London Backpackers Tips. Visit London in Cheap Ways

London Backpackers Travel Guide
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London Backpackers city, London is the capital city of United Kingdom, is an international city that is also an interesting place for travelling. London has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism.

The history of London city even backs to hundred years ago since the beginning of the Roman Empire era. Until today, the historic heritages of London still exist that become tourist attraction for us to see.

London Backpackers
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Backpacking Tips in London

London is not only about history, there are a lot of places to see the great panorama of London. In the first place, the great sight of the Thames River is the one that you cannot miss.

But London is actually an expensive city to explore. Even if so, there is still ways to explore London cheaply as London Backpackers.

The tourist attractions in London are starting from its art and museums, theatres, historic landmarks, unique architecture, nightlife and any other amazing things in London. As London is an international city, there are a lot of various things that you can find in London.

It’s including several of cultural foods. Moreover, the public transportation system in London is very good and of course, cheap. Therefore, this comes as an opportunity of backpack accommodation to explore London in a very cheap way. Keep reading our article for London backpackers guide for cheap way in London.

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Backpacking Budget

In term of tourist attractions and any other accommodation, London is quite more expensive rather than any other cities in Europe. But even if that so, we can still find way for you to get to explore London cheaply.

In London, public transportation is very cheap. You can explore London whether with bus or with a train. Basically bus is a lot cheaper than train public transportation. But as the tourist attractions cost are quite expensive, you will need at least 50 – 80 pounds a day to travelling around London.

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Where to eat in London
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Where to eat in London

For food, this is actually a very easy one to cope with. As we know that London is an international city. Thus, there are a lot of foods available from anywhere in the world that you can find in London.

As this situation arise, the Asian food such as Chinese food, Indonesian food, Vietnamese and Thai food are quite affordable. In addition, the Middle Eastern food such as kebab and any other Turkish food are affordable as well.

For the best of Chinese food in London, you can head to the famous London Chinatown. Around the London Chinatown, there will a lot of Chinese food options. Of course, mostly are affordable in the Chinatown.

Rather than eating outside, you also can cook on your hotel or apartment while travelling to London as London Backpackers. There are actually dozens of fresh and prepared food markets around London.

Among the most popular markets are the Camden Street Market, Brick Lane Market, Covent Garden Market, and the fancy Borough Market. Eating on your own cook will be a lot cheaper than eating outside in London. Basically you can do this while resting on your hotel room on the night after long travelling day.

London backpackers guide
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Where to stay in London

Even if London is an expensive city, this city is also known for its hospitality. It’s shown on the great numbers of budget hotels stretched around the city of London.

In fact, you do not need to explore deeply to find cheap hotels in London. In particular, it is very easy to find one. Even there are some cheap hotels in London that offer more fun rather than staying in a five star hotel in London.

The first recommendation of cheap hotel in London would be the Clink 78. Clink 78 is a very cheap hotel that is also located on strategic place for London backpackers hostel. This hotel is very good especially if you want to find good places for nightlife in London.

Most importantly, there is a lot of amazing nightlife places around this great hotel. The hotel is also included breakfast and some other facilities. The hotel’s furniture is very comfy so that resting a day in this hotel is very great time.

Our other recommendation would be the Z Hotel Soho, the Pavilion, and the Dictionary Hostel as cheap London hostel. Especially in Soho area, there actually laid many cheap and budget hotels.

Those hotels might be cheap, but its furniture and services are surely makes you comfortable. In addition, the Garden Court Hotel and Stylotel is also a great addition for your option staying in London.

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Places to visit in London

After accommodation, of course you would like to know what places to visit in London are. As there are a lot of options for tourist attractions in London, the cheap and even free tourism are also there to explore.

On your very first visit, the waterfront is a good one for you. As no need for you to spend money for ticket to come to this place, its entertaining is also a worth one. Around the waterfront, a lot of great sights await you to see.

Some of the most famous sights around the area are the London Tower Bridge, the London Eye, as well as the parliament building and numbers of museums. Moreover, the great street entertaining will also accompany day as backpackers London.

Next, you can also visit some theatres in London. As a matter of the fact, most of theatres in London are cheap but are actually very famous in all over the world. Other than that, the city parks are also a worth not to miss. In particular, city parks are actually free to explore.

In the end, London is always a city that has high hospitality for London Backpackers. Backpacking to London will give you a lot of memorable moments.

It must be amazing for you to be able to explore London in cheap way. Contrary people would think that London is an expensive city to explore. Well, it is not about the cheap, but it is about the journey you got to take.