Key West Tourist Attractions

Key West tourist attractions
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Key West is an island located in Florida. It offers you a very nice holiday with its tropical beaches. In Key West tourist attractions, you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, and surfing as well.

Furthermore, the beaches in Key West are very clean and natural. Even there were a lot of famous person who travelled to Key West.

They are Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and even Harry S. Truman. In fact, Harry S. Truman even has a little white house that you can visit in the island.

Key West tourist attraction
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Key West Tourist Attractions

On the other hand, you will not only enjoy the nature, but also its historical and cultural attractions.  The culture of Key West is heavily impacted by the Spanish and the Caribbean.

Of course, there are several museums you can explore in the island. However, the various Key West best tourist attractions in Key West will make your trip colourful. Those are…

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tourist attractions in Key West
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Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Who doesn’t know Ernest Hemingway, a very great writer on its times. And yes, Ernest Hemingway was living in Key West on some part of his life. He lived there in 10 years, in a Spanish Colonial House. It’s one of the best tourist attractions in Key West.

The house and museum has a very beautiful tropical garden that you can relax yourself in the day.

Furthermore, the pool of the house is contained salt-water which you can rarely found in any other place. When he was living in the house, he wrote the novel about ‘West in the Great Depression’.

West Virginia tourist attractions
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Mallory Square

Sunset in Key West tourist attractions are popularly known as the one of the best sunset in the world. A lot of people from United States and even around the world come to Key West to see its sunset.

Since the late afternoon, a lot of people will start gathering on the dock. Then on the evening they will be able to see the greatness of Key West sunset.

Mallory Square is also the old town of Key West. So, you can see a lot of building in the old architecture around the area.

Furthermore, there are a lot of shops and street food around the area that you can visit. It’s one of the most popular West Virginia tourist attractions.

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West Florida tourist attractions
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Dry Portugal National Park

As I told you before, the tropical archipelago reserves e very beautiful landscape for you to explore. The Dry Portugal National Park has 7 reef islands.

The water is also very fresh and clean. Even when you sail its ocean, you can see clearly the living organism below the water. Furthermore, there are also a lot of turtles living around the island that you can see them freely.

Other than natural attractions, the Dry Portugal National Park also has historical side. Firstly, you can visit the Garden Key. The government of the United States built Garden Key in the island to watch and control.

Next, there is Fort Jefferson that was built to defend the island from the Mexican. During the civil war, the fort was used as a prison for the rebels. Also, the fort was a prison for Samuel Mudd who was involved in Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. It’s the best West Florida tourist attractions.

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The Little White House of Harry S. Truman

The Little White House was built in 1890 during the Spanish-American war. At the time, it was used to command the naval stations for the war.

But in 1946, the function of the building was changed to be the White House. In addition, the President Harry S. Truman used the white house during the winter.

Today, the Harry S. Truman’s Little White House is used as museum which opens for public. But its function for the resting place of Presidents is still used. Even, the current country’s leaders often use it as business venue.

Inside the Little White House, you could explore a lot of documents regarding Harry S. Truman presidency. It’s including his activity during his stay in the house and also people he met is written clearly on the documents.

It’s one of the best sightseeing tourist attractions in Florida Keys.

Have you visit:

Florida Keys tourist attractions
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Florida Keys

Key West is an archipelago tourist destination. It is the best place for doing water activities such as fishing, snorkelling and paddleboard.

The water in Florida Keys is very clean and calm. Hence, the calm water makes it a good place for doing fishing and paddle boarding.

The fish in Florida Keys is set to not get catch for the fisherman, but is specialized for tourism activity. Therefore, the fish around the Florida Keys are easy to fish and are mostly big in size.

Furthermore, the corals below the ocean of Florida Keys are also beautiful and still sustained. Thus, the snorkelling experience in Florida Keys is one of the best Florida Keys tourist attractions.

Key West FL tourist attractions
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The Conch Tour Train

Want to go around the Key West tourist attractions easily and cheaply? Then you should use the Conch Tour Train. The Conch Tour Train is the thing that make Key West different with any other tourist destinations.

The Conch Tour Train will take you to various places, especially to Key West tourist attractions you should visit such as great beaches and museums. Furthermore, it enable you to see Key West in historical perspective.

Key West Florida tourist attractions
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Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

Key West is not only tourist destinations that offer natural attractions, but also the historical one. So, in 1622 a big hurricane hit Key West.

It destroyed everything including sank the popular ship called ‘Senora Nuestra de Atocha’. But as time flies, there were man who discovered the wreck of the ship named Mel Fisher.

Therefore, the wreck of the ship is reserved on the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. Additionally, you can see a lot of treasures from the ship such as gold and silver.

In conclusion, Key West tourist attractions are very amazing mixture of tropical nature and historical attractions. If you want to enjoy natural attractions, you should stay near the beaches.

But, if you are interested in historical attractions, then staying in downtown is a better choice.