Things to do in Nusa Dua, One of Best Tourist Attractions in Bali

things to do in Nusa Dua
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Nusa Dua, a region located in Southern part of Bali Island, offers outstanding beaches as well as lots of five stars resorts and hotels at beach side area. Further, some cultural and religious attractions and other best things to do in Nusa Dua are also offered perfectly around Nusa Dua region.

Compared to many coastal regions in South Bali, Nusa Dua does not lose its charm with many awesome attractions. Moreover, a trip to Nusa Dua is perfect with many luxurious and of course, peaceful ambience makes it a great place for romantic trip. To help you exploring Nusa Dua, those are best things to do around Nusa Dua.

things to do in Nusa Dua Beach Bali
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Nusa Dua Beach

Basically, Nusa Dua Beach is the main attraction of the region. The beach is colourful and is known for many luxury hotels and resorts surrounding the beach area. Along your way to Nusa Dua Beach, you will pass lots of luxury hotels with a direct view to sea. Even you can see them standing majestically from the white sandy beach area. At night, those resorts offer romantic ambience as well as turning in to a night club at some of them.

Lots of activities you can do at Nusa Dua Beach. As the beach area is naturally calm, it is a perfect place to spend time with either your family or couple. Seating on some beach chair and sun beds would be even more perfect if you get massage service. While holding summer drinks and seeing beautiful white beach with clear blue water view, a day vacation in Nusa Dua Beach is perfect.

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things to do in Nusa Dua, Bali
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Watching Waterblow near Nusa Dua Beach

Have you ever think about enjoyment of watching very big wave hitting rock cliffs right in front of you? Near Nusa Dua Beach, there is a place for perfectly doing such thing. As the area is full of rock cliff with very narrow spaces, while the wave itself is in very strong speed, with big pressure of water, wave would blow up right after meeting the cliffs.

Well, you can see such thing in a bridge that is located just on top of the cliffs. So, any experiences of doing such thing would be wonderful while yourself could also feel directly the waterblow hitting your face.

To visit, you just need to come to Nusa Dua Beach direction and when arriving head your direction to Hotel Grand Hyatt. There you will see a gate named Water Blow. Have a nice vacation afterward. Indeed, this is among things to do in Nusa Dua.

Bali Tourist attractions
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Visiting Pura Mandala

Since hundreds of years ago, Hinduism influence is strongly attached to Balinese. But even if so, multiculturalism is also strongly attached to the Indonesian.

So today, there are various religions live side by side in Bali Island and Indonesia in general. As the reflection of such occasion in Bali, Puja Mandala was built as a place that contains various religions’ places of worship.

Seating on a hilltop, with its peaceful atmosphere, Puja Mandala contains Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa which notably Catholic Curch, Islamic Mosque named Ibnu Baitullah Mosque, Buddhist Temple named Budhina Guna, Bukit Doa Curch which notably a protestant Church and the Hindu temple of Jagat Natha.

Living in peaceful environment, such area shows you how various religions can live each other and of course, helping each other as well. It’s not a rare view seeing each religion’s believer helping each other while they have their religious event.

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tourtist attractions in Bali
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Watching Devdan Show

Indonesia especially Bali is a place that has wide cultural diversity. Therefore, seeing highlights of culture while travelling to Bali are always an exciting and memorable experience to enjoy.

One of the best cultural performances in Bali, Devdan Dance Show, located in Komplek ITDC right in the heart of Nusa Dua, offers a majestic dancing performance for 90 minutes of combination between Balinese culture and international dancing influence.

Your 90 minutes watching it will be very magical seeing beautiful acrobatic dance with interesting music as well. As the dance is performed by highly professional dancers, a trip watching Devdan Show is never a waste. Remember, this dance is only performed four times a week, so keep on eye on its schedule.

tourtist attractions in Bali, Indonesia
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Visit Geger Temple

For highlight of Hinduism, Geger Temple is a must visit tourist attraction in Nusa Dua. The temple serves both cultural and historic aspect of tourism. Thus, visiting this temple will not only make you feel enjoyment of seeing cultural highlight of Bali, but also getting to know a lot about important history of Hinduism in Bali.

Especially if you come in morning, you’ll have a chance to see some cultural rituals held by locals. On the other hand, majestic view of Agung Mount is to been seen from the temple’s area. You can come to Geger Temple before or after you visit Nusa Dua Beach because the location is very close from there

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Learn how to surf in Nusa Dua, Bali
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Learn to Surf in Surf & Turf

As a matter of the fact, Surf & Turf is a home of the first surf rider in Indonesia. Here you can fulfil your dream of being able to ride strong wave with surfing board. With surf rider, you can learn how to surf safely without needed to ride directly at beach water. Here you do not need to bring surfing board because they serve everything you need about surfing. With professional surfing trainers, a few times learning here could lead you to master surfing in a nutshell. So, are you ready to impress hotties while surfing at beach?

To conclude, with such best things to do in Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua is a perfect choice for place to stay while you travel to Bali. As it is also located in the middle of the South Bali, exploring other places such as Kuta and Jimbaran is an easy thing to do. Here, public transportations might be hard to find, so renting a motorbike will help you exploring Bali easily.