Soby’s Greenville sc, One of TOP 5 Spot for Greenville Culinary Tour

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Greenville, a city in South Carolina State, is a wonderful city rich of history. As the Grenville city is a city rich of history, there are a lot of museums you can visit in that fancy city. The history of the Greenville are varies.

It’s starting from the history before United State, civil war up to the cold war history. Unlike any other city in United States, the Greenville city make their history something to learn goodly on their historic museums.

The visitor of the museum can learn history in a lot of different way on its museums. As a matter of the fact, as there is rich history of Greenville, its culinary is also among the legendary culinary in the United States. No wonder why the Greenville Culinary Tour is very famous in that historic city.

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Greenville Culinary Tour

Greenville is very popular of its culinary in South Carolina State. If you come to Greenville for travelling, then it is not enough without exploring the local culinary of Greenville. Most importantly, the culinary of Greenville city is not only about its tasty food, but also the history behind the food itself.

To explore the culinary of Greenville, surely you need to know what the places are. But to make it easier, there is a culinary tour available to explore those kinds a thing of culinary.

In order to accommodate the visitor’s need of curiosity of the culinary of Greenville, and then there come the culinary tour of Greenville.

There might be several other culinary tour in Greenville, but the culinary tour provided by the Grenville History Tours is the best in Greenville. Therefore, you should know more detail about this famous culinary tour.

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About the Culinary Tour

The culinary tour will bring you the highlight of some of the best culinary restaurants in Greenville city. During the tour, the tour guide will bring you to stop in each restaurant. Further, the participants will do food tasting in each of its culinary restaurants.

Do not worry that you might get full on your first stop, because it is only a food tasting activity. In particular, you will not eat too much on your each stop because the food is shared among the participant. Therefore, you will be able to eat in all the stop of the restaurants.

This culinary tour is actually a bit special rather than any other culinary tour in Greenville. In the first place, it is because the participants are limited only in small number. Hence, each participant will get enough personal attention from the tour guide.

You will be able to ask anything you curious about the culinary and its history. The tour guide will also gladly explain to each participant about the food and history of the Greenville city in more detail.

This culinary tour will last for around 4-5 hours. Well, this is a quite longer tour than any other tour in in Greenville city. With this 4 to 5 hours to, you only need to pay for $49 dollars each person.

For a culinary tour at this level, this is a really cheap one compare to any others. No wonder why this culinary tour of Greenville is very popular. In fact, this culinary tour is not only popular among the local, but also the foreign visitors.

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The Highlights of the Culinary Tour

During the tour, you will visit 5 restaurants around the Greenville city. Those 5 restaurants are actually the best restaurants in term of the Greenville’s culinary. Most importantly, as those restaurants are famous, you are lucky enough to visit them not only for eating, but also getting clear explanation regarding food and its history.

Nose Dive Restaurant, This will be your first stop during the culinary tour. The Nose Dive Restaurant is actually not only restaurant that offers food, but also some cocktails, beers and wine. In the light of it, this restaurant is very famous because of its great handcrafted beer. In this restaurant, the tour guide will teach you a lot about how the process of handcrafted beer.

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Then after you visit the Nose Dive Restaurant, you will visit the Soby’s greenville sc on the Side Restaurant. This restaurant offers outstanding tasty local food of the Greenville city. Other than its local culinary, this restaurant is quite a legendary restaurant in the Greenville city.

This might surprise you that this culinary tour will also stop in the famous Lazy Goat Restaurant. This Mediterranean restaurant is very famous among the local and visitor of the Greenville city. Visiting this restaurant is a privileged for the coming visitors because its price is quite expensive. But in this culinary tour, you can do some food tasting in this luxurious restaurant.

Your two last stops are also special. In particular, it is because you will visit the Soby’s New South Cuisine and the Passarelle Bistro Restaurant. On those two fancy restaurants, they will offer you some of the world’s famous food such as South Asian food and the French food.

You might think that this culinary tour is really good with its restaurants stop. But the benefit of joining this tour does not end here. In fact, the tour guide will also explain you some general history about the Greenville city. A few stops at some historic places are also done in this culinary tour.

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In conclusion,

this Greenville Culinary Tour offers perfect services for its participants. It’s starting from the culinary stops, the guide’s services, the history of Greenville and some other small detail that you will never get in any other culinary tour in Greenville.

In the first place, people also love this tour because it stops in all best restaurants in Greenville. No wonder people love this walking tour so much. After you join this culinary tour, you will soon realise that you already got a lot of knowledge about the Greenville city. At the end of the day, this will be one of your most memorable moments in Greenville.