
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Kunanyi or Mount Wellington Hobart

Away from the downtown of Hobart city and tourist attractions in and around Hobart, the Mount Wellington is standing bravely on its high. The Mount Wellington is actually very unique rather than any other mountains.

Usually the visitor would need to hike on a long and challenging hiking trail to get to arrive on its peak. But in the Mount Wellington, there exists a mountain road so that visitor can go to the peak whether with car or bike.

In the first place, bicycling through the mountain road of Mount Wellington is one of the best things to do in the Hobart city.

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Tasman Bridge Hobart
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Tasman Bridge Hobart

In the middle of the Hobart city, lies a very wonderful bridge that has been existed dozen of years ago. The Tasman Bridge is very wonderful especially if you see them in the night.

The lights will glow from all of the part of the Tasman Bridge. To enjoy those beauties of Tasman Bridge, you can choose to sit on several places around the Tasman Bridge such as restaurants or the edge of the river.

The Tasman Bridge is very popular because it is actually the oldest bridge and is one of the biggest bridges in Hobart. The location of the bridge which cross the Derwent River makes the bridge very good to see.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery hobart
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Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Hobart city is located on the Tasmanian state and tourist attraction in Hobart Tasmania. As the Tasmanian State contains one of the most important history of Australia, there exists the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to dedicate to the history of Tasmanian. The museum collects thousands of historic and art collections since the part era of Tasmanian.

The historic collections in this historic museum are varies that it contains the history of the aboriginal, natural history and colonialism history of Australia.

Talking about the art gallery, Tasmanian people are known for its creativity. And since the colonial times, there have been a lot of arts made by the Tasmanian. Thus, this art gallery was made to appreciate them.

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st davids cathedral facts
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David’s Cathedral

Christianity has a big part on the history of Hobart city. Since the European came to the Tasmanian, they spread the religion called Christianity.

And as a matter of the fact, the St. David’s Cathedral was built to help and support the influence of Christianity through the local Tasmanian people. The Cathedral establishment can be tracked to almost two hundred years ago exactly in 1868. Since then, the Cathedral operate publicly until today.

The St. David’s Cathedral does not only contain the history, but you can also enjoy its wonderful architecture. The gothic style of the cathedra makes it an interesting one to see.

One of the most visited place in this cathedral is its square tower of the Oatlands Stone. Indeed, this is very popular tourist attractions in Hobart Australia.

theatre royal hobart
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Theatre Royal

The first theatre in Australia, the Theatre Royal, is a tourist attraction in Hobart you must visit. This theatre was built back to 1834. Since then, the theatre turn out to be very popular theatre among Australians.

Moreover, the theatre has hosted several international events and singer such as Laurence Olivier. The Theatre Royal architecture is very good as it was made of the neoclassical style.

In the end, the tourist attraction in Hobart will make you realise that this southern part of the world has a lot to offer. Even if the city is far from the centre of the world, but surely exploring them will make you see and learn a lot of new things.