Maui Foodie Tour, Feel The Taste of Maui Hawaii and Also The Beauty

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Maui, an island in the Hawaiian archipelago, is a very wonderful island. This island is located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But even if the Maui Island is located far in the middle of the ocean, its natural tourist attractions never fail to attract any visitors from any part of the world.

The natural greatness of the Maui Island comes from its stunning clear blue sea and sandy beaches, mountains and its wonderful waterfalls. But even if the Maui Island is beautiful in term of natural beauty, Maui also has the best Maui foodie Tours in the United States.

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Maui foodie Tours

The Maui culinary is a bit different rather than any other places in United States. The Maui culinary is mostly influenced with the pacific and Oceania culture. Therefore, it’s a bit unique to try the culinary of the Maui Island.

There are actually a lot of great restaurants in the Maui Island. If you travel to Maui Island and would like to explore its culinary, it might be hard to visit each best restaurants and food one by one.

The best alternative you could do to explore food in Maui is to join the food tour that is available around the downtown of the Maui Island. With food tour, you will try different kind of local foods of the Maui.

Moreover, the tour guide will explain to you the story about the food starting from its recipes and history of the food itself.  If you are interested to do so, then those are the best Maui foodie Tours that you must try.

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Maui Pineapple Tours

Maui Island is still very green in term of its nature. Further, there are still a lot of forest and farms around the island. Unlike the other city in the mainland of United States, Maui foods are even fresher as it is taken directly from its local farm.

And one of the most popular foods in the Maui Island is pineapple. In fact, pineapple in Maui is one of the most delicious in the world. Thus, you must try eating pineapple in the Maui.

For best experience, try joining the available Maui Pineapple Tours. During the tour, you will eat pineapple directly in its pineapple farm. It’s quite amazing isn’t it?

Furthermore, you will soon realize that actually there are different kinds of pineapple available in Maui. This Maui Pineapple Tour is very knowledgeable and would give you a lot of new things to learn about pineapple and Maui history also best places to eat in Maui for cheap.

Maui Brewing Company Tours
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Maui Brewing Company

Are you the one who really love drinking beer? If so, then the Maui Brewing Company is a must to try. Maui Brewing Company, the most popular beer brewing company in Hawaii, has a lot of things to explore about brewing.

The walk of that Maui Brewing Company is quite short that it is only 45 minutes. But surely this short walk will highlight some of the best kind of brewing in that company. Amazingly, you will also see the brewing process and they will teach you how.

Lastly, you will try its amazing beers directly after the brewing process. Indeed, this will be one of the best experiences in the Maui Island.

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Hawaii Tasting Tour

Next, this food walking tour may add your culinary experience while travelling to Maui Island. This so called the Hawaii Tasting Tour will bring you to some of the best restaurants around the beach line of Maui Island include Maui restaurants lahaina.

The Hawaii Tasting Tour will bring you up to 4 great restaurants. Along the tour, the guide will explain to you some of its fanciest local food of Maui. Then you they will also introduce you some great local wines of Maui. Surely this is a really interesting experience.

As a matter of the fact, the Hawaii

Tasting Tour is done in the evening. In the first place, it is because you will enjoy the food while watching the great golden sunset view from its beach restaurant. And if you join the night tour of the Hawaii Tasting Tour, they will bring you to some of the best places of nightlife in the Maui Island.

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Maui Hana Coast Day Trip

Next, our recommended food tour in the Maui is the Maui Hana Coast Day Trip. This is actually a full day trip, but they will bring you to some of the best restaurants and food stores in Maui.

A lot of local foods will be introduced to the participants and will show you where do locals eat in Maui. The plus thing about this full day trip is that they limit the participant very little. Thus, each participant will get enough personal attention from the tour guide.

Even if the Maui Hana Coast Day Trip also bring you to some of natural attractions, but keep in mind that its culinary trip is best in the Maui. The Maui Hana Coast Day Trip will cost for around $150. It might be quite expensive. But this cost is including car, hotel pickup, drop-off and food cost. Moreover, you will eat in several of the best restaurants in Maui.

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Maui Craft Tours

Lastly, Maui Craft Tours is a must try culinary tour if you love wine. As Maui is known as one of the best wine producer in United States, of course its local wine is a must to try.

The Maui Craft Tours will highlight some of the best wine restaurants and wine producers in Maui. At the end of the day, you will be able to see and learn how wine is made.

Uniquely, the Maui Craft Tours enable each participant to try to make their own craft of wine. Therefore, you should not miss this amazing experience.

In conclusion, food tour is always the best choice to explore the culinary things in a place you visit. Especially in Maui, there might not be a lot of food tours available. But those 5 Maui foodie tours will highlight you to some of the best foods in Maui, Hawaii.