Tourist Attraction in Dublin, Place of Culture Attraction in Ireland

tourist attraction in Dublin
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Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is a city that always offers nice welcoming vacation for anyone who visits Ireland for travelling. The city has long part of European history even since thousand years ago.

As there are a lot of heritages left until today in the Dublin region, those old landmarks and buildings are really worth to explore. Not only history, Dublin is also the mirror of the whole Ireland culture.

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Tourist Attraction in Dublin

Around the Dublin city region, all of tourist attraction in Dublin is related to its culture even if it is a modern tourist attraction. In the light of it, that occasion make Dublin the most visited city in the country and even in the Scandinavia regions.

Among the top tourist attractions in Dublin CA are the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Trinity College and the Book of Kells, and the St. Stephen’s Green as well. Those three are some of the best highlights of tourism destination in Dublin.

But as a matter of the fact, those three awesome tourist attractions are just the beginning. There are still many things left that you have not discovered throughout the city of Dublin. So, what are the main tourist attractions in Dublin?

tourist attractions Dublin to Galway
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Grafton Street

Near the tourist attractions Dublin to Galway, you can find the Grafton Street. Lied right in the heart city of Dublin, the Grafton Street offers its beauty and fancy as one of the oldest street shopping location in Dublin.

As its history, this area is not only an area for shopping, but is also hides a rich history behind the area. First, you are likely to see the famous Molly Malone Statue. This statue is a must to see once you come to the Grafton Street area.

Moreover, each building in the Grafton Street holds its own story. Among the top tourist attractions in Dublin, this place is the most visited.

Around the Grafton Street, the glorious jewellers, boutiques and any other stores are stretched around. Those stores are actually very awesome that they offer very unique stuffs that only available in Dublin.

When you walk around the Grafton Street, do not forget to stop at the Bewley’s Oriental Café. This café has been famous since very long time ago in Dublin. Indeed, this is the best tourist attractions in Dublin.

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tourist attraction in Dublin Ohio
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Dublin Castle

On the other side of the city centre of Dublin, the Dublin Castle has been standing wonderfully for hundreds of years. As the main part of the Ireland’s history, the Dublin Castle is very worth visited tourist attraction in Dublin Ohio.

Historically speaking, before the castle was built its land was used for the Viking to build a fortress around the 930s. Even if the castle was renovated for several times because of certain occasion, but the main structure of the castle remain original.

Visiting the Dublin Castle enables you to see its unique and beautiful architecture. This architecture showcased and mirrored the culture of Ireland as a whole.

This castle was not only the home for the ruler, but also to defend again foreign attacks for several times. As there are up and down history of the castle, its stories are interesting to learn. Moreover, its located near the tourist attractions near Dublin airport makes it easy to visit.

are tourist attractions open on Sunday in Dublin
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Trinity College area

Visiting Dublin is not visiting Dublin without exploring the area of Trinity College and its College Green as well as the Book of Kells building.

The Trinity College Area is actually the oldest university and Island. In the light of it, the college reversed a lot of history behind the journey of its university. Moreover, the college is known as reversing a lot of ancient treasures from all over the world.

The Trinity College are tourist attractions open on Sunday in Dublin. Exploring the Trinity College will never make you bored. Even the uniqueness of Trinity College will even make you more curious to explore the whole college area.

The most famous building in the Trinity College area is the Book of Kells building and the Book of Durrow and Armagh. At the end of the day, the awesomeness of the Trinity College area will always make you remember how Dublin make you smile a lot.

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Patrick’s Cathedral

Religion is the main thing in Ireland. As the majority of people in Ireland is the Christian, Cathedral is very important for the local. As the main landmark of tourist attractions near Dublin Ireland, the St.

Patrick’s Cathedral building is very famous to visit for coming visitors. No wonder, it is because the St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Ireland and is the national Cathedral for the Church of Ireland.

The Cathedral is not only has too much story behind its building, but also the great architecture of the building. One thing that will amaze you in the St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the tower and its gothic style. This church is actually open for public daily and is still operating until today.

What are some tourist attractions in Dublin Ireland
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Stephen’s Green

What are some tourist attractions in Dublin Ireland for the most famous? This place should be the answer. If you are quite tired after days of travelling, a relaxation in the St. Stephen’s Green Park is really worth.

The park is known for its uniqueness to stay green for the whole year whatever the season is. This park has been built hundred years ago. But the thing you need to know is that the park was first built not for vacation, but for the site of public punishment. The place was changed to be a park after it was bought by Sir Arthur Guinness.

Spending a day relaxing in the St. Stephen’s Green is really nice. In particular, if you want to find tourist attractions in north Dublin. Its air and atmosphere is really good to make up your mood for the whole day.

If you walk around the park you will be able to spot the 18 monuments around the park. At the end of the day, you will also learn a lot of history of Ireland in the park especially if you take  a walking tour to explore the park.

As Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, everything in Dublin has shown how the culture and history of Ireland as a whole. Exploring the Dublin city will never leave you bored, but even it is going to leave you in amazed. No wonder why tourist attractions in Dublin are very well known in the Scandinavian countries.