Reserve a Lot of Awesome Natural Midwest Tourist Attractions

Midwest tourist attractions
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Midwest contains several cities that reserve a lot of awesome natural Midwest tourist attractions, especially for spending your summer.

It contains both historical and natural tourist destinations. In fact, some of the best United States tourist attractions are laid in Midwest region. Most of the destinations are beaches, peaceful lakes and historical landmarks of United States.

Midwest tourist attractions

Moreover, it’s fairly cheap to go around the cities in Midwest regions. You don’t need to go by plane to visit city by city. You just need to take land transportation to go to other cities because it will be cheaper.

Thus, Midwest region is actually a very friendly destination for backpackers from all over the world. Those are the tourist attractions in Midwest.

the tourist destinations in Midwest
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In Cleveland, you can enjoy a very beautiful view from the edge of the shore. It enables you to see long bridge crosses the lake and also a beautiful view of the town’s light in far.

There are several restaurants for romantic dinner that you can visit along the Cleveland. In fact, the best time to go to Cleveland is at the evening till night.

Furthermore, there are several historical landmarks around the Cleveland such as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and Cleveland Museum of Art.

On those landmarks, you will learn a lot of knowledge about the history of Cleveland area. Walking tours are available to get to know the histories in detail. Cleveland is best Midwest America tourist attractions.

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weird tourist attractions Midwest
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Lake Erie Shores, Ohio

Enjoying the day on a peaceful lake is one of the best things to do in Midwest. One of the best lakes is Lake Erie Shores in Ohio. Lake Erie Shores is a very peaceful lake with its clean and calm water.

It’s also Midwest tourist attractions. Furthermore, you can do a lot of activities around. Some of the activities are fishing, kayaking, boating and even sailing to the middle of Lake Erie Shores.

In fact, Lake Erie Shores is a very great place for family trip because of its calm environment. There will a lot of things to do with your kids around the lakes.

Furthermore, you also can go to the island of South Bass and Kelley Island with Ferry transportation. It’s one of tourist attractions for the Midwest region.

free tourist attractions in Midwest
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The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is in fact a historical monument. The monument was created in honour of Thomas Jefferson.

Actually, the Gateway Arch is one of the most popular destinations in St. Louis, Midwest region. It is a very outstanding building standing in confidence in the middle of downtown St. Louis.

When you visit the Gateway Arch, you also can enjoy the shops and restaurants around the monument. Most importantly, there are actually a special café to see the view of the Gateway Arch.

Furthermore, there are several tourist destinations near the Gateway Arch that you can visit. Some of them are Saint Louis Zoo and the Saint Louis Art Museum. All of them are free tourist attractions in Midwest.

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upper Midwest tourist attractions
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Visit the beautiful lake beach of Saugatuck in Michigan

While most of beaches are laid in the edge of the sea, the Saugatuck beach laid in the lakefront. The Saugatuck is a very beautiful beach.

The surrounding area of the Saugatuck beach is mostly green forests. Thus, you will enjoy refreshing fresh air when you visit the beach wood cabin.

Furthermore, the beach is usually a place for jazz festival. It’s because Saugatuck is known as the city of the jazz and arts. So, make sure you choose the right time when you visit Saugatuck. They are kind a weird tourist attractions Midwest.

top midwest tourist attractions
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The Lake of the Ozarks

If you see the Lake of the Ozarks from a plane or a helicopter, you would notice that the lake is actually looked like a dragon.

Although there are few myths about the lake, it’s actually a very beautiful place to spend your summer vacation. To visit the lake, there are a lot of small town in the shore of the lake that you can choose.

Furthermore, the Lake of the Ozarks is actually a very good destination for a romantic trip. There are a lot of restaurants that offer romantic dining with very romantic view and environment. Also, there are a lot of hotels that offers packages for your romantic trip.

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tourist attractions for the Midwest region
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Okoboji is one of the top midwest tourist attractions. It’s located in Northern Iowa. In fact, it’s a very beautiful lakes surrounded by evergreen forests.

The water and air is very clean so you can relax your mind when you travel to Okoboji Lake. As the underwater biodiversity of Okoboji is very rich, it’s a very good place for fishing. You can rent a boat on the shore to go to the middle of the lake to get some big fish.

Furthermore, there are a lot of tourist activities that you can do around the Okoboji Lake. The best activities are boating, kayaking, swimming and any other tourist activities. If you are tired from doing the lake activities, you can visit great restaurants around the lake that offer nice food.

the tourist attractions in Midwest
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Galena is a historical old town located in Illinois, Midwest. You can see wide array of farmland in the Galena and most of them are the heritages from Civil War era.

In fact, Galena is often called as ‘gateway to premier destinations’. Of course, it’s because a lot of tourist attractions are located near Galena.

Near Galena, you can enjoy several tourist activities such as visiting vineyard and directly drinking the wine in the vine yard. Furthermore, you can also enjoy biking, hiking, and golfing near the Galena downtown. Galena is upper Midwest tourist attractions.

In conclusion, Midwest tourist attractions are the most beautiful and historic region in the United States. It contains rich outstanding natural landscape from beaches, lakes, and mountains.

Most of them offer various characteristic and culture. Furthermore, the region is quite friendly for backpacker who doesn’t want to spend their summer with expensive trip to Europe and any other region.