List Of The Best San Jose Tourist Attractions

San Jose Tourist Attractions
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San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica and is the top destination in South America. Additionally, San Jose is very busy and crowded city.

Although, the great attraction side of the city is a must to see. Reasonably, it is a capital city so there are various things to explore.

San Jose Tourist Attractions

The cultures, histories and beaches are only some of the great reasons that you must visit this city. At first days you might feel uneasy, but on the second day you will surely find the great side of the city. So, those are San Jose Tourist Attractions you must visit.

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The coffee of San Jose is a must to try

San Jose is very popular because its coffee. The coffee of San Jose has been distributed to all over the world and has been known as one of the best coffee in the world.

San Jose houses both Arabica and Robusta coffee. But actually the Robusta coffee of San Jose is a better one to try. Yet, it depends on each person’s appetite. Furthermore, there are a lot of coffee shops around the city.

Most of them contain great things to learn regarding coffee and you can try making the coffee yourself. There is no better feeling for coffee lover other than tasting best coffee in its original region.

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National Theatre of San Jose

Each country has its own national pride. So, National Theatre in San Jose is one of the national prides of the Costa Ricans. The National Theatre has very great architecture that will amaze you once you see them.

Most of them are the mixture of European and Costa Rican architectures. Furthermore, it contains a lot of arts that will inspire you such as paintings, statues, and sculptures.

To explore National Theatre, you should take a walking tour in order to understand well all the history in National Theatre. One example of the outstanding showcase is that the floor actually can be raised or lowered on some events.

The tour won’t be too expensive so you should not be worry about it. National theatre is the top tourist attractions in downtown San Jose.

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Central Market

When you visit a country or city, it is recommended to know the local’s life of the country you visited. Then in San Jose, you must visit Central Market to get to know local’s life directly.

The central market of San Jose has been existed around 100 years ago. But the architectures and structures of the market doesn’t change at all. So, you can find a lot of historical and cultural things in tourist attraction near San Jose.

Around the market, you can buy various kinds of traditional foods, cultural clothes, and any other cultural things in Costa Rica. Furthermore, as you explore the market deeper you will find many unexpected things that you can only find in Costa Rica.

Abroad Tourist Attractions :

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El Valle Del Rio Orosi

Tired of crowded life in cities and especially in San Jose city? Or you just love to visit the natural place for travelling? So you must visit El Valle Del Rio Orosi.

It is a very peaceful and natural place in the countryside of San Jose. Furthermore, it offers you some great adventures. It also enables you to see the beautiful countryside of Costa Rica and wide arrays of plantations. In particular, there are a lot of Staffe plantations around the road to El Valle Del Rio Orosi.

Furthermore, there is a beautiful river that you can enjoy in El Valle Del Rio Orosi. And also if you love to hike, El Valle Del Rio Orosi offers very outstanding view from its highest ground.

Finally, if you are getting tired on your adventure, you can find a natural hot springs near there. It is located on right the side of the river. Take a rest there and enjoy your day.

Museums in San Jose are a great destination to know more about its history

It’s never nice to visit a country without knowing and learning its history. Learning histories of other countries and cultures enable us to open our mind.

Furthermore, it also gives us new way to see the world. Thereby, San Jose contains several great museums which should be one of the great cultural San Jose tourist attractions.

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National Museum of Costa Rica

If you want to know the history of Costa Rica as a whole, then you must visit National Museum of Costa Rica. It’s not only showcasing the nation’s history since its birth, but also the history of Costa Ricans even since the thousand years ago.

It is the most complete museums in Costa Rica that contains documents and files about history of Costa Rica. Also including great details regarding the banned of army by Costa Rica government in 1948.

This is one of the greatest classical tourist attractions in San Jose Costa Rica.

San Jose Mindoro tourist attractions
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Gold Museum

Have you ever been in a place full of gold just like you find a treasure? You will find it here in San Jose Gold Museum. It contains hundreds of gold of Latin America since thousand years ago.

It’s not only contained the raw gold, but also beautiful crafted gold from the people in the past even back to A.D. Gold Museum also provide you explanation and documents about the gold that is showcased. So again, you learn a lot of new things in this one of San Jose Mindoro tourist attractions.

To sum up, San Jose is a very great city rich of cultures, histories and natural attractions near San Jose Costa Rica to explore.

You can see various attractions from the most classical attractions up to the modern one. You also can feel directly the urban life of the locals.

But in order to make your traveling memorable, you also must make sure that your stuff is safe. Reasonably, San Jose is quite safe for travelers. So you must make sure that your wallet doesn’t get stolen.

Furthermore, if you go out in the night and you already feel uneasy, take a cab soon as it’s not hard to find cab in San Jose tourist attractions.