Mexican Tourist Attractions 6 Top List!

Mexican tourist attractions
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Mexico, a country located in Caribbean, is the most popular tourist destination in America continent. In fact, Mexico has a lot to offer for travellers.

A lot of people come to visit Mexico to see its beauty. Mexico contains a lot of Mexican tourist attractions from its wonderful beaches along its coastline.

Right to the greatness of its history and cultures. In particular, the history of the Mayan living in Mexico is one of the best Mexican tourist attractions that you must visit.

Mexican Tourist Attractions

Apart from its beauty, Mexico is known as a country full of crime. In fact, most of the crime places are located in Northern Mexico. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot explore Mexico. There are a lot of other places in Mexico which are very friendly for tourism.

For backpackers, Mexico is actually a very friendly country for budget travellers. Although it’s also offer a lot of luxury trip, Mexico is also has much to offer for budget travellers. In fact, tourist destinations and cities in Mexico are very easy to access.

In fact, Mexico has too many tourist attractions that you can visit. Even you can explore whole of the country for the whole of one year. But here we list some of the best tourist attractions in Mexico that you must visit. Those are popular Mexican tourist attractions.

Mexican landmarks and tourist attractions
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Mexico Metropolitan Cathedral

Mexico is known as a country rich of cultures and histories. One of the best tourist attractions of history in Mexico is the Mexico Metropolitan Cathedral.

The building architecture of the Metropolitan Cathedral is heavily influenced with Spanish culture. In fact, it was built during Spanish colonial era in the Mexico.

An interesting fact is that the Cathedral was built in ruins of formel the Aztec temple. This is located in New Mexican tourist attractions.

During the Spanish colonial era in Mexico, this cathedral had a very important role. There are a lot of history about this Cathedral and Spanish colonial in this cathedral.

Make sure that you learn all the histories related. Taking a tour to walk around the cathedral area is very recommended. In fact, Mexico Metropolitan is the best Mexican tourist attractions.

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what is Mexico’s tourist attractions
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The Mayan Riviera

Beaches in Caribbean are known of its beauty and cultures. Of course, it’s very amazing to enjoy the day on Caribbean beach. In fact, most of the best Caribbean beaches are located in Mexico.

One of its best beaches areas is the Mayan Riviera. Furthermore, the Mayan Riviera actually contains several tourist destinations.

They are Playa de Carmen, Cancun and Cozumel island. The Mayan Riviera is located in Mexico tourist attractions near Cancun.

The Mayan Riviera is a very beautiful natural attraction that you can visit. Its beach is very clean, warm and relaxing. Furthermore, you can do a lot of tourist activities around the area. Firstly, you can do snorkelling around its sea.

The corals in the Mayan Riviera are reserved very well. Thus, it’s very beautiful corals are still there to see for visitors. Next, you can see several Mayan ruins near the area. In fact, thousand years ago the Mayan live around this area.  It’s a part of New Mexico tourist attractions near Albuquerque.

New Mexico tourist attractions near Albuquerque
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Mexican tourist attractions are known as one of the living place for the Mayan in ages ago. In fact, Chichen Itza is the biggest cities of the Mayan at the time.

Moreover, it is also the most visited Mayan site in Caribbean. There are several temples on this site, such as the Pyramid of Kukulkan and the pyramid of Castillo.

There are a lot of histories left in this site. Because of it, Chichen Itza is declared as the best UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, Chichen Itza was also used as astrology observatories in the past.

Many of the facts regarding the buildings are related to astronomic studies. For instance, the Castillo pyramid is actually penetrated by the sun twice a year. Here, you will not only see how advance the Mayan in the past, but you also will learn a lot of wisdom from them. Chichen Itza is the best answer for what is Mexico’s tourist attractions.

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New Mexican tourist attractions
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Before getting their independence, Mexico was colonialized by the Spanish. One of the city centers of Spanish colonialism is the city of Guanajuato.

You will see a lot of old colonial buildings around the city of Guanajuato. In fact, it is also declared as one of the UNSECO World Heritage Site because of its colonial history.

Furthermore, some of the best colonial tourist attractions are San Diego Curch, Juarez Theatre, and Museum of Quixote. You will learn a lot about the colonial era in this city. Moreover, you also can see the Mummies of Guanajuato in this city. It is the most famous destination of Guanajuato.

Mexico tourist attractions near Cancun
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Copper Canyon

After days of travelling in several cities in Mexico, you might want to feel a natural destination. The best natural destination in Mexico is the Copper Canyon or known as the Mexico’s Grand Canyon.

The landscape of the Copper Canyon is very incredible to see. Moreover, you can feel its fresh air from its green forests around them.

The best tourist activity that you can do in Copper Canyon is a rail adventure. Actually, there are a lot of options for rail adventure to go around the Copper Canyon. Here, you will see the Canyon from any different side. And of course, all views are amazing.

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popular Mexican tourist attractions
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The Teotihuacan is also the pyramid left from the Mayan and Aztec era. Other than Chichen Itza, this pyramid is also one of the most famous pyramid in the world.

The archaeologist estimated that Teotihuacan pyramid was built around 2100 years ago. But in fact, there are still a lot of things and archaeological remains that still unfound around the area.

Even the discovered remains still have so many secret undiscovered. This mysterious pyramid is could be your next top list destination during your trip to Mexico. This pyramid is one of the best Mexican landmarks and tourist attractions.

To sum up, Mexico contains a lot of incredible tourist attractions that you can explore. A week or two would not even enough to explore Mexican tourist attractions.

In Mexico, you will get different and unique experiences that you will never found in any other countries. In particular, the culture of Mexico is very unique and interesting to explore.