Things to do in Nara. Historic Tourist Attractions in Japan

Things to do in Nara
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Once a Japan capital city exactly during 710 to 749 AD, today Nara City is a city full of cultural and history. It is fair to consider that Nara is an ancient city and a must visit city when travelling to Japan as there will be lots of best things to do in Nara.

A vacation to Nara is always full of things to explore. Aside from its culture, Nara is also a city famous of Deer in Nara Park.

Further, there are lots of wonderful historic buildings throughout Nara City that even need days to explore all of them. For your best experience, those are best things to do around Nara.

Things to do in Nara, Japan tourist attractions
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Nara Park

A famous and main tourist attraction in Nara, there you can see lots of deer roaming around you. This would be a rare experience in the world because you would be able to walk freely inside the park when the deer live together.

No fence that bordered you to the deer. Instead, communicating directly with deer, feeding them, playing with them are things you will get in Nara Park. You do not have to be afraid because the park is naturally safe with no danger potential. The environment itself is very peaceful and beautiful with lots of big trees around. Indeed, a day vacation in Nara Park is a wonderful experience to have.

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Nara, Japan tourist attractions
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Isui-en Garden

Still a natural tourist attraction, Isui-en Garden is a good option if you are enough with city’s tourist attractions. Relaxing for few hours here would truly bring you to calmness and forget the business of the world. As Isui-en Garden is a very wide area, you can easily find a space for you and your own thought.

The garden itself is a very beautiful one with combination between green forest, mountainous landscape and river across the park. At the end of the day, Nara Park would be a good option if you want to relax after days exploring temples in Nara. Indeed, this is among best things to do in Nara.

Things to do in Nara, tourist attractions in Japan
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Yakushiji Temple

In Nara, there are Seven Great Temples and Yakushiji Temple is one of them. As a matter of the fact, Yakushiji is also declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. With history back then to 680 when it was built, it is still a place of worship for Buddhist until today.

But in particular, this temple is more of a place to pray for recovery from illness and some other phycology difficulties. The temple’s architecture which look like a monument makes it a more interesting place to see with its beauty. Inside this three level building, there is a beautiful statue of Buddha. Exploring such place is better with guided tour because you will get to know lots of historic highlights from them.

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Tourist Attractions in Nara, Japan
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Hike to Mount Kasuga Primeval Forest

In the first place, ridgeline alongside the trail of the Mount Kasuga Primeval Forest has been existed since hundreds of years ago. In the past, the mountain was a place of worship for a mountain god named Kasuga Taisha. The hike itself enables you to go through a mountain with lush environment makes it a very cool journey.

Basically, there are several ways to get to its hiking trail. But the best of my recommendation would be to hike after you visit Nara Park and find your way to hiking trail to hike for around 9km ahead. Along the journey, lots of sightseeing places are awaiting you to come seeing them.

Tourist attraction in Japan
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Heijo-kyo Temple

Located in the old capital of Japan, Heijo-kyo is a silent witness of the Nara history as a city. The building was very beautiful as it was a very important building for government as well as emperor at the time.

Furthermore, there are lots of amazing carves on its architecture which each of it has its own philosophical meaning for everyone to understand as wisdom. You can explore them under bright sun and see how amazing Nara city at the time with such development.

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Things to do in Nara, Japan
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Todaiji is basically an iconic symbol of Nara when it comes to both cultural and religious tourist attractions. Inside Todaiji building, a very big and beautiful Buddha statue is placed. The interesting fact is that this statue was built for around seven years at the time.

Today, this place is still a working temple and is a place for praying as well. As one of the World Heritage Site in Nara, Todaiji is a must visit place when travelling to Nara.

Nara history adn Culture
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Kasuga Taisha

As a matter of the fact, Kasuga Taisha is a beautiful shrine built hundreds of years ago. Famous of around 3000 stone which notably bronze lanterns that mostly are around 1000 years old, visiting this place always leave visitor in amazed.

Kasuga Taisha is located within an ancient forest. Well, locals regarded the forest and temple itself is a sacred area. So when visiting, make sure you do not do un-proper behaviour and wearing proper clothes because it is not allowed.

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Festifal in Nara Japan
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Watching Yamayaki Festival

Probably the most popular festival in Japan, Yamayaki Festival is a must visit. This festival is being held annually exactly at the fourth Saturday of January month. To celebrate the festival, locals will burn some sides of Wakasuka-yama which is notably a hill.

With lots of fires in eyesight, fireworks will add the beauty of this festival. Surely it will be a very colourful night. But I recommend you to come earlier around 4 because the festival will begin soon at 5pm. Indeed, this is among best things to see in Nara.

In conclusion, there are too many things to do in Nara not only seeing culture, but also enjoying its natural beauties as well as beautiful histories. Nara is a wide city but exploring it is very easy as public transportation is very easy to find. With very nice environment, a trip to explore best things to do in Nara is perfect.