Things to do in Liverpool Tourist Attractions. Enjoy Your Great Holidays

Things to do in Liverpool
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Liverpool, the place of meeting between River Mersey and Irish Sea, offers tourist attractions from history, culture, culinary, even music history as the city is the birth place of the Fab Four or the Beatles.

Tourist Attractions in Liverpool

You will never be bored in here,there are many best things to do in Liverpool. For round of 24 hours, you can do many interesting Liverpool offered. Indeed, a vacation to Liverpool is more than a perfect journey to describe. To help you exploring, those are our recommendations of best things to do in and around Liverpool City.

Tourist Attractions in Liverpool
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Visit the Beatles Story

Among many top tourist attractions in Liverpool, the Beatles Story is the most famous one. Of course, it is a pity to not be able visiting the Beatles Story while on vacation to Liverpool. It won’t ever disappoint you as you can see lots of highlights of history of the best band in the world at its time.

Here you can see highlights of the Beatles since its low era to its greatest era. Every part of life of this band is revealed at the museum. Of course, you can also buy collections of the Beatles from this place. All you need to do is to prepare for budget because if you love the Beatles a lot then you cannot miss to be interested in them.

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Tourist Attraction in Liverpool
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Albert Dock

A historical area of Liverpool as a city, Albert Dock contains lots of old warehouses with interesting architecture with waterfront sight. As a matter of the fact, Albert Dock is the first dock in the world that uses iron as the main building material instead of wood.

Thus, this dock remains as the symbol of industrialization in Liverpool and uses of technology such as hydraulic crane for its dock system. There you can learn lots of Liverpool’s history and you better explore the area with guided walking tour.

Apart from its history, the area itself is interesting to explore. There you can see lots of unique architecture from the first industrialization era. Never forget to bring your camera would be my best advice when visiting because there will be lots of beautiful moments to capture.

Things to do in Liverpool tourist attractions
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Enjoying a night with live music at the Cavern Club

If you are the Beatles lover, visiting only Beatles Story would not be enough. Otherwise, the Cavern Club is a must visit for you too. Standing as a silent witness of the Beatles history, especially when it starts its music career which notably often played at the Cavern Club, this café is a must visit.

A night here would make you feel that you go back in time of when the Beatles was on its best. Singing song with people, dancing together, just enjoying your night in Liverpool, Cavern Club truly offers an outstanding experience.

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Liverpool tourist attractions
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Exploring the City Alleys with Walking Tour

Liverpool is a city full of unique and beautiful architectures. Further, the city itself has lots of alleys and of course, exploring them on foot would be a great option as it brings to you to see lots of unexpected beauties you will find.

Especially if you are a photographer, that would be an even more exciting experience. Old houses, hidden heritage of Liverpool, beautiful architectures all are you get to find during your exploration. But indeed, exploring them by yourself even could lead to get lost in the middle of nowhere. So, the best option to explore is with guided walking tour. In fact, there are lots of walking tours available you just have to find it in Google.

best Tourist Attractions in Liverpool
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Take a look of Liverpool’s view from top at St Johns Beacon

Probably the most iconic tourist attraction of Liverpool today, the St Johns Beacon offers the highlight of being able to see the whole Liverpool city from top. The more interesting part is that you can see 360-degrees view which makes it even more beautiful.

In fact, this building is actually a radio station so you can explore it too. Some of the most important history of Radio in Liverpool are reserved in this place. Therefore, visit this place for an awesome experience.

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Liverpool’s view from top at St Johns Beacon
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Take a Ferry Trip exploring Mersey

A ferry tour to explore water area of Liverpool would be an exciting one. The trip could take for around several hours. In the first place, it’s never be bored because of the sightseeing you’ll get. First, during the trip it’s all about beauty of view of Liverpool city from far distance in the middle of sea. At some points, its view could be very beautiful.

Furthermore, some other attractions such as a historic German Submarine from World War II and the Spaceport attraction are also highlights you will see. The ticket would not be that expensive but of course, you need to make an earlier book in advance to secure seat. Indeed, this is among best things to do in Liverpool.

Ferry Trip exploring Mersey
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Watch Amazing Football Games at either Anfield or Goodison Park

In Liverpool, there are two famous football clubs particularly Liverpool and Everton. Both clubs offer the highlight of awesome Premiere League football at every weekend on its own stadium. With both clubs owned two famous stadium in England: Anfield and Goodison Park, watching a football game on one of them is a must thing you should do in Liverpool.

Book the ticket even before you depart to Liverpool and go there to see some outstanding goals produced in Premiere League’s famous game. Well, if you even want a more outstanding experience, visit Liverpool when there is a Champions League game at Liverpool to see an awesome football match.

To conclude, Liverpool is truly an amazing city for a vacation. Everything is available and if you think that Liverpool is only about the Beatles and Mersey River, then you are totally wrong. Instead, those things to do in Liverpool are best highlight Liverpool offers. Never miss a chance to explore Liverpool at least once in your lifetime.