Best Babymoon Destinations in US

best babymoon destinations in US
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Babies are the miracle of a family. However, this miracle in the family also requires a lot of work. Before the babies come, it’s good to visit one of the best babymoon destinations in US. With the first time after mom gives birth, tending babies can be exhausting. In order to prepare yourself as a parent, it’s worth to consider taking a babymoon.

Going for a babymoon is, to put it in other words, making preparation. It’s surely not literally preparation where you go buy stuffs. It’s where parents take a break to enjoy being a couple. This break can do wonder since it can prepare the mental of being parents. In babymoon, both of you and your other half can relax and talk about the baby.

Best Babymoon Destinations in US

Ideally, babymoon is better to be gone through after basic preparation has been made. You can plan a babymoon if you have prepared all the necessary birth and post-birth stuffs. Make sure things such as blanket, nutrition for moms, etc are ready. When all of them done, it’s time to go for a babymoon.

Since going for a babymoon is to relax and prepare mentally, you need somewhere quiet enough. Pregnant mom can’t be exposed to crowd. It’s also advised if babymoon destination is somewhere safe with low-risk of accident. Can’t let anything happen to the baby and the mom, can we?

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best babymoon destinations in October
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Charleston is the first place as the best places to visit in Carolinas. It’s also being the fourth as the best romantic getaways in the USA. The latter pretty much sums up why Charleston is the recommended place as babymoon destination. The romantic atmosphere it has is perfect to couple spending time together before the mom gives birth.

Charleston is a lowkey city which perfect for leisure activities. The calm and relaxing atmosphere is the perfect elements for babymoon. This is precisely why Charleston is on the list of best babymoon destinations in USA. Although there aren’t many things to do, this place is still recommended as babymoon destination.

Charleston is the perfect destination for couples expecting baby who like to simply relax. You can book a room at charming hotels downtown. The place is perfect if you wish for calming and quiet atmosphere. You can also book a resort near Isle of Palms. In the resort, you can enjoy prenatal massage which is good for pregnancy.

This city is also one of the best babymoon destinations in October. From September to November, the temperatures are mild. So, you will be able to enjoy your visit since the temperatures are not stifling. Although the city can be crowded with tourist, you can still choose somewhere downtown or resort to acquire calm atmosphere.

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The best babymoon destinations in US
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If the mom doesn’t mind with a little bit of crowd, Miami might be your destination. You can take pregnant mom to go dancing. Indeed many people don’t think Miami as babymoon destinations USA. However, to their surprise, Miami actually can pass a wonderful babymoon destination.

Dancing is actually a good exercise for both mom and the baby. Though surely, your doctor has to approve this plan. If such active activity is not a preference, mom can just relax on relaxation venues. There are spas with gorgeous ocean view in high-end hotels. Doesn’t that sound tempting? Relaxing and enjoying spa while gazing into the beautiful ocean view.

best babymoon destinations in winter
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European Alps is indeed the perfect place to go for honeymoon and babymoon. Sadly though, it also costs you a whole lot of money. If you want to experience Alps atmosphere, you can consider choosing Vermont, the village of Stowe. While it is also affordable, it has romantic vibe all around.

Despite being one of affordable babymoon destinations, you won’t be disappointed with Stowe. This classic village offers you quiet and classic atmosphere. You will be able to find malt shops, general shops, working farms, and charming churches.

Stowe is one of the best ski destinations. As being here for babymoon of course it won’t be wise to try skiing. However, you can choose to ride gondola instead while sipping a glass of hot cocoa. At the resorts, you will be able to find spa treatments. You can enjoy getting maternity or couples messages there.

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affordable babymoon destinations
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Phoenix offers the best of resort life. In other words, you being in resort means that you will be able to get massage for pregnancy. After all, being pregnant will get you leg cramps, swollen feet, back aches, and others. So, it’s perfect to go for a babymoon and indulging in massage. While it also fix all your pregnancy pain and aches, massage will also replenish your prenatal glow.

This definitely sounds a little bit boring for the husband. However, since it’s a babymoon, the mom is the priority. Despite that, the husband is still able to do some things. For example, perfecting golf swing is what they can do. Of course, husband can also enjoy some massages. Although mom is the priority, babymoon is still a break for both parents.

Since Phoenix offers the best of resort life, it’s one of the best babymoon destinations in winter. Phoenix is best visited from November to April. The summer will just make the heat unbearable. The fall and winter however, will just add more romantic and quiet atmosphere to the place.

best babymoon destinations in USA
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New Orleans

If the mom is okay with some easy activities, try New Orleans. Here, you will be able to enjoy local music, excellent food, and its culture. Couples can take a tour exploring some of the museums. There are New Orleans Museum of Art, Backstreet Cultural Museum, and National WW II Museum.

It’s also not complete to visit New Orleans without taking a stroll in French Quarter. The neighborhood pretty much packs up various historic landmark. If taking a stroll is too much for the mom, you can choose a carriage tour.

Going for Babymoon

Babymoon is great for both parents to take a break. Although mom is the priority, babymoon is still a break for couples. The husband can take this opportunity to relieve the stress from work. The mom can also relax and enjoy being not restrained to whatever at home being pregnant. Choose one of the best babymoon destinations in US that match for both couple’s preference.