Tips for Choosing The Best Backpack for Traveling Abroad

Best Backpack For Traveling Abroad
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Are you going for a trip? If the answer is yes, have you considered what kind of bag are you going to pack your stuff with? Hold your answer and consider again.

Have you thought what kind of trip you are going? So, if your initial answer is a suitcase and the trip you are planning on going is a city trip, then I would say wrong choice. Let’s proceed to this best backpack for traveling abroad list to find your suitable bag.

Best Backpack for Traveling Abroad

Suitcase is fine really, but it is more suitable if your kind of trip is the sort where you are on a long vacation. The vacation requires you to pack lots of clothes and other essentials and suitcase is where you will fit all of them.

However if this long vacation comes with sightseeing where you hop here and there going back and forth from trains and places, you are certainly in need for a backpack.

Forget the planning where you ought to go on your sightseeing looking all pretty with only a tiny slingbag. You will look pretty alright, but you won’t come prepared. All the more so when you prefer for the adventurous way of going places using public transportation.

It becomes all the more essential if your trip is a short stay in a city. You will become more appreciative of using backpack instead of the huge and difficult to carry and maneuver suitcase

Backpack is compact, clings to your back, and packs all of your things complete. However choosing a backpack is also tricky. You need to consider the kind of trip you are going and certainly how long you are planning to stay. The following list will help you to choose the best backpack for traveling.

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Travel Backpack is not Hiking Backpack

Keep in mind that travel backpack is the entire different thing from hiking backpack. Travel backpack is the one that opens like a suitcase, it has zipper in an end to the other end.

Meanwhile, hiking backpack usually only comes with a zipper on top which opens like a tube. This will make it difficult for you when you want to unpack something because you are required to unpack what placed on top first.

However, if this is not a problem for you, you might want to search the model which comes in between the two, best backpack for traveling and hiking.

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Backpack Most Suited for Travel

This list will only contain backpack models designed for traveling purpose, not hiking. The general rule of airlines is carry-on backpack is not more than 50L. So, if you don’t want your backpack to be separated from you, you better choose a travel backpack less than 50L.

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Osprey Farpoint, the Most Popular Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint is the most popular travel backpack so far. Making this backpack is the most demanded travel backpack in the market. There are three sized available to choose, 70L, 55L, and 40L.

Best Features of Osprey Farpoint

Osprey Fairpoint has several features which make it the most popular travel backpack between best backpack for traveling the world.

  • First feature is the one which is most looked by travelers in a backpack, a real suspension system. Most of travel backpack, which is not meant for hiking, do not feature a suspension system. Thus, if you prefer a comfort of your belonging on your back, this feature is one of what you look for.
  • The second feature is also in the list of your comfortable travel backpack: padded hip belt. Some travel backpack feature a hip belt just fine but the problem is that it is not fully padded.

So, the belt will keep digging on your hip skin and left a red mark. With fully padded hip belt, you will find this safety feature a more than a little comfortable compared the non-padded one.

Are you far too small or too big for the three sizes offered by Farpoint? Worry not, Farpoint offers different sizes of Medium/Large and Small/Medium for its each 70L, 55L, and 40L.

With these variable options, you won’t be carrying too small or too big backpack on your back. This is certainly the feature offered by Farpoint which is not available in most backpack.

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Tortuga Outbreaker, Simple Design for Urban Travel

If Farpoint has made it far as the most popular travel backpack in the market backed by a big company, Tortuga Outbreaker is different. This travel backpack was born from several friends who became very frustrated with their backpack when traveling through Europe. Thus why, Tortuga is sometimes dubbed as best backpack for traveling Europe.

Tortuga Outbreaker is the newest model by Tortuga. This model is designed for the purpose of urban travel. It explains why it comes with neat square model with solid black color.

The square cut of the backpack will let you at ease for not being too stand out in an urban setting, unlike if you carry a hiking looking travel backpack.

Tortuga Outbreaker comes in two different sizes, 45L and 35L. It is supported by sturdy material and substantially padded hip belt.

The suspension system featured supports well and it also has padding on the shoulder straps, making this backpack as the best backpack for traveling across Europe in urban setting.

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Patagonia Transport MLC, Famous for Outdoor Gear

Patagonia Transport MLC is famous between those who are familiar with great products of outdoor great. This bag is square like a suitcase with its soft-sides.

Patagonia Transport MLC also provides a backpack straps if you want to haul it on your back. However, if you don’t want to, you don’t need to worry for the straps to get in the way as they can be hidden away.

Aside from the backpack straps, it also features a shoulder strap which makes this bag available to be carried on as a messenger bag. This feature is not common in travel backpack, so if you you’re your back to be reversible between backpack and shoulder straps, Patagonia Transport MLC is for you.

Have you picked which one is the most suitable for your trip between the best backpack for traveling abroad list above? Each bag has its own unique feature to suit your travel need.